*Unpopular Opinion* Find out why Tyrus is finally getting into the holiday spirit. Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus Disclose Geoff Bell's Personal Life And Professional Career! Follow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf, Tyrus continues to podcast from home while his daughter makes slime in the backyard. *Unpopular Opinion* - Listen for Kat's solution to every problem in this episode! Tyrus talks cheating Pokemon Go and Kat has to go 24 hours without vaping. Tyrus and Kat weigh in on a new "robo-cat" prototype. *Contest Corner* - Tyrus and Kat want you to send us your best pterodactyl drawings via Twitter. *Listener Poll* Would you rather be a chicken nugget peeler, or a poop museum curator? Follow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf, Tyrus and Kat discuss a crime of fashion. Joel Pavelski is not the boyfriend of Katherine Timpf. Follow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf.

This week: However, the rumors were cleared by Katherine on Twitter after she tweeted out to her "friend" Joel Pavelski that “a lot of people on Instagram jealous of you because they think you are my boyfriend.”, Tomorrows #KatTimpfShow is my favorite person @joelcifer and I having champagne-brunch in the studio on air do not listen it gets too personal and we regret the whole thing, A photo posted by Katherine Timpf (@kattimpf) on May 1, 2016 at 1:33pm PDT. Hot Topic - Listen until the very end to find out why Tyrus stormed out of this week's episode.
However, in one of the episodes of The Kat Timpf Show, she had invited her ex-boyfriend Blake who is currently her best friend.

*Unpopular Opinion* - Tyrus takes on Fake News. Follow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf, Tyrus and Kat discuss the strange antics from Hurrice Dorian. Tyrus talks about his Instagram Op-Ed. Tyrus talks about how he hopes all dogs go to heaven. Kat Says They Are In Platonic Relationship. Who Is Her Partner? Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus They seemed very comfortable with each other and referred to themselves as best friends.

Kat declares, “Penguins are always welcome!” Get Real: Tyrus and Kat weigh in on the first presidential debate. Hot Topic: Kat’s fiancée Cam shares what he used to get trick-or-treating. Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus Happy birthday to the best friend I've ever had or ever will have in my whole entire life, @joelcifer. *Unpopular Opinion* - Find out why Kat and Tyrus aren't huge fans of the Christmas season. Follow Kat Timpf on Twitter: @KatTimpf, Tyrus asks Kat to share her own version of "Anti-Animal Language." Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus of her. *Hot Take* - Find out why Kat is calling out Bacon-lovers. Follow Tyrus on Twitter: @PlanetTyrus
Their Children.

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