Jeyjeygardi has become the victim of a similar hoax. We also get to hear from someone with a singular perspective on what it means to be a Dodger. Jaime has also taken some advice from Pepe Yniguez, the Dodgers Spanish-language television broadcaster who lost his wife, Margarita, to cancer in 2006. Through it all, Jarrin, the steady and elegant Spanish voice of the people for more than 60 years, has endured the most difficult year of his life. The grind gave him strength. After Blanca Jarrín, Jorge’s mother and Jaime’s wife of 65 years, died last year, Jorge became his father’s housemate too, moving back into his childhood bedroom. But those weren’t the only Golden Mikes in the Jarrín household since son Jorge, then a helicopter-borne traffic reporter, won one of his own for his play-by-play of an airplane pilot’s emergency landing in 1993. She was the one who waited up for him at home, sitting in her caramel leather recliner in the darkness, after every game, every night, every trip. “The generosity of my wife is immensely rich, and I want to continue the empathy she showed, and I know I can rally honor her memory. But during a stop at a hotel in Flagstaff, Blanca lost consciousness in the early morning of Feb. 28. I was competing with CBS, competing with NBC, all those huge radio stations. Among other major new stories he covered: the memorial services for President John F. Kennedy and Pope John-Paul II's first visit to the U.S. in 1979. The Jarrin Foundation hopes to hand out its first scholarships to students this fall. References While he was interpreting for Fernando Valenzuela during Fernandomania, she was storming grade schools to confer with teachers. La Opinion, the main Spanish-language newspaper in Los Angeles, had fewer than than 3,000 regular subscribers then, and KMEX, the city’s only Spanish-language TV station, was on a UHF channel that required a special antenna to watch. “Trying to survive, it’s very hard, but you have to do it,” Yniguez said. Blanca woke up in their hotel room at 5:30 a.m. in distress. in theater arts from Pepperdine University in 1979. Jorge Jarrín has had a remarkable life in his own right, taking a long and winding road to land right where his dad is now. Jorge also broadcast traffic reports on Spanish KSKQ. “It’s still like a dream, you think you’ll turn around and she’ll be coming there,” Jaime said. Jarrín, shaking, made it to Dodger Stadium in time to describe that night’s 3-2 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, one of nearly 4,000 games he called between 1962 and 1984, when he went 22 years without missing a game. “Blanca never worked outside the home,” said Jaime. His hats are beloved by Cam Newton, LeBron James and so many more. I really cherish that.”. One minute, Jaime was slipping his wife’s fashionable shoes on her feet for a quick trip to the hospital. Jaime Jarrin remembers it exactly. The Dodgers were playing at home that night, but Jarrín, whose main job was as news director for KWKW-AM, didn’t want to miss what he knew would become the defining story of a generation. HOF Spanish broadcaster established Foundation to honor late wife, Jarrin finds solace in Dodgers' radio booth. A blessing.

The broadcasting legend has found comfort in calling the sport he loves and a newfound purpose off the field. So he has, bravely, powerfully, rolling out his lyrical “Se va, se va, se va” (going, going) calls across the KNTQ-AM (1020) airwaves every night, in every city, with no acknowledgment of this Dodgers season’s one true thing. Before he was honored by the baseball Hall of Fame, before he earned national recognition as the translator for a teenage Fernando Valenzuela, even before he directed the Spanish-language radio coverage and production of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, Jaime Jarrín always considered himself a humble street reporter first. Several days later, Jaime was on the phone with Lon Rosen, the Dodgers executive vice president and marketing boss. He worked in a metal fence factory to raise the money to bring Blanca and son Jorge to join him. “I missed so many things when he was growing up,” said Jaime, who traveled with the Dodgers during the summers of his son’s youth. After Blanca Jarrín, Jorge’s mother and Jaime’s wife of 65 years, died last year, Jorge became his father’s housemate too, moving back into his childhood bedroom. The Foundation was on their list of things to-do. The anger and frustration that gave birth to the National Chicano Moratorium Against the Vietnam War had been building for two years, and on this day, Aug. 29, it drew more than 20,000 people to the streets of East Los Angeles for what began as a peaceful march. Jarrín graduated with a B.A.

The En Fuego Podcast: Alberto Hernández and Will Navarro are creating a better sports world. He was staying home. They said yes before he could finish the sentence. “I was so scared,” he said. The best team in the National League -- the favorite to win the NL West for what would be their seventh year in a row, if not the World Series altogether -- the Dodgers are coming off one of their best starts in franchise history. The Foundation is born out the legacy of my father’s hard work and the generosity of my mom’s love for other people, so that’s what we are focusing on to help us and others.”. “I’m really very excited about this,” Jarrin said. She was 85. She often waited for him when he got back from road trips, but this season was going be different. He missed his wife. From his usual seat high above home plate and in front of his famous microphone, Dodgers Hall of Fame Spanish broadcaster Jaime Jarrin watched every game as his favorite team rolled through the first half of the season. As Jaime was attracting legions of Latino fans to Dodger Stadium, Blanca was at home making sure her children never forgot their heritage. Jaime Jarrin, the Spanish-language voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on May 10, 2019. Among other major new stories he covered: the memorial services for President John F. Kennedy and Pope John-Paul II's first visit to the U.S. in 1979. He made his return at a spring training game in early March. Today Jarrín, the longest-tenured announcer in baseball, has called more games than any other active broadcaster in any language. “My dad was my role model,” he said. He also co-hosted the Dodger Talk radio post-game show on KLAC along with Kevin Kennedy and David Vassegh. “Some days feel really sad and sometimes you try to think positively and that she’s in heaven and not suffering. And while some of the details of that day have been clouded in the fog of time, Jarrín recalled, "He died there. Jorge Juarez Death | Jorge Juarez Obituary – Jorge Juarez, 36, of Dallas, was killed in a wreck on I-20 in Taylor County due to winter weather road conditions. “Life is just not the same and it never will be. They were protesting the draft. Two years later, she convinced Jaime to come to Los Angeles and seek his broadcasting fortune. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/TNS). That left radio as the main source of news in the Latino community, which was then mostly Mexican American, and KWKW had one of the largest audiences. They were equally happy taking exotic cruises or sitting at home watching telenovelas. This winter, before his 61st season as a Dodgers Spanish-language broadcaster, Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin decided he would no longer travel to road games outside of the National League West because he had a more important ca of Southern California. “She would listen because it was me.”. Jaime Jarrín has been calling Dodgers games for six decades and talks about his initial decision to leave his home in Quito, Ecuador, to come to America. She sat in a chair and Jaime prepared to take her to the hospital when she lost consciousness. And Jarrín believed he had to be there to document it. I was competing with CBS, competing with NBC, all those huge radio stations.

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