Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Press J to jump to the feed. If I could only keep one, I would keep the Kuva Kohm with the ++- just because its more "future proof" IMHO. The OG kohm is about 50% stronger but ever so slightly slower than the Kuva Kohm running the exact same build. Now, If you dont mean the get the best possible but instead just a good riven for her... get something with 120%+ status chance! Digital Extremes Ltd, Warframe and the logo Warframe are registered trademarks. Archived . Найдите Продавцы Kohm и легко свяжитесь с продавцом ! This is generally what I first thought too, but I think I've just been lucky enough to have had a Kohm riven that still gets 120% status chance on the Kuva Kohm to discover it's exact niche: With a 120% status chance riven, the Kuva Kohm gains exactly one bonus mod slot that the regular Kohm doesn't have. Buy and Sell Kohm Riven mods on our auction platform | How much do they cost ? A +SC/+MS/-Neg riven can save you 2 mod slots on Kuva Kohm unlike the OG Kohm that will still require 3 dual 60%/60% mods even with a perfect +SC/+MS riven to get to 100%. Even in my hybrid build, I had to sacrifice the spd mods to make room for the crit mods and relying on arcane tempo wasnt worth it. Screenshot. I don't see why people are getting anything other than radiation. What is the ideal kohm riven? price: 15,000 platinum | Number of active auctions: 498 This means it can have Blaze, Vigilante Armaments, tainted shell, ect. -> Min. Damage/Multishot/120%+StatusChance/NEG(a +recoil or a -zoon are the "best possible" for it). price: 1 platinum ⬌ Max.

But what should I be looking for because this riven is awesome no problem against level 130's Primed Shotgun Ammo Mutation in the exilus slot, Man i wish i had a nutty kohm riv like that :( the best i have is +reload +sc +toxin but need all 4 60/60s to get 100% before mutishot. But then again who am I kidding, is anything really future proof when DE changes riven dispos so frequently? What is the ideal kohm riven? It's not a bad riven, 100% status chance with 3 dual stat mods, radiation, slash at 300. Particularly for me (if my math is right, because I only have one riven and while the lich with the kohm spawned I didn't kill him yet) the Kuva Kohm will save me one entire mod slot because I still need 4 60/60s on my kohm to reach 100% (I get 98.2% with just three). 120% Status + Multishot and Increased Damage with a negative like Status Duration. Some food for though, +DMG because hurr dmg, take into consideration projectile speed.There are so many frames in the game that can buff damage, there are gains to be made by not stacking a category that suffers greatly from diminishing returns. price: 9,000 platinum | Number of active auctions: 500 Reddit community and fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, Warframe. Riven Market is market place for Warframe video game. Your also going to have the issue with diminishing returns vs mod capacity when stacking CC mods on the 19% base cc. what element would you say is best on the KK? Here I've organized data collected from trade chat over the last 5 days in an ongoing effort to help players evaluate their own rivens. (120+ Status C) (+dmg/ms) (+cc/fr) and a harmless -ve(+recoil/infested) for me this is the ideal roll but that may cost really really high plat to buy but your riven seems decent too. But what should I be looking for because this riven is awesome no problem against level 130's. 2. So been rolling a Kohm riven taken 27 rolls at the moment, Ive got +Magazine Capacity 54.3% +status chance 95.6% and +Damage 168.5% with no negative.

Toxin can also be nice as part of a gas focused build. Log in sign up. Buy and sell Riven mods and Kuva Liches. That sounds pretty damn solid, if you are mulching up 130s, the only way that riven would be stronger is with a harmless negative to boost the other 3 stats. Use to set user flair and text.

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