One of the founding partners, Mr John Lamb, selected Brisbane's prime piece of real estate to build his dream house, which he simply called "Home" in a rather understated way. The owner of Brisbane’s derelict, still-striking Lamb House will be given three months to pay more than $321,000 in unpaid rates or her home will be auctioned. Significant also are the views from Lamb House of the Brisbane River and central business district, which appear to have influenced the siting and design of the house.[1]. Wrought iron entrance gates and the decorative masonry fence to Leopard Street are original. "Externally the building presents a highly intact Federation period facade in a prominent riverside and garden setting.". Lamb House, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. There are 4 ways to get from Brisbane to Lamb House by ferry, bus, taxi or foot. It was designed by Alexander Brown Wilson and built from c. 1902 to c. 1908. “We have liaised many times with both state and local government regarding Lamb House. Its construction illustrates the sustained development of Kangaroo Point as a residential suburb from the 1840s, and in particular the continued appeal to middle class residents of the high land overlooking the Brisbane River at Kangaroo Point, contributing to our understanding of residential and social hierarchies in Brisbane, and of the role of the Brisbane River within this structure.[1]. Ultimately, those talks were unsuccessful. leading developer wants to make it his legacy to restore. For two years Mr Seymour's company, The Seymour Group, negotiated with the property’s owner, Joy Lamb. The rundown, but heritage-listed, Lamb House, which overlooks the city from Kangaroo Point, is now protected from demolition for 60 days. This is the view of Brisbane from the front verandah of Lamb House, built between 1901 and 1902 for one of Brisbane’s leading traders, John Lamb of Queen Street. Ferry • 8 min.

The view from the front verandah of Lamb House at Kangaroo Point, on the cliffs opposite the city. This Wikipedia article was originally based on "The Queensland heritage register" published by the State of Queensland under CC-BY 3.0 AU licence (accessed on 7 July 2014, archived on 8 October 2014). Queen Anne-style features include the elaborate chimney stacks, portico-style observation tower and weather board friezes. It is rumoured that descendents of John Lamb are still in possession of the house, which these days looks a little the worse for wear. British officers first came ashore in 1823 to start the Brisbane penal colony. “Its physical demise has dismayed both the National Trust and many other community members. It's still the house he wants to restore as his legacy to Brisbane. "That was 2½ years ago. [1], Externally the building presents a highly intact Federation period facade in a prominent riverside and garden setting. There was lots of money left over from that JobKeeper idea, remember. [1], Lamb House is a large, two-storeyed, red brick residence with a multi-gabled roof clad in terracotta tiles. Developer Kevin Seymour, who has 55 years in property development, insists it can be restored. But Ms Lamb, the owner, was unable to be contacted.

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