It has strict guidelines to ensure it only partners with reputable breeders, and customers say Greenfield Puppies’ representatives are professional and helpful.

My Shichon pups are nearly four years old. They also dropped the price of their puppy ad fee from $25 per puppy to $15 per puppy after the state accuse them of being brokers and not an online public classified site.

But you don’t know if that’s the actual dog you’re getting. 7.

Most of the smaller ones do offer some type of transportation themselves to get their pups to good families. Who’s Pam? I expected the Amish to be honest. I got a little disappointed but then she called me back that afternoon and said that they got all the paperwork and it’s all ready to go. Some breeders offer an extended genetic health guarantee for specific breeds. I too was scam with a sick puppy and meet a man at the Sheetz in York, PA to pick up a morkie puppy. That "health guarantee" is a piece of paper which is useless. They do not treat posting customers with respect or appreciation. Had I known more about the disease I probably would not have taken the puppy. I felt heart-broken, overwhelmed, disappointed, and extremely upset. We started searching online and stumbled upon Greenfield.

Find a dog breeder that ask some questions about where their puppy is going. Regular in-home breeders, small licensed breeders, breeders that are not Amish. So mad. I started researching puppies on Greenfield Puppies. Stop Online Puppy Mills NFP is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization dedicated to ending puppy mills through educating consumers. My son asked how long it had been since the puppy was out of the crate, the man replied, “it’s been awhile.” We noticed that the puppy’s collar was making an indentation in the puppies neck.

I began feeling sick myself Sunday because of all the horrible events that happened. Ps.

Only time I could put her down was when she went potty. I came away with a favorable impression.

Greenfield's correspondence was great. This is the father of my dog. Literally it's a complete rip-off. I was going to turn him into the website he advertises on but then I realized... they completely support this and my complaint would go nowhere. 3. To begin, it was 100 degrees outside. Fortunately, the bank would not send the transaction to the email provided. Lancaster Puppies ranks 12th among Dog Breeding sites. If a veterinarian determines within 10 days of you taking ownership that the puppy was clinically ill or sustained an injury before it being sold and delivered, you may be eligible to return the dog for a full refund or replacement puppy. They also gently asked if we were able to give puppy lots of exercise as the litter was allowed several hours of play a day in the field with their parents (I assured them we live near a bike trail). All the dogs had doors to come and go and were separated by barriers in between them. everybody says this website is horrible and parts of it is when I first tried to find a puppy I did this website called DO NOT GO ON THE WEBSITE GORGOUSECHIHUAHUAPUPS.COM I got scammed so I decided to try this website I tried to get two dogs the first dog I tried looked very healthy I arrange to get the puppy when I got there and the puppy was so well I don’t have worlds to describe the condition of the puppy the ONLY REASON I got that dog was because I wanted to get the poor thing out of there (at that time I did not know it was a puppy mill)the amish man I got that puppy from was rude. My puppy is now 2 years old perfect health. When we had taken a photo of her once home we realized she was not the dog we put a deposit on. The boxer puppy we bought was actually a docent animal than advertised. I won't hold my breath but will update this review if anything promising becomes of it.

As such, cannot be held liable for the complaints and reviews posted about Lancaster Puppies as per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

When the puppy went over to the Amish man’s wife, she picked up the dog by the throat and threw the puppy back onto the grass.

Each profile lists the breeder’s contact information so pet owners can contact the handler directly to learn more about the dog being advertised.

He will spend six times more money and sell six times less puppies.

Site Developed by Abuzz Creative. As soon as I got into the car with her, my husband said,” did you get the feeling that if we didn’t take this little one, that he would have thrown her into the dumpster behind us?” My jaw just dropped because that’s exactly what I was thinking. The woman gave me the address during our initial conversation because I asked for it. After spending 4 days in the distribution center, she was again put on a truck for over a day, making stops along the way from Missouri to Florida. For more information about reviews on please visit our Maybe she lives in an RV? We became suspicious. This site does not vet breeders responsibly. The trauma of this, plus expense and the condition the puppy was in — is horrifying!!! Please people, Do your research!

For its selection and health guarantee, we recommend Greenfield Puppies for future pet owners who want to purchase a specific breed. Dealers do exactly what it sounds like. The fourth place we went to was a broker for several Amish puppy mills and his pups were also out in a barn style building and the parents were not present at all.

She had already spent 9 hours in a truck from the breeder in Illinois to the Pet Ex distribution center in Missouri. We didn’t think so! Please don’t buy a dog thru the internet. First Lancaster Puppies is not a legit business owner or provider. Otherwise she would SHREAK like a banshee and it was heartbreaking. If I had to buy another dog, I would go back to Greenfield Puppies. I am keeping this puppy for sure. I had emailed the breeder that night, of course asking her if Lilly was sick and got no response at first, the next day she tells me “She may have a case of Kennel cough- it’s a common occurrence (and not covered under her warranty of course) and it’ll pass in two weeks no big deal”….

The second photo is of my dog arriving to me via a PetEx truck. I asked her if the puppy was healthy and had any testing and she said no but as far as by quickly checking her she seemed healthy minus an under bite. Luckily we were not injured. He was gonna go home to his wife and talk to her. I wish I would have asked to meet the mother of my pups, but I didn’t think of it.

Because it's fastest & most convenient when sharing pictures videos and long bits of information. I sincerely hope and pray that anyone considering a puppy or dog purchase will do their research prior to purchasing, which admittedly we did not do. For your information the state got involved and said, Lancaster puppy site are brokers if they do not allow "everyone" to advertise on their so-called public classified site. 60 reviews for Keystone Puppies, 4.8 stars: 'Was a fantastic experience working with the breeder. We reached out Samuel ** several times to discuss the 1 year genetic health guarantee. does not edit or remove any aspect of the report and is simply a consumer grievance free-speech platform. Falling in love with her pictures and breed(s) we went ahead and bought her for $850.00. Do not paypal or wire anyone money. Which means that when you pay way more to post your puppies on that site than any other place you will only sell one puppy on average out of each litter. Reputable breeders will ask YOU questions and make YOU sign a contract. Seems like reasonable rules if you're buying my precious little toy Breed Puppy. When we arrived at the address, we were taken back at what we observed. There were 5 four week olds in the neighboring stall and they were probably infected to. They had maybe fifteen dogs total.

We live in Rhode island and there are no dog breeders here. But I liked that they never pushed me for another dog. Lancaster Puppies has a consumer rating of 2.75 stars from 8 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. How much monetary loss is incurred by Lancaster Puppies ’s customers? I have been disturbed by Greenfield puppies for some time now. 3. find a dog breeder that doesn't airline ship and just sells locally or possibly to their state & surrounding states only. So we reluctantly purchased a golden retriever from Amos and Rosalie Halligan (born on 8/1) on 9/26. We love her to pieces. She was beautiful healthy and looked like a good dog.

Three breeds? Lilly had pneumonia- the vet was so worried about her, they wanted me to take her immediately to the ER until she was stable (now two days of no eating, drinking, or anything not even walking- she was SO sick and I have never in my life saw anything so tiny ( she’s only 3 lbs. Since we had a hard time adopting through a shelter, we decided to look else where. Let it be known they are not happy about it and they treat private in-home dog breeders poorly for no reason, other than to give favoritism to the Amish & their deep puppy mill pockets. I contacted her, we exchanged many emails the week before we finally brought home Lilly and things seemed too good to be true, as we’ve already been faced with too many let downs in the past few years, we thought getting a perfectly healthy puppy would bring nothing but joy into our life. Good Dogs is a much better site with reputable breeders. The site features multiple breeds, including Airedale terriers, Alaskan malamutes, Weimaraners and Yorkshire terriers.

I came away with a favorable impression.

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