In aviation they have auto pilot and color radar and a lot of other instrumentation that is a backup for pilots. Also referred to as "needle & ball" indicator, the needle as the gyro's pointer and a ball encased in a liquid-filled, curved tube. Torque – A force that is intended to produce rotation. Opposite is OVERSHOOT. A ROTORCRAFT acquiring its primary motion from engine-driven rotors that accelerate the air downward, providing a reactive lift force, or accelerate the air at an angle to the vertical, providing lift and thrust. It needs to be accelerated to high speed before it can become operative. ROGALLO WING - A flexible, delta-wing plan in which three rigid members are shaped in the form of an arrowhead and joined by a flexible fabric, which inflates upward under flight loads.

Pitot Tube – A small device located on the front outside edge of an airfoil, used to measure air pressure. FISHTAILING - A rudder-controlled side-to-side [yawing] motion to reduce air speed, generally prior to landing. FLOATPLANE - A water-based aircraft with one or more mounted pontoons, as differentiated from a hulled SEAPLANE [Flying Boat], but often used generically. SWEEPBACK - A backward inclination of an airfoil from root to tip in a way that causes the leading edge and often the trailing edge to meet relative wind obliquely, as wingforms that are swept back. A lot of Latin words are used in editing, writing papers, etc, in English, but you'll usually see it used only by fairly educated people.

Rated one to five, with the first figure for clearness and the second second for loudness. 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron: Ferte manus certas (Latin for "strike with a sure hand") Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit: Nunquam non parati (Latin for "never unprepared") Canadian Special Operations Regiment: Audeamus (Latin for "we dare") Joint Task Force 2: Facta non verba (Latin for "deeds, not words") Chile. DELTA-WING - A triangularly-shaped aircraft wing having a low aspect ratio, a sharply-tapered leading edge, a straight trailing edge, and a pointed tip. Compare MAGNETIC NORTH.

MSL - Mean Sea Level.
The lifting wing generates more drag, causing an airplane to yaw (turn) toward it. GAP - The distance between two adjacent wings of a biplane or multiplane. Hand-off – The action taken by ATC to transfer radar identification of an aircraft to another controller.

KTAS – Knots True Airspeed – The speed of the aircraft relative to the airmass in which it is flying.

Stability – Aircraft are subject to static, dynamic, longitudinal, lateral, and directional stability that impact flying conditions.

We have compiled this dictionary of lingo that covers traditional pilot terms and includes funny phrases as well. ADF - Automatic Direction Finding via automated radio. COWL FLAP - A controllable louvre to regulating airflow through an engine's cowling. HANGAR - An enclosed structure for housing aircraft. Each is stated in three digits that represent hundreds of feet—flight level 250 represents a barometric altimeter indication of 25,000', flight level 255 as 25,500'. TERMINAL RADAR SERVICE AREA (TRSA) - Airspace surrounding designated airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring, sequencing, and separation on a full-time basis for all IFR and participating VFR aircraft. See BALANCED CONTROL SURFACE and example Travel Air 4000. Named for French scientist Henri Pitot (1695-1771). PHONETICS  see  ALPHABET ON THE BEAM - A leftover phrase from ADCOCK Radio Range days still means the same thing today—"You are headed in the right direction," as when you you hear a steady broadcast tone beamed from your target radio transmitter. LIFT-DRAG RATIO - The lift coefficient of a wing divided by the drag coefficient, as the primary measure of the efficiency of an aircraft; aka L/D Ratio. (2) The angle of a propeller or rotor blade in relation to its arc; also the distance advanced by a blade in one full rotation. These occurred in every war involving planes until 1992. PUSHER - A propeller mounted in back of its engine, pushing an aircraft through the air, as opposed to a TRACTOR configuration. A radar-based system allowing ILS-equipped aircraft to find a runway and land when clouds may be as low as 200' (or lower for special circumstances). Mean Sea Level (MSL) – The average level of the surface an ocean used as a basis for vertical measurements. BALANCED CONTROL SURFACE - A movable control surface, as an aileron or rudder, having an added physical extension or weights forward of the hinge-point to reduce forces on a joystick or yoke. FLIGHT PLAN - Specified information relating to the intended flight of an aircraft, filed orally or in writing with an FSS or an ATC facility. PANTS - A popular word for streamlined, non-load bearing fairings to cover landing wheels. GLIDE SLOPE - (1) The angle between horizontal and the glide path of an aircraft. Service provided at a TRSA is called Stage III Service. LORAN - Long Range Navigation system, which utilizes timing differences between multiple low-frequency transmissions to provide accurate latitude/longitude position information to within 50'. PAR - Precision Approach Radar, a ground-radar-based instrument approach providing both horizontal and vertical guidance. ULTRALIGHT - An aeronautical vehicle, operated for sport or recreational purposes, that does not require FAA registration, an airworthiness certificate, or pilot certification. Blade Angle – The angle between the reference line of a propeller blade and a plane perpendicular to the axis of rotation.

Rated one to five, with the first figure for clearness and the second second for loudness.

NACELLE - A streamlined enclosure or housing to protect something such as the crew, engine, or landing gear. TOUCH-AND-GO - Landing practice in which an aircraft does not make a full stop after a landing, but proceeds immediately to another take-off. SERVICE CEILING - The height above sea level at which an aircraft with normal rated load is unable to climb faster than 100' per minute under Standard Air conditions. Upwind Leg – The flight path in an airport pattern that runs parallel to the runway landing direction, along the same direction the aircraft will be landing. FIREWALL - A fire-resistant bulkhead that isolates the engine from other parts of an airplane's structure. SWING-WING - A wing whose horizontal angle to the fuselage centerline can be adjusted in flight to vary aircraft motion at differing speeds.

Handshake – The initial interaction or ‘greeting’ between two computers. It affects a low-winged aircraft more than a mid- or high-winged aircraft because its wings are closer to the ground; aka GROUND CUSHION. A very British word that has limited use in the USA. VFE = Max Flaps Extended Speed FRISE AILERON - A type of aileron that has a beveled leading edge projecting beyond its inset hinges. [sic]". GROUND CONTROL - Tower control, by radioed instructions from air traffic control, of aircraft ground movements at an airport. GROUND CONTROL - Tower control, by radioed instructions from air traffic control, of aircraft ground movements at an airport. When equipment capabilities and controller workload permit, certain advisory/assistance services may be provided to VFR aircraft. AUTOMATIC TERMINAL INFORMATION SERVICE (ATIS) - Continuous broadcast of recorded non-control information in selected terminal areas, to improve controller effectiveness and to relieve frequency congestion by automating repetitive transmissions of essential but routine information. ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) – A continuous broadcast of pre-recorded aviation information available to pilots around specific terminals. METAR – A pilot weather report delivered on a continuous basis. NATIONAL AIRSPACE SYSTEM (NAS) - The common network of US airspace; air navigation facilities, equipment and services, airports or landing areas; aeronautical charts, information and services; rules, regulations and procedures, technical information, and human resources and material.

HIGH-SPEED STALL - Any stall made to occur at more than 1g, such as pulling out of a dive or while turning. DEPARTURE STALL - A stall in the takeoff configuration with power. APPROACH CONTROL  see  RADIO NAVIGATION

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