I do agree with Diva when she doesn't soften chest notes with vibrato it becomes overbearing this happened to her when performing Don't rain on my parade at the Tonys she put alot into her performance almost aggressive but lost breathing control and her vibrato on the last notes and the performance suffered because of it. I agree. I don't know much about vocal technique or whatsoever, but Lea Michele's voice is far more pleasant to my ears than Barbara Streisand's. She's working on a solo album this year - then we'll be able to judge her properly. I would never compare the two.Not only is Streisand technically better she is also artistically better. But range doesn't equal having a good voice. And what definitely needs noting is that she has single handedly reinvented how many tracks in the last 3 years.

I think Lea kept getting stronger each season and this final song in Season 4 was her best work. Don't go breaking my heart. Almost all the females sing in the range of a contralto (besides a few ones) in mainstream, and 2. With her cover of the song, Lea proved that she is a born Fanny Brice. Thanks for the comment and the info! One can have the largest range on earth but sound like a screaming Yach monkey (yes im shading Georgia Brown). hey she hit an E3 in the song "I Was Here" so i guess her Vocal Range now is (E3-A5) 2 octaves, & 3 notes. BECAUSE it has a more youthful sound to it and in the end while you may say record sales don't matter, in this day and age they can make or break an artist. I agree, she's a total mezzo-soprano belter, which is the voice the excels in musical theatre and many other genres of music. UPDATE THIS DIVA DEVOTEE..Leah Michelle is AMAZING listen to River,ON MY OWN,on my own http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNFO7YQKL3IRIVER http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-594U07NZfw, Maybe This Time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlMNNvbmVJw, Well, just because someone has written a song about a certain topic doesn't mean that another person can't do another great song about it. She cannot be a mezzo, as she lacks the weight, and it's impossible she's a contralto when her voice isn't even androgynous, and most are forgetting that usage of alto for voices is technically wrong outside of choir music. I'm a contralto but someone said that I'm a soprano. hello! ), R&B (Take A Bow), carefree "fun" songs (Flashdance What A Feeling, Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead! So you are basically say that in order to become a solo artist she will have to explore her head voice more a little bit different from her previous broadway experience.Thank yoy for the time you have taken to answer me.Much appreciated, i assure you.But I have two last questions and i' m done i swear. Her diction is very accurate. I wish she displayed her head voice more so that she wouldn't be branded with a "2 octave" range because I know it's at least three if she included her head voice. It was very obvious in the first season, but in the third, mid second season I never thought about it.Something worth listening to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVTrgz09qas This proves she is not just a powerfull belter, but has a really sweet, youthfull, fragile and delicate voice/tone. Streisand is like Celine or whitney houston, They are like Golden Singer's! She's gone lower and way higher than this vocal range gives her credit for :). will change it! the only fault I find with Lea is that her voice sounds immature like a shouting little girl in rebelliousness. Please Diva Devotee could you please update Lea Micheles vocal range, she has improved a lot since you posted this (Tuesday, 9 November 2010). I sure don't.I wonder do you really know Streisand or do you know her mostly by reputation and some of her more recent albums?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNHVwwIIJXchttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAVlk4F2qkwEnough said right there I think. Material wise I like her work even better. So ofcourse Streisand is better. This song was also performed on Glee by Lea and actress Kristin Chenoweth. “This Time” was written for Lea by fellow Glee actor Darren Criss. And the "subjective" I used was for the timbre not the singing. she is a soprano.. only 2 octaves i though she was like 3.5 or something any way i love her voice, The hell??? Lea Michele is one in a million. I lived in Tel Aviv for several years.

Yes.No I am not. So excited for her single to come out next week :D, http://www.leamichelemusic.com/louderreveal check it out, CANNONBALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'll just have to wait and see ;). I certainly think no question Lea can sing.The problem is that to hit Streisand's laegue you need to excell in different areas as well. Over all I have to say I adore this girls voice, it is sheer pleasure to listen to.

You should go check that out and then hang your head in shame at ever having suggested it's "all subjective". Because 1. Further, particular individuals might be stronger or weaker in a given area. It's true but it was a studio, not live. I am really curious about her head voice actually. Thought I'd state because I'm still getting emails.I've left it up because people are still reading the profiles. Really dude she simply is a far superior singer in ever aspect. She has the stamina and technique to keep these belts going for extended lengths, such as a concert, without fatigue. That's genetics. Every voice type tends to have a natural strength or color in a particular register. Specifically of her doing Streisand tunes. Though her tessitura lies in the mezzo-belting range, her belting range and weight soars into that of a Spinto Soprano (also making her a Falcon). I'm one of her biggest fan! Well, you spoke two truths..you know nothing whatsoever and Lea's voice is more pleasant to YOUR ears.But..... No, Lea is neither the better singer nor did she slay both songs and killed Streisand. Lea Michele began her career by playing Young Cosette in Les Misérables when she was eight years old. The highlight of this video is her cast mates’ reactions as they are watching her sing – it’s priceless! I don't know, Opie. She gave better performances of this live at the Glee tour. What it is strange about Lea is the fact she does not always choose to sing with with her whole vocal range, while he has good grasp of her head voice it is very rarely used but she has show cased notes to E5 with it example touch me from spring awakening. This version was stripped of the fast beat and all the gimmicks. At 26....that's not really saying much in her favor.As for your statement one cannot judge the vocals of any of the Glee cast based on that show...I absolutely agree.

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