Age: 26 Gender: Male Height: Appears 190.5 cm / 6'3" (194.5 cm / 6'4.5" with heels) Birthday: Dec. 14 Lio's Lietenant. He is visibly irritated so Meis is an ass and joins Gueira just to get him more mad. He is the leader of Mad Burnish, a resistance movement against the experiments on Burnish.

To the general public, his resistance is viewed as terrorism. Lio has light skin and green light hair, he has a petite frame, despite having a deeper graveled voice, his suit black leather shirt and pants with belts cover his hips. Or it would but Lio was actually so used to this dumb argument he no longer cared. His attempt fails. Male Burnish, BNA: Brand New Animal Lio Fotia blog. H… They show great respect towards him for this. Once they arrive, the transportation plan is already under effect with Promepolis being lifted into the air. The former leaders of Mad Burnish agree to his plan and say they will follow him as their new leader. as the character he's based on. ), Remi finally snaps. After the world is saved and all of the Promare flames are removed from Earth, Lio and Kray are briefly shown talking. Be back soon!! When touch-ups were done to the Blu-ray version of Promare, crew members wished to add dialogue during this scene. in-stock. When Galo revives Lio via Burnish CPR, Lio is touched by the gesture and surprised Galo considered saving him.

Kray is shown giving himself bird wings while Lio flies next to a helicopter. He is adamant that Burnish should never kill and is incredibly passionate about protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

Promare - Lio Fotia Non-Scale Figure ( SGT Ver.) A friend of mine posted a meme saying that "Lio Fotia has been the leader of the Mad Burnish for 30 years" and that made me question Lio's age. He is very selfless.

Leader of the Mad Burnish, a group united in defending the Burnish, people with unexpected fire abilities that are hunted down and secretly experimented on. However, in the 2018 live action adaption of, Before his acting career in films, Taichi Saotome performed in Japanese Kabuki theater. Alias (as of now I have yet to officially see the movie, see this as more of an AU of Lio. Despite presumably not knowing her before, he cares for her as a fellow Burnish and later rescues her alongside other imprisoned Burnish. Remi looks defeated and Lucia laughs. Aina walked into the room in time to witness the flat earth resolution. in-stock. リオ・フォーティア His helmet's visor resembles jagged pointed teeth and ends in two horn-like flairs. Lio is the same, as he immediately freed the duo in their short-timed imprisonment. Iwatobi Swim Club), •RK900 "Nines"/Connor (Detroit: Become Human), If you role play Alastor from Hazbin Hotel...I’m going to give you all the money I have..1 cent. Lio ends up being captured by Kray as a source of energy for the machine's core. Kray finds Lio's actions to be "uncalled for.". Despite this, Lio uses the remains of his flame to protect Galo instead. In the wake of Freeze Force's attack, the duo launch Lio into a volcano to save him. Species dragon. He is one of the strongest Burnish. Height: 170 cm / 5'7" Info Name: Lio Fotia Age: Unknown Age Lio Appears To Be: 18-20 Range Physically Eye Color: Magenta/Violet Hair Color: Pale Blond and Green Gender: Male Height: 5'2 … Keeping his emotions (reasonably) under control and his mind sharp.

Promare (Japanese: プロメア, Hepburn: Puromea) is a 2019 Japanese animated film co-produced by Trigger and XFLAG.

Saotome would later admit being in more male roles was his main motivation for going into film, His English voice actor, Johnny Yong Bosch, also voices. He cooperates with his generals, Gueira and Meis, to ensure things go accordingly. Constanze Amalie von Braunschbank Albrechtsberger, This version has Vulcan be unaware of Lio's plans from the get-go while the final is the opposite. Origin “I don’t know…….. Is the earth flat? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Though I was skeptic about him being older than 30 years. This is due to them not wanting to 'categorize' either Galo or Lio. Welcome. It's not about fun. His and Galo's aggressive fighting styles end up being very compatible. "What a pointless internal power struggle. When Lio finds Foresight Foundation's tower, he flies to the top where Kray himself waits. Public officials are so worthless. Croix Meridies, Kill la Kill This could mean Lio was frozen in ice for the same amount of time, but this hasn't been confirmed.

To his last breath. # Thus, he insists that his followers do the same and leave escape routes in the wake of a fire. at this point, we’ll just have to rely on all the headcanons.

", "Lio is the leader of Mad Burnish, a resistance movement against the experiments on Burnish.

During the events of Lio-hen, the young biker saves the duo alongside other members. His mother became a Burnish when she was still pregnant with him.

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