Superstition believed that ghosts of the deceased could mingle with the living during the festival and may turn up at your door for money or food. However Scotland is the land of golf courses. Geological Survey, The English cyclopædia: a new dictionary of universal knowledge, Volume 1 edited by Charles Knight, The new American cyclopaedia: a popular dictionary of general knowledge, Journal of the Society of Arts, Volume 6 By Society of Arts (Great Britain), The complete guide to trees of Britain and Northern Europe Alan F. Mitchell, David More, Military communications: from ancient times to the 21st century By Christopher H. Sterling, Encyclopaedic visions: scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture By Natasha J. Yeo, The Early history of surgery William John Bishop - 1995, Twenty Medical Classics of the Jefferson Era. Whilst on the subject, there is a pretty incredible golf course near our house with castle and coastal views, named Cruden Bay Golf Club.

Willcox, William Bradford; Arnstein, Walter L. (1966). Dolly the sheep. Samhain (pronounced ‘sow-in’) translating to ‘Summers End’ was a traditional pagan festival held in Scotland thousands of years ago to mark the end of harvest. The pedal bicycle.

Born in the small Scottish country town of Jedburgh, Brewster was uncannily intelligent – building his own telescope from scratch aged just 10 years old and this early interest in optics continued throughout his life. It keeps your hot drinks hot, it keeps your cold drinks cold – picnic baskets around the world simply wouldn’t be the same without it!
This might sound boring but to be totally fair, if we didn’t have tyres then the Queen would have to walk places and we just can’t have that now can we? Journal of the Chemical Society Nowadays phones can do all kinds of incredible things, connecting you with people all over the world at the touch of a button. Challoner, Jack et al.

Alas, penicillin or as Fleming previously called it, ‘mould juice‘ was born. Thankfully, in 1966, a Scotsman by the name of James Goodfellow, from Paisley, on the west coast of Scotland, invented the first automated teller machine (ATM) and pin number system. SorryNotSorry.
We have a reputation globally for being wild, kilt-wearing, haggis-munching, whisky-downing, heavily-spoken riots. Hellemans, Alexander; Bunch, Bryan (1988). Thomas Nelson, James Hutton ‘The Founder of Modern Geology’ D. B. McIntyre, Alan McKirdy 2001, National Museums of Scotland Pub. With that, Alexander Fleming’s name went down in history as one of the most famous Scottish scientists. p. 411. Therefore, British Officers working in India would drink quinine to protect themselves from the deadly disease. However, that being said, the hypodermic syringe is, on the face of it, medical genius and has saved millions of lives all over the world.

The James Goodfellow Story",, "William Stewart Duke-Elder. He was reported to have said ‘you chicken me out?‘.

James Chalmers, born in Arbroath claimed that his old man (dad) invented sticky stamps. E. K. Hunt (2002). When creating a list of some of Scotland's greatest innovations, a sheep may seem like a strange choice. His research on hearing and speech led him to experiment with hearing devices before later being granted the first patent for the telephone in 1876. Although he might not have come up with the original concept, he certainly went down with the removal process. BRING THEM BACK FOLKS! Supposedly, the spicy dish originated in Glasgow by a Mr Ali Ahmed Aslam, owner of Glaswegian culinary beacon, the Shish Malal. In 1928, while working with the flu virus, Fleming returned to his lab after a prolonged family holiday to find the cultures he had been working on stacked in a corner in his laboratory. Fleming had been working on particular staph cultures before leaving for his holidays. Grand Theft Auto is the baby of Scottish video game design legend David Jones, who previously had DMA Designs, now known as Rockstar North. The name ‘Halloween’ comes from the previous name ‘All Hallows Eve.’ When I was growing up, we spent Halloween dressing up, trick or treating and dipping our faces in buckets of water to catch apples with our teeth. Dolly lived to the age of seven and gave birth to six healthy lambs during her life.

Kirkpatrick Macmillan was a bit of a wild one. So you could say Aberdeen invented rock’n’roll. Nowadays we see going to the nearest cash machine to withdraw money for a coffee, the shopping or the latest impulse buy as a simple, everyday task - but that wasn't always the case.

Simon & Schuster. He was actually fined a massive 5 shillings for knocking a young lass down in Glasgow City Centre with his bike. ", "Pelamis founder honoured for key role in marine energy", "The Gazetteer for Scotland: Overview of Sir William Fairbairn", University of Glasgow :: World Changing:: Establishing the Royal Air Force, "Electric Scotland: Significant Scots - David Mushet", "The Fresno Scraper - American Society of Mechanical Engineers", "Arbroath & District Stamp & Postcard Club", "it was his Scottish protégé, William Dickson, who... ", "Radar Personalities: Sir Robert Watson-Watt", "Who Invented the ATM? It is no secret that Scotland has a fairly bloodied history, loaded with war and criminals of every spec. However for those interested in the masala method, the rumours are true. Though most commonly known as a household item, the vacuum flask also revolutionised the scientific world, becoming a significant tool for chemical experiments. He took the idea from a German inventor but added extra bits and bobs (like pedals) to ensure the thing actually worked.

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