Control your anger. And I tell him This is not even real, you'll be really happy and satisfied with me after we get married and he is like phone and skype is all we have for now. Because past 7 years we were no mature..n We did that mistake. My sincere advice to you is to divorce him immediately. However, this is not a final rule, and the ruling is subject to the wife's needs. You both need help in communicating--so either you both go to Muslim Counselling separately and learn about respecting and loving your spouse, OR you go together OR a little of both. That is not a maybe or possibly...that is reality. A'uthubillah!!! Sister, trust me, the problem is because they are not living together.. meeting even 7/7 doesnt make sence since it is different when you are spending you night with your lover.. sleep and wake up together.. it is 100% like meeting 7/7 . Then he could use that to blackmail you into doing anything he likes. As for whether she should take him back, we don't know the situation or the details, so we cannot advise. Sister, three divorces in one sitting are counted as one according to the position of all the scholars of the Ahlus Sunnah. Now I've met someone else, however I am pregnant with he's child and we plan to marry asap. They can ask friends, family, imams, counselor, going online and looking at articles....there are so many means to self improvement for those who are sincerely seeking them. What do you think, that you will change me, or can change my entire family- how can you think that? 2. He is fed up of me. Hi just wanted to know.. me and my husband had a big argument and he said talaak 3 times to me, he said i give you talaak, talaak, talaak. My hubby left home on small fight and has not contacted since last 3 months. Don't tell me how to do things.". If the facts are that your husband's anger problem is leading him to abuse you in words, that's the reality you have to be willing to work with. Within 30 days they were both loving the separate arrangements. 4) Mahr (marriage-gift) to be paid by the groom to the bride either immediately (muajjal) or deferred (muakhkhar), or a combination of both, Secondary Requirements: i kept very calm in order to try to work things back between us then after 5 months I forced myself and moved to her house but I’m living in a room and she’s in another room with the kid, I have tried all the ways to get her back and to be a normal husband and wife but nothing is working at all. my question is that long lasting nikah is valid or not please tell me duration of my nikah is 8 years. I don't follow Islam at all. Am I wrong for divorcing my violent wife? That’s so sad. Hence, a wife is allowed to seek divorce due to her husband's absence even if he has left for her sufficient provision. He wont change, as I've have tried talking to him but doesn't accept anything i say and believes he is always right. He’s blocked me even though my Istikhara was positive. The outfit of the bride-to-be is traditionally provided by the groom’s family. And tell your parents. thank you for replying me back but we are getting a divorced and thats the best for both of us he hurted me alot of times and i cant bear him even a second and i kno its haram to abort but i have no choice one day this baby would want to meet his or her dad and idk if they would do black magic on my baby because my mothet in law shes like a witch she did magic on me she ruined my life and shes ruining her sons life and my husband he is so immature he doesnt see that right now but he will realise what a perfect wife he lost and he will trult know that my wife is right and my family were always wrong i hope Allah will show him the right path all i want to know is i dont want to keep this nabh i want to abort will there be ant problem? I would like to know that if wife herself leaves the husbands house and her children under the conscent of her own parents, but thereafter contends that her husband does not maintain her and asks to handover the children to her (when she is still in her parents house and the marriage is still continuing, not dissolved) through a court case, what would be the likely decision of a Pakistani Court? Dowlut, you are still married, if that's what you are asking. An abusive person will belittle someone, hurt their feelings without concern, not feel sorry for their actions, manipulate arguments to gain the advantage or make their partner feel bad, call names, and point out flaws that have nothing to do with the issue at hand (to name just a few tactics). [Ahmad & Abu Dawood]. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever When I was living with him in his home city, it was a routine for him to bad-mouth or physically abuse me. Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest, Copyright © Zahid Law Associates What should I do?please help and guide me come out of the thoughts you are not single The main body of the sermon comprises three verses from the holy Qur’an and one Hadith: ‘Yaa ayyuha’n-naas uttaqu rabbakum alladhi khalaqakum min nafsin waahidatin wa khalaqa minhaa zawjahaa wa baththa minhumaa rijaalan katheeran wa nisaa’an wa’ttaqu-Llaah alladhi tasaa’aloona bihi wa’l-arhaama inna Allaaha kaana ‘alaykum raqeeban Other traditions What are the benefits of consummation on the first night of marriage? In Islam, nikah = marriage. sofi, I did not see any post submitted by you with this email address. You need to figure him out. Do you need to have the nikah at home or at the masjid? WhatsApp: +923002329223 That is a matter of personal choice. Please register and submit your question as a separate post. Without this, the marriage would not be recognised under the law of the country you reside and the legal rights of the spouse, such as inheritance, couples and later their children rights would not be valid. After few months, love vanished and now its been almost three years I have been living on my own christian life and i asked him for divorce because I cant go to Pakistan and he cant come to USA. This guy might be frustrated as they stay seperately and distance creates mis communication some times . Also most of the times he threatens me of committing suicide after we've had a fight. It's not that I just want to look at the bright side no matter how much I'm getting hurt emotionally but I can't omit the fact that he himself is so fed up of his own angry personality like he can't get out of it and just maybe he needs some help? avoid using hurting words.. family etc.. , we love each other and we can deal thing between us and no need to interfere any family talk or whatever.. common "darling or whatever nice word you call him" we love each other.. ya? I want all of you to consider this post as well in addition to my first one. He has threatened me that if I want khula from my husband n if he demands I have to give my son’s custody to him. brother i have nikkah but not yet practically get married... what is my mertial status for applyng any job??? also suggested to say : “O Allah, bless my wife for me, and bless me for her. It is believed that gifts given willingly will strengthen the relationships between people. And even then the divorce is not automatic, but the wife has the right to seek divorce. Our Nikah Matrimony site connects millions of Islamic muslim brides or muslim grooms looking for their perfect muslim match. Plz guide me in Quran & sunnah. I recently got engaged (but we did nikkah) and the whole idea of nikkah was to make it halal for us to hang out together and spend time while getting to know each other without worrying that we were sinning. His anger issues are concerning, and I think he needs to start to address these as soon as possible. Husband should learn to control his anger. And yes he does talk about other people or family members making him angry". husband and wife actually start living together as a family, is put off for a Suppose this period is extended over several years (instead of a short period like 4 months). Now that I'm at home preparing for my exams , he would bring me fast food and things so that I don't get bored while studying . The choice is yours. "Your medical financing is not my responsibility. Her email was similar to yours. my question is based on the above would i be able to apply for/ granted a khula? Please don't waste our time. Once divorced, she should observe iddah (waiting period), normally, its 3 months if not pregnant and if pregnant then till she deliver the baby. Medicine is a demanding field of study and to work in, so quite a few medical couples end up staying in different places during training - but with a bit of work, can still make time to see each other. I advise you to look deep within and think long and hard. 3)Two adult and sane Muslim witnesses, (Ash-Shuhud ), 2 males or 1 male and 2 females He stopped me from seeing friends and always argued with me about everything and would swear everyday at my family and myself.

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