Others  relocated to the Middle East, where their descendants became camels. They are all registered. This girl has it all. Some of them will act aloof, but their curiosity gets the better of them  when visitors talk to them. It is such a joy to hear them humming to each other, communicating in their own way. deposit will hold her.

Llamas are members of the Camelid (camel) family. The Anglo-Nubian breed, a cross between the Old English Milch Goat and the Zaeiby and Nubian bucks imported from India, Russia and Egypt, originated in England . Copyright © 2013 Gray's Lland Acres. Email: henryhillsllamas@gmail.com. Foxie Starlight (Picture taken 4/12/20 at a month old) Foxie is the first of our 2020 crias. (just outside of Paris, TX)

They are hardy, adaptable animals that thrive in any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production. Llama For Sale The Llama's scientific classification is a member of the camelid family, a herd animal, but they extremely versatile and have many uses as human's companion. As a member of the British Llama Society I am a registered breeder and have signed up to their code of conduct for selling llamas. In the United States and Canada there are an estimated 125,000 llamas and 11,000 alpacas, making the llama a viable agricultural entity. They provide milk for us to drink, and to make into butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and goat milk soaps and lotions. It is fun to watch them try to lie down in the pools, or to put their front feet in one and their hind feet in the other. The wool of llamas is very fine, soft and lanolin-free, comparable in fineness to chinchilla and merino wool. We will post pictures as they arrive. Llamas have an unusual reproductive cycle for large animals. Llamas can live 20-30 years, with good care. Check out our website for llama sales, luxury wool products and upcoming events. Since I do not have a pond for my llamas to get in to when they need to cool off, I use wading pools. Check out our website for llama sales, luxury wool products and upcoming events. Llamas were domesticated in Peru over 5,000 years ago, making them one of the world’s oldest domestic animals.

Our 2020 Crias. The end of the ear must be turned up or turned down, and cartilage shaping the small ear. The end of the Ice Age signaled extinction for the camelid in North America. They have great bloodlines, excellent conformation, are gentle, with great dispositions. I know you will enjoy her. I shut the babies up in the barn in the evening and milk the nannies before turning the kids out.

Even without all their wool, llamas need to cool off sometimes in the summer. We process all of our fleeces and offer a variety of high quality wool products.

They provide milk for us to drink, and to make into butter, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and goat milk soaps and lotions. This milk is ideal for creating cheese, yogurt, ice cream, soap and even butter. I was raised on a dairy farm and love raw cow’s milk, but I knew I didn’t want to have to milk a cow twice a day. So now you know a little bit about our goats and why we chose the breeds we have. Fax: 903-784-6880

They are also known for high milk production and comparatively high butterfat content. These are some of the reason we chose the Alpine breed.

Some of them headed to South America about 2.5 million years ago, where their descendants became llamas. On the average, this breed produces less milk than other dairy breeds. Female llamas do not go into “heat”, through the act of mating, the female releases an egg and is usually fertilized on the first attempt.

Markings of a Nubian can be any color. colorful, have beautiful fiber and all have had her wonderful disposition. They are multi-colored and have no set marking. They are good with children and make good pets. There are about 7 million llamas and alpacas in South America. I could watch her all day. They know the sound and will come in and put their faces up to catch the spray. They are medium in size,   They are the only breed of goat that was developed in the United States and are usually calm, quiet and have a gentle temperament. Henry Hill Llamas There are no folds and the external ear must not exceed 1 inch. or produced show quality cria. Thank you Reggi Durch.

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