Click and drag to arrange the squares in the same configuration as your real-world setup—if your laptop is to the left of your desktop monitor, place the corresponding square to the left, and so on. Since we launched in 2006, our articles have been read more than 1 billion times. +1 for this.

PLEASE LOGITECH! Moving over to Synergy... you will loose customers to them without a Linux version of Options! It would be fantastic if a full driver-suite (with the logitech options) could be ported to Linux.

gives full control of function/hotkeys etc. . Logitech peripherals are excellent, but their functionality in *nix is limited (to say the least).

I was so stoked to get the Craft keybpard and the MX Master 2S mouse, only to find out that between my Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, I can't use it on my Linux which is my workhorse. OTOH there are unsupported tools that fill in most of the gaps. only to find out that between my Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, I can't use it on my Linux which is my workhorse. You'll be able to move your mouse cursor across three computers and even copy/paste text, images and files from one computer to another.

(Note that just because a mouse or keyboard appears in Logitech Options doesn’t mean it’s compatible with Flow.) Using Linux to manage my keyboard and mouse with Logitech's Unifying receiver.

yeah come on guys - have a heart - even barebones linux support or release enough info for open source to finish the job!
Hi @Vicente Jr Venus?, for me it's just like @Peter Sjöqvist? Please give us Options in Linux! STEP 1 Download and install Logitech Options on your computers Once finished, you should see a new “Flow” tab at the top of Logitech Options. are you planning to provide Logitech Options for Ubuntu Linux?

So far I followed up on them and there were no response. I'd really like to be able to use Flow on my Ubuntu box with my Macbook and my Windows machine. If you wish to appeal to developers you have to create it, just saying. Since Apple keep raising prices of macbooks. :). There is already solaar but a help from you would be appreciated by all the messages prove it. For those frustrated, I have long used this device: and found it fabulous for sharing bluetooth devices between computers. Get it together Logitech. said. Click “Add devices” in Logitech Options, then click either “Add Unifying Device” if you’re using the USB dongle or “Add Bluetooth Device” if you’re using Bluetooth. You will have to install the latest Options software. , @Violet Wind?

Yeah want OEM support please. Hi @Alex Pedersen?

Here's what I found using open source software to enable device management on Linux.

Make your Logitech Options and Flow work with Linux! Please add support for Linux( I want use flow with macos and linux. Hi @Sheila Donahue?

Full Options and peripheral support for Logitech devices on *nix would be truly great. And yes, we still want Options on *nix. +1 for Flow for Linux: how hard can this be? I hope Logitech Options will soon be available on linux since the main reason of my purchase is the thumb button that is ingenious ! are you planning to provide Logitech Options for any Linux?

We regret to inform you that the Flow is only supported for Windows and Mac. Logitech is the king when it comes to mice and keyboards so it's actually shameful there isn't a Linux port of the options software available to high end users. @Paolo Dino Oddone​ is Ubuntu part of Linux? As for the moment we don't any information from our software engineers if they will release Logitech Options for Linux OS. If all your machines are connected to the same network, you should see them appear on the screen below: The white or teal squares represent the screens of each machine and their relative positions: where they intersect with a grey line, the mouse cursor will be able to pass between them seamlessly. Frank, you might as well have made a copy + paste of your answer from this thread: The *Flow* feature is exactly like synergy (of which I own the Pro license since year 1), but it has an optional feature that makes use of the Logitech cloud to share keyboard/mouse between devices that may not be on the same LAN, not much different than other IoT devices; though, I worry about the security ramifications/delay of my keystrokes being sent through the Internet, to a "cloud" I don't … He’s covered industry events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress in person. For a more universal solution (which unfortunately takes more work to set up), try Synergy KVM or Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders.

A word of advice would be to target a Ubuntu LTS release as it would hit the largest of your potential demographics (Being designers, programmers or other types of power users). By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. (Sorry for my question as I'm no that quite familiar with Ubuntu). If your devices aren’t compatible, you’ll need to use something like Synergy instead—otherwise, read on. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more.

All Rights Reserved. I'd be more than happy to assist you with your :). Recently bought a Logitech k780 keyboard and Mx Anywhere 2s mouse. and @Adrian Fox-Kirk?

I am a long-time Logitech user and I always found it disgraceful the way the company ignores, disregards, or just hates Linux.

are you planning to provide Logitech Options for Red Hat Enterpriser Linux? Does logitech flow support Linux ( CentOS 7.x)? For a Unifying device, follow the on-screen instructions; for a Bluetooth device, pair it in the usual way with either Windows’ or macOS’s Bluetooth dialog—it should be detected automatically by Logitech Options. For now i'm using Solaar and xbindkeys to rebind the thumb wheel but that's all i can do.
Please provide support for Linux environment. Very disappointing and frustrating.

Switching the keyboard between my Linux systems and windows is okay as the dedicated keys are present at the top of the keyboard and can be reached easily. Linux does have an app for Unifying receivers and it's called 'Solaar'. (I have Mx master and k780 to control ubuntu 18, lacking of button configuration just driving me crazy......). Enabling copy and paste will allow you to move items on the operating system clipboard between connected PCs. Then everybody wins by getting to use your hardware. 3.

If you’re not sure which square represents which machine, click the “…” menu item to see the PC name. But for the mouse I have lift it up and press the button underneath the mouse. or the Linux community itself.

Move your mouse cursor across up to three computers and even copy/paste text, images and files from one computer to another. In the meantime, please sign this Change.Org petition to show Logitech that we want Linux Support: You’ll need to use your mouse or keyboard’s multi-device functionality to pair it with all the computers, one at a time. . I heavily use linux OS for my softwares development and would love to bind all the keys available on this mouse to improve my work. Thanks for the help. No. Flow lets you use a mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs, very much like Synergy or Mouse Without Borders, but with a much simpler setup process.

(You might need to switch channels on your mouse if you only have one.) Recently got both MX Keys and MX master mouse.

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