You can fix this by reinstalling the driver. webproduct=265f6529-7db1-11e9-aa7f-cd33ce39872f

webproduct=3049cae1-ce3d-11e9-822f-49f6ab35b0db Unplug it and wait for a while. Knowledge Base article 12437 for instructions on contacting Logitech Technical Support. webcontentid=a5bec866-3859-11ea-972c-277c6f443afa Windows Key+X (Or right click on Start) > Click Device Manager > Expand Keyboards > Right click on Standard PS/2 Keyboard > Uninstall > Reboot the computer to reinstall 4: Turn off filter …

Welcome to Logitech Support. Make sure the device is fully charged (replace with new batteries if it's not a rechargeable device). This problem is likely to be a lost connection.

Wireless connection.

webcontentid=c4a5b410-3859-11ea-a469-375f5e7cbc2f Now Windows will ask you to confirm your actions before it proceeds with the uninstallation. Radio frequency (RF) interference of more powerful wireless devices such as. Keyboards. The receiver sends and receives the signals to and … Want to ask other users with the same product a question?

If your mouse and keyboard use rechargeable batteries, let the batteries recharge before using the device again. HID Human Interface Service enables the generic input access to Human Interface Devices (HID).

webproduct=b8a1ac56-7db0-11e9-b911-714ff9e68ca5 If the keyboard works perfectly on another computer, it probably means that there is some software conflict on your device or the ports are not functioning properly. You can use your wireless keyboard and mouse from across a room, allowing you to lounge on your couch or in bed while you work.

Launch the Logitech Unifying Software (Start > Programs > Logitech > Unifying > Logitech … After the computer is turned back on, plug … When the "keyboard" window appears, make sure to select the Logitech wireless keyboard as your default keyboard.

websoftware=ec86eb2b-8e0b-11e9-a62b-a944e73f7596 webproduct=c9e980b2-7db0-11e9-b911-95ddb9b90ae6

This activates and maintains predefined keys on your keyboard, mouse, remote controls etc. If the transmitter is not completely in the port your keyboard isn't going to function.

Also, try plugging the USB dongle receiver of the keyboard in and out and see if this makes any difference. First, make sure that the wireless receiver is plugged into your computer. Click Finish to exit the Logitech Unifying Software.


webcontentid=83dd61cf-3859-11ea-a04e-cfb6a94253f1 Logitech is a producer of computer controllers, including mice, video game controllers, wireless controllers and keyboards. To re-connect your K350, do the following: Download the correct version of Mouse and Keyboard software (SetPoint) from the K350 Downloads Page. You can check our article on How to Disable your Antivirus.

All Antivirus software constantly monitor your computer’s activity which also includes external devices connected to the computer. We can try reinstalling the software and see if this does the trick.

Now restart your computer and plug in your device (mouse/keyboard). Then press the Connect button on the … Check to ensure the batteries are seated or installed correctly in their compartment. The batteries in your wireless keyboard should not be depreciated and should be in a working condition. If possible, don't use a USB hub or other similar device. There are a lot of numbers on a white sticker on the bottom, one is M/N Y-RB6 with RT7R00 V:5XTW below it. webproduct=e1c2fc0e-bd1b-11ea-be6c-515aac62e536 Logitech is a producer of computer controllers, including mice, video game controllers, wireless controllers and keyboards. webproduct=cac4ec23-7db0-11e9-bada-c13ac08cb993 When you restart your computer, the computer automatically detects the hardware connected and since there are no drivers installed for the device, it installs the default drivers. The Logitech Unifying Software Welcome screen will appear (shown below).

We can try restarting it and see if this does the trick. webproduct=ea27496d-7db0-11e9-aa7f-7386a59f7740 This might solve the problem if you have faulty drivers installed. webcontentid=e9627502-3859-11ea-a469-83b3e49bbaf9 Windows ease of access provides several functionalities to help the user in using the computer.


If all the above tips hold, you should check if the keyboard is working on another computer or laptop. For instructions on turning your keyboard on and off, please see

Resyncing the setup is fairly easy. AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series To Support All Games With Ray Tracing Unless They Use Proprietary APIs From NVIDIA, PS5 Faceplate Seller Has Shut Down Following Threats from Sony, Fortnite Will Run at 4K and 60 FPS On Next-Gen Consoles, Apple TV is Now a Part of the Suite of Entertainment Apps Available on Xbox Series X/S at Launch, 3DMark Offers Dedicated DirectX Ray Tracing Performance Benchmark That Supports Both AMD And NVIDIA Graphics Cards, The USB connection device should not be plugged into a, Here all the programs installed on your computer will be listed. webproduct=170b98e7-7db1-11e9-bada-c5716141a640 If they are, try installing a new set of batteries in case the old ones are close to drained. Click \"Update Driver\" to update your keyboard's driver. If this is the case you need to quickly troubleshoot the problem in order to begin using the keyboard again. If possible, don't use a USB hub or other similar device. webcontentid=e19981d0-3859-11ea-972c-a91b0732c072 Rebooting the computer can correct the issue.

webcontentid=ede230dc-3859-11ea-a42d-c38f26baa70d webproduct=16d03d51-7db1-11e9-aa7f-37f62618ac27 Your K350 should now be connected.

webproduct=4309310b-7db1-11e9-b911-f981efac51d4 Noticeably, there were several problems after the Windows update where they Logitech keyboard fails to register some keys or doesn’t respond at all. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption.

Check if you are still facing the lag on your device. The Microsoft 2000 wireless keyboard connects to the computer via a receiver that plugs into a USB port on the PC. webcontent=softwarefaq Join the conversation. Follow the on-screen instructions to turn your K350 off then on: When your K350 is detected, you will see a confirmation message as shown below. Anything with human input, this software is responsible to manage it. webproduct=f7f7f812-7db0-11e9-b911-cb2c3611cd40 Click the "Start" button followed by "Control Panel" and then select the "keyboard controller" option. If the keyboard doesn’t work on another computer, it probably means the problem lies with the device itself. Make sure you have fresh batteries in your K350.

Logitech products often come with Logitech software which proves to be a bridge between the software and the hardware. webcontentid=cf8b295e-3859-11ea-b6d4-77d6355fba1e Although the batteries are usually good for a few years, it is possible they are out of power. Knowledge Base article 360023222514. Contact Lan Pros, if your keyboard and mouse are still failing to function properly, you may also visit the Logitech Support website and browse the support page for your product’s specific solutions. Press the “Connect” button on the bottom of the receiver to attempt reconnecting … Windows will search for and install the best version of your driver. Once you have confirmed the keyboard is working, check Yes, then click Next to continue. See More. A bad driver can also cause problems with your Logitech wireless keyboard. Follow the process below to reconnect your keyboard. Use the Control Panel to uninstall the old drivers, then visit the Logitech website and install the latest drivers for your keyboard and mouse.

This software is specifically known to fix problems with hotkeys on Logitech keyboards such as Volume up and down, next track etc. My Logitech device has already been connected, but frequently gets disconnected or laggy ; Other useful FAQs that may help to fix the issue: Check for Bluetooth Low Energy Support; Lag and disconnections …

webproduct=0cdfe327-efe1-11e9-8b80-2b8db4d33d74 Note: Disable your antivirus software at your own risk.

Make sure the USB receiver is directly and securely plugged into a working USB port on your computer. Logitech has emerged as one of the top vendors when it comes to cheap quality keyboards meant for gaming or professional use.

Once in services, navigate through the list until you find “, Make sure that the startup type is set as “, Once in ease of access, look for the option “. One of these functionalities is called “Filter Keys”. Join the conversation.

Press the button on the receiver. webcontentid=a3a1b4fe-3859-11ea-b6d4-b1797fef1aba Knowledge Base article 360023222514.

Try reinstalling the Logitech Connection Utility software and re-pair your device. We have listed the ways on how to disable the software by covering as many products as we can. Appuals will not be responsible for any damage caused to your computer. There are several workarounds with this issue but before you move on to implementing them, make sure you check out the tips below: If all the above tips hold, you should check if the keyboard is working on another computer or laptop. If you are using a USB 3.0 port try plugging the device into a USB 2.0 port.

Now, plug it in again.

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