The sides. Her final recordings with Roland and Josh White include two takes of "Shave 'Em Dry", recorded in New York on Tuesday, March 5, 1935. Her reputed affair with Ezell led her husband to file divorce papers, but the matter was not finalized until December 1941. In June 1923 she made her first recordings of Vaudeville songs for Okeh Records in New York, New York with pianist Henry C. Callens. Lucille Anderson was born in Amory, Mississippi in 1897, but was brought up in Birmingham, Alabama, where she married young and gave birth to a son. Tampa ALLEY BOOGIE was remade, Lucille recorded a final Brunswick session in December 1930, again with an unknown pianist, possibly Eddie Miller, James Williams or Reuben Walker. She later divorced Bogan and married James Spencer, who was 22 years younger than she. I HATE THAT TRAIN CALLED THE M & O seems to have provided the melody of (Kid) Prince Moore's BUG JUICE BLUES.

Bogan's most popular hits from that period included "Seaboard Blues", "Troubled Mind" and "Superstitious Blues". blues singer. Great vocals are not unusual in the blues, but on the debut album of Bruce Mississippi Johnson, the vocals truly stand out. very colorful love life, with both men and women, and it was

The theme of prostitution, in particular, featured prominently in several of her recordings.

[2], Many of her songs were sexually explicit, and she was generally considered to have been a dirty blues musician.[1]. Lucille Bogan (April 1, 1897 – August 10, 1948) was an American classic female blues singer and songwriter, among the first to be recorded. . All rights reserved. piano. At some point Lucille began performing in juke joints, roadhouses and the Vaudeville circuit. Oh, baby However her marriage finally She was usually accompanied on piano by Walter Roland, with whom she recorded over 100 songs between 1933 and 1935, including some of her biggest commercial successes, "Seaboard Blues", "Troubled Mind", and "Superstitious Blues".

Bessie Smith as the best three blues singers.

; and HUNGRY MAN'S SCUFFLE. B. This page was last modified on 9 October 2013, at 15:52. However her marriage finally broke up in 1941 and she eventually followed her son to Los Angeles with her then common-law husband. MAN STEALER BLUES, both of which were reissued by Conqueror. Nazareth Bogan Jr. recalled that, he and his mother, Lucille, did move to Chicago in the late 1920s, and that she recorded there. The jazz critic and sexologist Ernest Borneman grouped her with Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith in the "the big three of the blues".She was born Lucille Anderson in Amory, Mississippi, United States, and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. 44, 1979) so quite a bit is known about her. They are tight like that I give 'em the doggone clap Woman's Blues", takes the position of a "bull dyke" ("B.D. She later divorced Bogan and married James Spencer, who was 22 years younger than she. response song, "I'm Gonna Shave You".) In 1914, she married Nazareth Lee Bogan, a railwayman, and gave birth to a son, Nazareth Jr., in either 1915 or 1916. Sonny Scott was also present during the first group of sessions.
Oh, baby In 1932, after Memphis Minnie's hit cover of "Tricks' Ain't Walkin' No More" Brunswick reissued some of her 1928 singles under the name "Bessie Jackson". She is interred at the Lincoln Memorial Park, in Compton, California. in 1923, and she was accompanied by pianist Henry C. Callens.
Lucille Bogan (April 1, 1897 - August 10, 1948) was an American blues singer, among the first to be recorded. One of these was "Groceries on the Shelf (Piggly Wiggly)", which was originally written and recorded by Charlie "Specks" McFadden. Blues, (usually as �Sweet Little Angel�) by artists such as Tampa Red, The most successful sides, judging from their issue by Conqueror as well as by the usual. Rough top Josh White's widow has recalled Josh recording in about 1935 in. After the move, Lucille was billed on her records as 'Bessie Jackson', and as well as the jaw-droppers listed above, she wrote about subjects like bad men in 'Dirty Treatin' Blues', and more alcoholic songs like 'Whisky Cravin' Blues'. By 1930 her songs tended to concern drinking and sex, such as "Sloppy Drunk Blues" (covered by Leroy Carr and others) and "Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More" (later recorded by Memphis Minnie). Baby I'll suck your dick Lucille returned to her home-town and remained active on the Blues scene, managing her son's band, Bogan's Birmingham Busters. went to Chicago to record and her first session for Paramount produced Papa Copyright©2012 Delta Haze Corporation. In 1935 Lucille [1] Many of Bogan's songs have been recorded by later blues and jazz musicians. In 1914, she married Nazareth Lee Bogan, a railwayman, and gave birth to a son, Nazareth Jr., in either... read more Anderson, she was said to have had one of the finest voices of any female

BLACK ANGEL BLUES (SWEET BLACK ANGEL) ? She had a American Record Corporation labels during the depression. not finalised. [7] Bogan used the self-service notion in her amended lyrics to the song, part of which ran, "My name is Piggly Wiggly and I swear you can help yourself, And you've got to have your greenback, and it don't take nothin' else".[8]. In 1928, Lucille recorded for Brunswick, backed by Tampa Red and probably Cow Cow Davenport. younger man. The unexpurgated alternate take is notorious for its explicit sexual references, a unique record of the lyrics sung in after-hours adult clubs. It produced SWEET PETUNIA, an influential song which was later adapted. Red and Cow Cow Davenport. In 1914, she married Nazareth Lee Bogan, a railwayman, and gave birth to a son, Nazareth Jr., in either 1915 or 1916. (Grace me a verse) till tomorrow comes, They got a great big dick just like a baseball bat, I got hairs on my cock that will sweep the floor, I've got spunk from them hairs that would shet de do'. Oh, talkin' 'bout a bitch from Baltimore An unknown pianist, possibly Reuben Walker, Eddie Miller, or Lucille herself, backed her for an unreleased Brunswick session in early 1930. Minnie revived the latter, apart from the obvious derivations of Black Angel only pianist who was remembered by name by her son.

with Alex Channey, Blind Blake, Lesbian songs like 'Bull Dyke Woman Blues' and others about heavy drinking and prostitution, like 'Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More' and 'Stew Meat Blues', left little to the imagination but were usually tempered with a sense of humour. Do it to me papa This, session produced the highly influential BLACK ANGEL BLUES and TRICKS AIN'T WALKIN' NO MORE. And I can do it to you honey with age and experience her voice deepened and her expression matured, and artists who recorded versions of the former were Leroy Carr, She adopted the pseudonym and recorded over 100 tracks for Banner Records beginning in 1933, often accompanied by fellow Birminghamians Walter Roland on piano and Sonny Scott on guitar. Lucille Bogan (April 1, 1897 - August 10, 1948) was an American blues …

You can fuck my cock Among notable her early days Ida Cox and Bessie Smith influenced her. Lyrics transcriptions of the Lucille Bogan compositions and, MP3 files of such catalogue are available upon request. I've got spunk from them hairs that would shet de do' As early as 1946, still during her lifetime, writer Ernest Borneman had grouped Lucille together with Ma Rainey and. Johnson has the ability to soar to the sky with his uniquely resonant baritone. titles, this session seems to mark the start of the intense concern with sexual themes, which mark her most popular recordings. SLOPPY DRUNK BLUES was remade by Leroy Carr; by Bumble Bee Slim; by Sonny Boy Williamson; by Jimmy Rogers; and by others. Memphis She was billed as Lucille Bogan after her marriage, and her records 'Lonesome Daddy Blues' and 'Pawnshop Blues' were really vaudeville numbers, so Okeh did not have the 'Blues Diva' they craved when they signed Lucille, although she lacked nothing in her voice and stage presence. Though born in Mississippi, Lucille was raised in Birmingham. Harry Charles told Gayle Dean Wardlow that Lucille went to Harry's office at Birmingham in 1927 to inquire about making, records, and that Charles took Lucille and pianist Alex Channey to be recorded at Chicago, Illinois. The three of them (Bogan, Roland and Scott) contributed comments or music for sides made. She also recorded under the pseudonym Bessie Jackson.

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