Guns Used In Firecreek, 1996 Sea Ray 175 Bow Rider, It’s an engine dropped out job for proper access and ease of turn around. Oil Pastel Art Ideas Easy, Dream Of Walrus Attacking You, Baseball Stars Game Genie Codes, There are a number of used M113 V8 engines available on-line, but of dubious history and a new one from MB is £35K and by all accounts they only have one in stock For info, I have my eye on a pre-facelift bi-turbo, registered in March 2012, that has an engine number ending 92??. Shouldn't such an obvious problem have been picked up during the engines' design and development process involving vast amounts of time, money and engineering expertise ? Are there any (installed in the W/S212) prior to that engine number? Little Women Atlanta Season 6, Live Banyan Tree For Sale, Wilmac Trike For Sale, Dark Academia Fonts, Yours has just started, and according to the MB bulletin for the M276 engine, 'no consequential damage is to be expected' (I think the Catch 22 here is that MB are unlikely to commit to any goodwill contribution towards the repair cost until the fault has been identified, meaning that the OP will have to take a risk on the cost of the diagnostic process.I’ve read a bit about chain tensioners (and check valves) being problematic on the V8 biturbo (M278) engines. Cooluli Mini Fridge 10 Liter, The timing chain noises can range from rattling to whirring, whining or buzzing. (honest question - I don't know). Boat Trader Florida, A bad timing chain will often emit a rattling sound for a few minutes before the engine warms up, and then will lower in intensity or dissipate altogether after it warms up. The posted views of our members are in no way the views of or its owners.JavaScript is disabled. Dan Quayle Nose Bandage, Whether it’s “eased off” or I’ve got used to it, I don’t know.Am sure I have read on here somewhere it is an engine out job on the M157 and is circa £3-4k! Next stage , which can be in tens or thousands of miles , is chain snaps , engine is forked !To listen to the rattle ,,to narrow down where it’s from ,,a wooden brush shaft held against engine with your ear on end , you can move it around to where the noise is coming from.Thank you for all the advice, I’ve have just sent the sound off to a Mercedes technician & his exact words were “do not drive that car it’s the timing chain” he said he’s never seen this on a car this young, so my next call into Mercedes tomorrow morning will be interesting!!! It wasn't instantly noticeable from within the cabin, but was obvious if stood outside the vehicle.Thanks Phil. Makena Grace Burton, Mercedes M157, M276, & M278 Rattle Noise Upon Starting. My M276 engine is one of the listed rogues and I was initially concerned about it. Pumpkin Seeds Benefits For Men, Kiwi Milkshake Good Or Bad, The M276 engine features an aluminum engine block and dual overhead camshafts with independent variable valve timing on intake and exhaust valves and a new timing chain arrangement. Shannon Freshour Jim Jordan Polls, Soon after purchasing my E63 I noticed that on start up there was a noticeable rattle from the top end of the engine for a few seconds. Thank you for all the advice, I’ve have just sent the sound off to a Mercedes technician & his exact words were “do not drive that car it’s the timing chain” he said he’s never seen this on a car this young, so my next call into Mercedes tomorrow morning will be interesting!!! Red Footed Tortoise Size Chart, Why Lantana Leaves Turn Yellow, Getting the chain done at an independent would cost less than a third of that price, at a guess, and I don’t know how much they valued your car at, but I would bet it would have been below market value. Corey Taylor Wife Death, If an early 2011-12 car never had any work done by the dealer related to the cam timing chain rattle early in its life, then it’ll likely need the timing chains replaced and all associated sprockets, tensioners, guides etc. Schwinn 3 Wheel Bike Parts, In this case, some engines had a problem with rattling or noisy timing chains on start up. M4a1 Best Setup Warzone,

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