45ACP is the official name or 45 Automatic Colt Pistol if you want to get real technical. The brass casing must adhere to specifications of the .460 S&W Magnum.

I doubt you will see a spike with unique, it will be what it is. your account management area, forums and University require login.

Some do.

I don't sweat the use of magnums in standard loads.

The .45 BPM is not a .460 S&W Magnum. Caution should be exercised as damage, injury, or death could result from excessive loads in any firearm. The .460 S&W Magnum was derived from the .454 Casull while the .454 Casull was derived from the .45 Colt. The 45 ACP is a rimless cartridge designed by John Browning which head spaces on the case mouth and was designed to be fired in auto loaders like the 1911 style semi autos.

There is no question that mag primers help H … The .45 BPM was originally developed for use in replica Colt Walker black powder revolvers. For one, I accidentally bought magnum primers for the 45, and i went to load one today to make sure I had everything (giving dad the reloader and all the components for the -06 and the 45) and I couldn't get a Magnum lire pistol primer to fit in the 45 hole. The .45 Black Powder Magnum (.45 BPM) is a black-powder firearm round. Because of this lineage the .460 S&W Magnum has similar dimensional attributes to the .45 Colt with the exception of a much longer casing. [2] A 60 grain cartridge configuration may be desirable to use as a novelty rifle cartridge such as for a revolver carbine.

This gives the converted Colt Walker the convenience of using self-contained cartridges and the advantage of loads beyond the 40 grain limitation of the .45 Colt cartridge and provides the added benefit of moving the bullet closer to the forcing cone as compared to the .45 Colt. The Alaska Moose Hunting Guidebook is now available for Apple devices and for Amazon Kindle. There is a slight difference in size between a rifle and pistol primer. for a free forum account |  Upgrade to a Supporting Forum Membership | Manage Your Account/Update Password. The .45 BPM cartridge was developed to allow for black-powder loads of more than 40 grains. Therefore, the chambers of a Colt Walker conversion cylinder must be reamed to deepen them to the length of the .45 BPM casing.

triker. Loading 255 swc and unique powder. 45Auto or 45 Automatic are just shortened names for the same thing. With only 50 rounds, it will probably be simplest to just shoot them rather than break them down - assuming a very strong gun and no more than a mild load. Some load configurations may be neither suitable nor safe in certain firearms converted to .45 BPM. There are also plenty of powders that can provide near magnum level performance in the .45 Colt that don't require magnum primers.

Learn more! can not exceed 2.140". Mag Primer use with .45 ACP reloading; Dear members, Please make sure the email address we have for you, is correct and valid. The following are example loads only. I'd expect minimal differences. Because its cylinder could hold 60 grains of black powder in each of its six chambers it is regarded as the world's first magnum revolver. Thus, a Colt Walker revolver converted to shoot the .45 Colt cartridge is limited to a maximum of 40 grains even though the revolver was originally designed to load up to 60 grains. An air gap can cause a dangerous pressure spike condition causing bursting of the chamber, cylinder, or barrel. The examples do NOT indicate they are safe as only a firearms inspection by a certified and licensed gunsmith can determine which load configurations are safe and appropriate. Increased powder loads in combination with increased bullet weight may create dangerous pressure conditions. It shouldn't be a problem in a reloaded case but if there is still some crimp remaining it could cause problems. (Cartridge Overall Length) of 2.140"[3] whereas the .460 S&W Magnum has a C.O.L. Take your moose hunt to the next level! This prevents either accidental or intentional loading of longer but unsafe cartridges in firearms not designed for or tested for more powerful cartridges. Does your 45 ACP brass have small primer pockets?

For one, I accidentally bought magnum primers for the 45, and i went to load one today to make sure I had everything (giving dad the reloader and all the components for the -06 and the 45) and. I use CCI 350's in all of my reduced Green Dot and Unique loads. The Colt Walker was the largest and most powerful black-powder revolver produced prior to 1970. Alaska Outdoors

45Auto or 45 Automatic are just shortened names for the same thing. I am more concerned with any pressure spikes with the magnum primers than I am any fps results. The second high pressure Cor-Bon load is uses a 300 grain Jacketed Soft Point bullet at a MV of 1300 fps and ME of 1126 ft. lbs. triker, you can always call the mfg and ask them.

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