Speech by Malcolm X at the London School of Economics, Feb. 11, 1965, to a meeting sponsored by the school's Africa Society. He also asks the people why they hate their general appearance and where they learned that from. At the time, both King and Malcolm appealed to the imaginations of the African American people, as they advise them on what should be done to improve their status and circumstances. Malcolm X’s actions and speeches most clearly inspired the "Black Panther Party," since unlike Martin Luther King, Malcolm X was willing to fight for equality by any means necessary. Faith, justice, and love were the key drivers of the Civil Rights Movement. He started traveling to several northern cities preaching against the oppression of the black by white men. While King was engrossed in fighting racial injustices in the South, Malcolm X was busy spearheading black identity and disenfranchisement in the North. A key focus on Malcolm X’s recent works was focused on racial inequality. The leader ensured to sensitize the people on the importance of appreciating their racial nature, and specific aspects of their life when he spoke to Black audiences. The fundamental aim of the Nation’s teachings is to foster better moral, economic, and social standing of the African American people by invoking Islamic teachings. He does this by condemning the exaltation of white people citing that the black community should embark on a journey of self-discovery. Unlike King, Malcolm urges his readers to lift the level of their community as American conscience is bankrupt. 2.Malcolm X's actions and speeches most clearly inspired which of these groups? Conversely, Malcolm X was first a convert to the Nation of Islam before conforming to traditional Islamic values. Malcolm X was shot dead in New York City after preaching about black rights. The latter championed the need for black self-defense and urged the people to invest in a self-sense of appreciation. Just like King, Malcolm explains that the black community has the legal right to fight against injustices.

When assigning your order, we match the paper subject with the area of specialization of the writer. It is following their contradicting views on justice and equality that King was constructed as a dreamer of a beloved community while Malcolm was branded a dangerous man. While in college, King was highly intrigued with Gandhi’s non-violent philosophy, which he adapted and encouraged the people to embrace (Gorsevski 454). Thus, King utilizes his Christian faith to script his non-violent case for racial justice, arguing that such a path is liberating and sunlit. support@essayoven.com He further expresses his disdain with the government, noting that it was undemocratic by failing to secure the voting rights of the Southerners. Therefore, while both personalities became prominent during the Civil Rights Movement, they were guided by different philosophies and approaches to combating racial inequality. However, when confronted with the charge that he was propagating hatred among the people, the leader offered brilliant responses coupled with rhetorical questions. Through their rhetoric, the two leaders demonstrated the possibility of equality in America. In 1946, Malcolm was arrested at the age of 20 for armed robbery, but was released from jail 8 years later.

It is only being a Muslim which keeps me from seeing people by the color of their skin.

In appreciation of Abraham Lincoln’s need to foster racial justice, the speech commences with a stylized illusion of the proclamation (Cone 5). The first is the need to take back their rights violently.

Therefore, love is more significant than like. • He further contends that speaking against the various viles meted against the Blacks does not cause them to become anti-white.

He further advocated for Muslim values by contrasting Islamic and Christian values citing that the former only fosters oppression. One doctrine advocated through NOI was that the original black was superior to other racial affiliations (Howard-Pitney 113). Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. He further urged blacks to utilize violent self-defense to foster racial equality in America. Your email address will not be published. Once he learned that the leader of the Nation of Islam was in relationships with many women, he quit the group and changed his religion to Sunni Islam. Such teachings caused his critics to consider him a violent man and resulted in the condemnation of the Nation of Islam. Explanation: Malcolm X was a Civil Rights activist leader who taught that all African-Americans should meet to get same rights "By any means necessary", even intensity if necessary be. He taught that all white people were bad. The experience caused Malcolm to realize that such an association could exist between Blacks and Whites. Consequently, he argues that Islam is the best religion because there are no bounds to Muslim history, as compared to Christian and Judaic teachings. Just like Luther King, Malcolm infers to the constitution to support his argument on racial injustice.

Among the examples he offers are Christians during the Roman Empire, as well as the case of Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednego.

The address refers to various scriptural passages that reiterate the need for people and humanity to express love to one another. Unlike King, who only witnessed racial injustice, Malcolm was exposed to the detriments of such actions. Upon his return to America, Malcolm cited that true Islamic religion recognizes that all men are brothers and that they are equal members of God’s family (Malcolm 331). They were motivated by the need to champion for racial equality and black freedom. Thus, the divergent racial equality approaches of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were motivated by faith, justice, and love.

Martin Luther King further adds that he hopes that the crooked places shall be aligned and that the lord’s glory shall be revealed to all humanity.

When he eventually subscribed to traditional Islamic values, he appreciated the need for brotherhood by opposing racial injustices. Instead, they should exercise self-acceptance. However, Malcolm implores them to die for what they believe in (Howard-Pitney 100). Do you have responsibilities that may hinder you from turning in your assignment on time? Required fields are marked *. Our essay writers are graduates with diplomas, bachelor, masters, Ph.D., and doctorate degrees in various subjects. This 4-DVD collection assembles over six hours of speeches, debates and interviews by Malcolm X. King further contends that America should start to compensate people of color by offering them years of “banked justice.” He further compares racial injustice to quicksand and urges the people to take up a sunlit path. The movement derived its intensity and strength from the eloquent and prophetic discourses of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. He devoted his life to the Nation and embarked on a journey to become a religious leader after his release (Cone 12).

He derives his argument from Psalms 23 and 40:2.

Therefore, he utilized various forms of media to communicate the Islamic message throughout America. King greatly emphasized the use of non-violent tactics while advocating for complete integration and achievement of absolute civil rights for the people (Howard-Pitney 43). In his explanation, he explained the impetus of radical self-love. He argues that Jesus’ instruction is highly significant as it is forces people to demonstrate love even when they don’t like certain people or what they do to them. During his time in prison, Malcolm’s brother, who had recently converted to the National of Islam, visited him and influenced his earlier religious beliefs (Marable 17). He explains that people should act against social injustices, as this is the responsibility they owe to their children. One scripture that is quoted in the speech is Isaiah 40:4-5, which he uses to express what he hopes for mankind. It is also the same approach that he was urging the people to take up in compliance with God’s guidance and instructions. He criticizes Christian songs such as “Wash me as White as Snow,” citing that they only worsen racial inequality issues. During one of his sermons in 1957, King preached using one passage derived from the sermon on the Mount. He utilized the book of Mathew 5 and explained the teachings to his congregants. Thus, Malcolm X’s radical ideologies were informed by the need to foster self-love among the Black community. He also thought that black people should support one another by shopping in stores owned by black people. Through his work, the black community is encouraged to move beyond their understanding of love as mere control and possession. He further advocated for black self-defense, power, and autonomy. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. He also encourages them to take up guerrilla warfare and respond to violent attacks in a similar manner.

If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. With his increased early life encounters with white command groups and the …

MALCOLM X MARTIN LUTHER KING BLACK PANTHERS SPEECHES ESSAY TESTIMONIALS CONTACT; QUOTES; 4-DVD Collection . However, both leaders offered their opinions from different vantage points and premises owing to their contradicting opinions. The leader was also against King’s prescribed non-violence approach to protest, stating that such a strategy caused the blacks to be utterly defenseless against white racism. The activist believed that Muhammad’s teachings are actual and perfect, with no need for factual support. His parents taught him to be proud of being black in an openly anti-black society. Malcolm further urges people to subscribe to the teachings of the Holy Koran and Islam, as this is the only true religion for the oppressed. Faith was an integral part of Malcolm X’s life. Are you busy and do not have time to handle your assignment? Malcolm was aware that the people had endured various degradations from one generation to another. Malcolm then sought to learn and educate himself about the Nation of Islam. They were motivated by the need to champion for racial equality and black freedom. Both personalities conclusively demonstrated their leadership abilities by verbalizing the primary issues that the Black American people suffered, offering them direct courses of action and strengthening their hope for freedom and a secure future. a. American Indian Movement *b. One such opponent was Malcolm X, who highly disapproved of King’s passive approach to freedom, citing that it would not amount to social change. While Malcolm X’s life is continually tainted by the premise that he advocated for violence, he sought to encourage a sense of black pride among the people.

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