We would have normally expected 4 to 6 pups. This photo is from October 1985. About six months ago Dorothy Kegler in Southern France contacted me about the possibility of getting a nice Saint Lazar female pup. He is a classic Saint Lazar male, great markings, wonderful intelligence and affection, and he weighs 10 lbs. We have had no Spring in Georgia. Paul is pictured above, left to right, Faye Allen, his Mom, Wanda Walker (co-founder of Saint Lazar), Mr. Allen, and Paul's aunt and uncle. This strategy worked well, and I continue to THANK GOD for his healing hand, and all those beautiful pups. See more Kegler photos further down this page. Judge Bolus is one of the very, very few Judges approved for Manchesters that truly know the Breed Standard. My protests on feeding dogs from the table fall on deaf ears, but at least they get good stuff, such as scrambled egg, etc. Read Success Stories. Filter. He is "show quality" in every respect, he has the fine Saint Lazar temperament. They look like little Bulldogs they are so fat. (Photo courtesy of Paige Saunders). Oregon View/Post Manchester Terrier Dogs for Adoption in Oregon on Rescue Me! Page(s) Revised October 7, 2020.........Complete Site Re-Design 5-30-10, Saint Lazar Kennel - Charles & Carol Walker Arrival went well. Carol and I praise GOD for his goodness and mercy. The Denny's have Kahli (L) and Kona (R) the two Huskies shown above flanking Emma. Here are the 2 Esther girls at age 24 hours. Answer: At Saint Lazar, 98% of our pups would be graded “show quality” using the official “Breed Standard” as the determinator. These are all great homes, and I thank the LORD for these wonderful pups. She is pictured here at about 4 hours of age, and she is already nursing normally. Thank you Judy Poirier for sending me this lovely photo of your Granddaughter, Annette, with your new pup, "Mona Lisa". Benjamin is the perfect size for an "inside" companion, and for a loving lap! Except at the beginning, our good friend, Sonja Long has presented Rubel in the show ring way better than I ever could. Thank you LORD! Petey, who belongs to Tricia and Jim Waite, and Son James, is a big TV fan, here he is watching a good "who done it". While Carol & I were away on a vacation trip, Sassy presented my Sister, Mary, and my son, Martin, with 4 healthy pups in the wee hours of the morning, 7/27 (shown above at one day of age). All are sold to wonderful homes. I can only surmise that since I had not bred Zorro for about 2 years, coupled with his age, that he just had a low sperm count. (Chase is now gone, to our sorrow, Aden is still with us producing great pups, and Zin is in a fine companion home, 6/21/17), This beautiful girl has always been a favorite of mine. It's hard to photograph them at this age, but I believe the boys are on each end. (photo by Carol Walker, small Manchester, a gift from Debbie Sharp). We began to breed, and eventually show, toys in the early fifties. We may keep one of these beauties to show and eventually enter the breeding program, but in any event we have folks on the waiting list for them. I have also produced soundness and temperament; which have proven greatly in Therapy and Service dog work. Next Madonna Lee presenting Grand Champion Saint Lazar's Amazin Raisin (Macy), Charlie presenting Winner's Dog, new Champion Saint Lazar's Morganite, and Wanda with new Champion Saint Lazar's Sahara, who as Winner's Bitch moments later won Best of Variety over 7 Specials. The above photo is from July of 2011, but I will get a more recent image in a few days. Carol is giving them a bit of vanilla ice cream which they dearly love. The parents and grandparent of these 3 are a delight to have around. I just wanted to take this moment to express my appreciation for having a part in making my little dog so wonderful and of course to Karen and Rex for giving me the opportunity to own a Manchester ( or having a Manchester OWN me!) 1438 Wood Cove - Buckhead, GA 30625 CH SAINT LAZAR STRIKES BACK HOF MSDY MCOM ROM - "STRIKER" - A boy who is so well tempered that you hardly know he is around. He has been raised in our home, and he is about 85% house trained. THANK YOU LORD! GOD has blessed Saint Lazar progeny greatly over the years, no other Manchester breeder is even close, and we are deeply greatful to HIM and to those who have our dogs. I was concerned and had called Dr. Schriver, and he said "bring her in". Long time visitors will recal that we named Gabby's cousin "Sassy", Saint Lazar's Rhema, which is Greek for " the revealed Word of GOD". Send this; Print this; News Jacy clear of JDCM and XU2a Oct 20, 2016 Reagan clear of JDCM … The pups are maturing fast, and we are trying to give them more "hands on" time. She is not real big considering she only has ten days to go. What a beautiful "threesome", Wanda Walker, the Top Manchester Terrier Breeder on Planet Earth, and her two beauties from October, 1985, Patton (L) and Paula, Standard Manchesters. However, the third pup, a boy did not come until about 3 hours later at 6:15. Esther is expecting her first litter 7/15. No matter, we love her here, and she is back to traning her pup in the nuiances of terrier playing. He was given into the loving care of our Creator Monday, 7/27/20. Woof! They were trying to get thru the fence to graze on my succulent roses. she is very well in her new home. She had 3 females and 1 male, and at this writing at one week of age, they are growing like weeds, and are plenty fat on Sassy's good milk. Everything is starting to, or is in bloom, and if we get a late frost, I don't want to think about the damage. They were cautious at first, but then they began to explore a bit. He's already found his favorite places to pee. There is nothing better than watching a litter of Saint Lazar pups grow up. Thanks a million for your care for this magnificent boy. Ruble seems to be on a one year heat cycle, so we continue to pray for patience for us, and for those on the waiting list. (Detailed contact information has been omitted. This area provides internal site and external site links to information on Manchester Terriers. We haven't thought about a name for this little girl yet (she is now "Gabby"), but name or not, she is well on her way to becoming the most spoiled Toy Manchester in the world.

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