SW Extra White is the other contender. You really know your stuff, and you are an excellent writer with humor to boot. Hi Kylie, you are very color savvy! Feel free to contact us and find out more about kitchen cabinets in Toronto. My heritage apartment with beautiful wood doors and trim: Sherwin Williams Ice Cube on walls. But it looks like the room actually has a northeast / north / slightly north west orientation (as opposed to NW-SW). If you want to enhance your kitchen with new stylish look, take advantage of our services! (thanks to you Kylie!). I love SW Pure White too, but it is a wink warmer/softer. Oooo, I’m liking the sounds of that! Thank you for visiting my paint colour blog, I'm glad you're here! I so appreciate any direction and insight you can provide. I plan to use your online help once we move into the home. Thanks, Kylie, for condensing this subject into a great resource for your readers! The taped up sample shows a MUCH better partnership. Personally, I’m a pinot gris fan myself, but I’ll settle for a nice chardonnay. I do find that the Saltillo tiles work a bit better with slightly warmer whites vs stark or cold ones. Kitchen cabinets would be the same. White Base Boards With Wood Trim And Door, White Painted Trim With Stained Doors Ideas, White Houses With Dark Stained Front Door, White Baseboard With Stained Doors And Windows, Exterior Double Front Entry Doors With Glass, White Painted Trim With Stained Door Design, White Painted Trim With Stained Doors Design, White Painted Trim With Stained Door Ideas, By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our, 40+ Marvelous White Trim With Stained Door Ideas, 6 Modern And Minimalist Colorful Bedroom Interior …, Most Gorgeous Sliding Front Door Design Ideas …, Creative DIY Decoration For Your Tiny Bedroom …. But it took a few years. so now I’m shifting to Silver Satin (FR) and Newburyport Blue (DR) instead. The colour in this tile would be a warm off-white/creamy beige. https://www.kylieminteriors.ca/the-8-best-benjamin-moore-white-paint-colours-undertones-and-more/, I have rainwashed in my entryway (which I just love) but can’t find a color to put on the top of my small dining room. Our team works hard to reach even distant localities, so if you have cabinet refacing ideas or just want to order cabinet doors, please check availability by contacting us. Builder paint is all SW Dover White. It’s pretty darned white with only a weee fraction of warmth in it. What’s a safe white with my current situation?? So now that you have figured out whether you have a warm, cool, clean or off-white, you can head to the paint store with ‘your white’ in mind. And yes, I sometimes paint wood trim white when it’s called for. Colors all look different depending on weather, time of day, light direction, and what they are paired with! I have a corner utility room that was recently painted SW Vital Yellow with recommended Pure White trim and cabinets. Thank you for this post and all your responses to your reader’s questions. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colour expert. There is no harm in asking them to do 50% lighter, but at that shift you can expect the undertones to change, so be sure to do a LARGE sample to make sure you like it. I wonder if you might like White Dove slightly lightened. Mind you, sometimes just info is helpful! I will definitely send you pictures once it’s done. Thank you for your informative articles! In this example, you can see how the original warm white of the cabinets is TOO warm for the cool tones of the marble backsplash and countertop. Tips for picking white when you don’t already have one. This is a fast and economical way towards a great looking kitchen. I was in a dilemma until I read your blog. Hi Jed, yes north facing light could definitely kill the glory of PUre White. Hi Katie! 3. Whether its countertop, tile or carpet, the colour of your hard surfaces will help to guide you towards the right white. 1. Hi Patricia, Natural Linen could look quite lovely, I don’t see any problem with that at all and it might be nicer than a lighter cooler gray…. Which Whites work best for exterior use? Kylie~Please Help!!! Thanks! Sand the face of the repair putty until it’s smooth and despite the surrounding wood surface. Hopefully we will pick the “right” white . If this white doesn’t SUIT wha Oh wait, we’re talking about the PAINT store…right. Lovely sharing any award-winning design from many ideas such as transformed spaces grand and small, from right here in Annapolis, north to Boston and New York, south from Virginia to Florida, out west from Montana to California and in the Caribbean and more. I worry about how it will match my new cabinets. I know that once a white is chosen for trim, it should be used throughout the home for continuity’s sake. If you don’t have anything white in your room that you have to work with, you’ll want to look at the neutral colours in your room for guidance. Our floors will be a light finished red oak hardwood. If you put a cool white with this, it wouldn’t make sense. U shaped house and moving from a creamy white (all looks yellow to me now) to a white. If you already have something painted white in your room, ie: trim or cabinets and are NOT repainting it, I would HIGHLY SUGGEST that you paint, whatever it is you want to paint, the exact same colour. If you’re still not sure which white you’re dealing with, narrow it down to the 2 white groupings that seem the closest and bring those samples home. Ooo Shari, you know what – SW just doesn’t have great ones in the super light off-white gray – nobody does really! If you don’t know the name of the white you have, take a cabinet door/piece of trim to the paint store and have them colour match it for you. Just started following your blog, which I love. Ballet White has a decent depth to it and it really DOES come to life when it has some trim to contrast with. Lovely comment, thank you Robin! Each room needs a bit of both IMO even if the walls have some color. Sadly, it’s not an easy thing to sample, but the idea is that they add 4-6 drops of white to the gallon of White Dove, which just lifts it a stitch. Cabinet Door Depot is a leading manufacturer of high quality cabinet doors and supplies for both residential and commercial customers in Toronto and other Canadian cities. Thank you for sharing your expertise! It has a black vein with a cooler grey in it. I want a light bright, but warm feel to the house – we are building in a Great Lakes beach town. Buying a “Cape ” house and want the entire inside to be white . If you find that the complimentary blog post info isn’t working, it might be the next step! Thanks Kylie! Do you ever work with Dunn-Edwards paint? As mentioned earlier, if you already have an existing white surface that you DON’T want to paint, I would suggest using this SAME white on your newly painted surface. This 5 part series with amazing tips and tricks will be delivered FREE to your inbox! We tried simply white and I see yellow. Looking for a clean white look. The best as far as I’m concerned is SW Crushed Ice, but it’s getting closer to the ‘light’ range as it has more depth to it. I’m wondering if BM Simply White or SW Pure White would work without it clashing or looking awkward with the trim. The #1 source for kitchen cabinets in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington! There is more than one approach to refacing your kitchen cabinets: One option is to paint your cabinets frames white and replace your doors with a white RTF door style. If you put a stark white or cool white with this, it wouldn’t work, The fireplace stone above calls for a soft white, not cold, but not too creamy warm either. The ceilings are flat whisper white. I picked two whites and painted them on a board a few hours ago and after reading this post, before even taking them to the shelves, can see they are too warm for the white stain. We are going to have white walls and trim with shaker style doors which would either be white or light coloured oak veneer. My problem is that I keep going back between simply white, cloud white and white dove for cabinets and trim. Hi! Is that going to be problematic? Hi Mary! Would you please share the names of a couple of your favorite SW off- whites that fall into the SUPER light gray family as mentioned above? Well, whether you’re building from scratch or updating a space, you should have a white that is ALREADY living in your room and there are three main places to find it…. It can be risky to mix and match whites as one can EASILY make another look dirty/warm/cool/etc… If this concerns you, then stick with the white you already have in the room. Hi Monique – you are SO right, the sheen of the cabinets will ABSOLUTELY affect how the colours look! Personally, I’m inclined to keep cabinets/trim/ceilings all the same, but that’s not always possible .

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