This also means that they are extremely difficult and unreasonable to craft as a way of leveling to Master Craftsmen, and why it is in your best interest to mass produce items with a Level Requirement of 9.
Smiths can smith armor over level 28, with the exception of work gloves, and make androids. Rules from leveling from Level 10 to Master still apply going to Meister, however, if you end up having 0 Mastery at Master Craftsmen and miss crafting for that day, you will drop down a level back to Level 10. I don’t have all the answers and I may not have found the most optimal way to do things, but I’ll share with you how I got this far. This guide is a Work In Progress, but most of the important parts of the guide are complete. Lastly, you can get random materials from a couple of sources that I’ll list here. I'll be sure to change that in the guide. In regards to the first question, sadly no I don't know other guides for smithing and alchemy.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I have some questions about crafting I hope you can answer. 10: 3700 Mastery | 5 – 10 Fatigue. Dropping them is the only way to lower your count. Go to Ardentmill and talk to everyone on the bottom floor. Gere teaches Smithing if the Mining profession has been learned. I have pretty much stopped working on my guide as I have toned down on Maplestory, as school has started up for me. Which profession would you like to learn, Alchemy, Smithing, or Accessory Crafting? Smithing is one of the five professions of Maplestory. Recommend that you prioritize higher % success over mastery, though, to gain mastery faster.

Update (8/4/18): The Meister Crafting Section of the guide is complete for the most part. Happy to know that you liked my guide, I guess i'm doing something right at least. Thanks for posting, see you in Ardentmill!

User account menu • Accessory Crafting or Smithing. Below, I’ve listed what type of materials they drop. For the second question, again I don't know specific guides that have that kind of detail. All are available in FOUR grades: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior. Side Note: Currently uncertain if you need to successfully mine / harvest to find these items. (possibly 3) in mining or herbalism respectively, Sometimes in Strange Ornate Chest in Temple of Time (Ty u/GoryImpaler), Lvl 1 – 7: (108 – 136 Mastery per potion / pill).

Make highest mastery arrows you can. Lvl 8+: (120, 510, 700 Mastery per potion / pill), Make Defense Potions -> Pills (Each batch of 25 can make 5x 5 pills, to maximize mastery), Recovery Potions -> Pills (Recommend making Mana 7000 pills as I have not found another use for Juniper Berry Flower oils), Transformation potions (I recommend Yeti / Ghost Pirate, basically the 700 mastery ones), Lvl 10+: (700, 2196 Mastery per potion / pill), Lvl 1-9: (164 – 210 Mastery per batch of arrows). Mind if I link to this at my guide as well? Posted: October 2012 Permalink.

Second, all the guides I've found (including this) list recipes. I have some questions about crafting I hope you can answer. Quick MapleStory Professions Guide.

Item Crystals (Recommended you get lvl 6 in any crafting type (not harvesting)  profession to extract all lvl gears) (Ty u/Frucht4 and u/jwei92), These materials are sold by Nack, an NPC at Ardentmill. Thanks for commenting, I wish you all the best in your grind to 10/10/10, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory, Press J to jump to the feed. To clarify, the timer only applies to the specific item that you crafted, and not other, different items. If you do not do this, you will lose the Mastery you have in massive chunks, and may be absolutely devastating to your materials if you are not careful. I know you can also smith cubes so that would be the only reason you get smithing?

Expert Patch gives lvl 8-10 ores / seeds / flowers), Gather a specific material (i.e. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The stat difference between transposing one opposed to the other is minimal, about 1 to 2 stat and Att/M.Att. This is a work in progress. First off, you may notice that your character has an effect following you around. Rec. Once Blacksmiths reach Master Craftsman rank, they are able to craft Cubes and Meister weapons, as well as being able to extract Scrolls, Flames, and Cubes.
Here are some bags that you can obtain: Grant’s Mineral Bag (8 Slots) or Grant’s Herb Bag (8 Slots), 20 Slot Mineral Bag / 20 Slot Herb Bag (Unsure where you can get these), Production Bag (8 Slots) (Holds only Magic Powders and Item Crystals). Click on any of the following pages to view recipes within the level range. flames sell all the time and to sell cubes you have to find someone. Just as a rule through these levels, you should stick to crafting rings as they are the cheapest and most efficient in terms of a Materials : Mastery Ratio. In Reboot you can and should learn them all as they usually require each other to do things. Make anything with mastery to prevent the decay. (Can’t enlarge the SS anymore :/ ), I’ve tried to take advantage of EVERY opportunity that I can to get materials so that when I actually try to train my professions, I actually have my materials ready to make things. They can craft using gems, plates, and Abrasives, like Accessory Crafters. Your support is greatly appreciated. This article is a stub.

If it's not you're trying to compare making weapons and armors to making accessories which doesn't make sense. Also, flames transfer from the old equipment onto the new equipment, and Nexon had confirmed that Gollux equips would not get the same Boss bonus that CRA, Absolab, and Arcane equips would get. Finally, and Most Importantly, there has been a special requirement put in place for maintaining your Mastery in Level 10. The main reason that people get to Meister Accessory Crafting for is the Meister Ring and Meister Earring. Nice guide. Meaning, I've got Silver Plate, which recipes use it? Question. of 7 or below will not give any Mastery and only take 5 Fatigue. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts .

Hello! I'm not rich at all and I know pretty much nothing about either of these professions. The second reason is not required for end-game, but it is basically 100% necessary in terms of practicality. Herbalism allows you to Harvest those flowers and Herbs that you see on your maps sometimes. Meister Alchemy is needed to make 12 slot bags. Blackrocksou. First, do you have, or know of, similar guides for smithing and alchemy? Table of Contents Use [x] in find to skip to section Last Updated: October 2018 [1] Introduction [2] Acquiring Materials [3] Special Materials [3.5] Not So Special Materials [4] Material Bags [5] Crafting Material Bags [6] **Crafting Meister Ring** [7] Training Professions [8] Lowering Fatigue [9] Miscellaneous Tips [1] Introduction.

If anyone spots anything wrong with the information, or if a decent amount of people want me to put information on another item, feel free to say so in the comments. [6] **Crafting Meister Ring and Meister Earring**. Here are the accumulated materials needed to make 12 slot bags. Items that have a Level Requirement of 10 are different from other items because they only consist of recipe-required items. Im assuming that anyone that's been playing with any consistency has more than 3 characters on their account and can use both.

Juniper Berry Seeds), Quality Level: Grand (Black) -> Fine (Red) -> Basic (Green), Source: Drops from any monster (Higher quality spell essences have lower drop rates), Quality Level: Superior (Large, Pink) -> Advanced (Small, Pink) -> Intermediate (Yellow) -> Basic (Black), Farming lv 140 / lvl 130 / lvl 120 gears from daily training or bossing, Gollux Shop (5 a day, 3 Gollux Coins each (Green)), Easy to kill Bosses (i.e. Try to maximize the amount of mastery you get using the least amount of materials. Second, all the guides I've found (including this) list recipes.

TelastKollie Level 172 Scania Blade Master. Master Craftsman Alchemy is needed to make 10 slot bags. and 90% for level 9-10.

This is the Meister Effect, and each profession has one.

For example, Swift Ring 1 is silver plate+basic adhesive. Please refer to the materials section to see how to get everything.

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