My first thought was that they don't want to recast an obvious goat who has essentially no chance of winning do to a serious lack of people skills, but that can't be it. A name like von Ertfelda is reserved exclusively for heros (and probably villains). I'd bet on Matt being Hannibal Lecter before calling him Batman. He was also a very good, very authentic guy who by and large tried to just connect in a sincere way with the people he got along with and played an honest game. He's one of the most interesting people ever cast. It is simple. Wrong. Thought he was a super nice guy. Too bad he wasn't on the 2nd chance ballot. I'm pretty sure he had never seen an episode before he played and he ended up being a great player. I would love to see him play again; I get the impression he isn't interested, though. She latches on to his arm for a majority of the show. Damnit. They viewed her as spoiled, bratty, and undeserving of winning the game. His hobbies include trekking through the jungle for fun. Seems like he could be on the autism spectrum. Im glad that he is getting some love. It was also important to note that as the game progressed he became more aware and began to think slightly strategically. 2 years ago. She currently works for an outdoor retail company and was previously employed as a business development manager for web services. The reward he gets to go on with his mom is still one of the most entertaining rewards in the games history. Matt is one of my favorite people ever on the show <3, Matt is someone I’d be very interested in hearing stories from on RHAP or Talking with T-Bird. Janet. This comment just made me love him even more. A white guy who grew up in Hong Kong and then secretly speaks to Chinese to the Chinese-American cast player about strategy? Hala Mateo. She just looks horrified, like a deer in the headlights. Haha I forgot all about Matteo. I have reached out to him about doing an AMA on the subreddit, since he was very eloquent on the show and has done a lot of post-show traveling/exploring so he'd surely have some great stories, but haven't heard back (yet), unfortunately. And then in the smallest gesture, Matt lends his arm for her to cling to. He is an incredibly good looking guy who got second place despite lacking survivor strategy because “he doesn’t watch tv because he’d rather learn Swedish or something”. It's actually a big reason why I think Amazon is overrated. Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: SURVIVOR! Not only that but we also saw how Matthew grew a lot the last couple of days, from being called dumb and weird, to be called by Rob as a huge threat. Matthew "Matteo" von Ertfelda - runner up in Survivor: The Amazon and also a superhero by night? Matthew should have won, and even though he didn’t he definitely went down as one of my top 10 male survivor players ever. Matt von Ertfelda, Survivor Sweetheart. To me he is a sweetheart first and a weirdo second. Matthew seemed uncomfortable referring to her as "mother" and at one point she scalded him for being too formal and he apologised "sorry mother". New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Even though Jenna was wanted to quit twice, but her social gameplay was generally stronger than Matthew, so I don't get surprised and pissed to see Jenna wins with a landslide. Something I don't understand is the editing of the winner of Amazon. Outstanding post. And vice versa. He comes across like the kind of person you meet very few of in your life, you don't run into Matts often, yet still comes across very real and human. It was also important to note that as the game progressed he became more aware and began to think slightly strategically. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. So what do you think? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Great point. 28. Every time you saw Matteo you also saw Batman. I think Matt's gracious reaction to losing went a long way towards helping the public accept Jenna as the winner. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’d love him back someday. ... very unique. Information and discussion about the greatest show in television history: SURVIVOR! No clue how he lost to Jenna, although she did win those immunities when they mattered the most. I don't think there's another contestant like him at all. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. We really haven’t seem anything like that since. Yes, this is the only explanation for him. Matt was not as crazy as they made him out to be or stupid. level 1. He was "cweepy", he spent all his time sharpening a machete, he was a danger to himself and others, his own mom said he was weird, he swallowed grubs whole, etc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's easy to write him off as "creepy", and yeah those scenes are memorable and funny as hell and they are also a part of his Survivor character, but honestly I think Matt seems like a very forgiving human being and 100% class act through and through. Honestly, he was a gem and he could actually play a good game the second time around. Jenna Morasca is an American actress, former swimsuit model and American reality TV contestant who was the million-dollar grand prize winner of Survivor: The Amazon in 2003. We saw a completely different girl. There is no information on the web about what he is doing now. In 2009, she worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.. A moment on the show I'll always remember is how Rob spent days on end making a fake alliance with Butch and Matt to laugh about it to the camera and Jenna/Heidi -- in keeping with how "high school" Amazon felt, it's kinda like the sort of quirky but gregarious class clown making some more malicious jokes at the expense of the nice principal and the student who's more of a social outcast than him, to try and fit in better with the attractive, "popular kids" -- but then, after Alex revealed Rob was #4 and suddenly Rob DID need Matt and Butch, he came clean about the whole thing... and Matt, after finding out that his buddy on the show and confidant in the game who he'd thought had been straight-up with him had really been stringing him along the whole time, just said that he appreciated Rob's openness and sincerity with him at this point, since Rob was still his friend. He was pretty solid. After Jeff reads the votes and they are all sitting down to start the reunion, you can watch the dread creep into her face when she realizes she is about to be questioned in front of the public who despises her win. Press J to jump to the feed. He is unlike 99% of past contestants and should have been put on second chances over Fishbach or Joe. But we didn't see that it the show. He is rich enough that most of the cast thought he didn't need $1,000,000. Recently finished a rewatch of The Amazon and remembered how much I loved his character. Why I like Matthew von Ertfelda, aka Mateo. It is simple. Didn't he throw the F7 reward to Alex too? Don't get me wrong, it's still a fantastic season, top 15, but when people say it's their favorite... it has such an unsatisfying ending. Disagree that he should have won because Jenna evidently did a better job winning over the jury of her peers in a game about social politics. However, his physical strength and likability made him an asset around camp, although at times his tribe mates would grow concerned about his "crazy" behavior, such as his obsessive sharpening of the machete. Matt von Ertfelda Appreciation thread. Like really shocked. There is no way that he is a "Restaurant Designer". I could actually see Matthew living Coach’s stories. I am calling it that she was an actor. the challenge beast in the Amazon who always gave 200 percent each and every time. And she does. So some people might not remember, but at the time of the Amazon finale, Jenna Morasca was getting a lot of hate from the public. I remember his mother from the family visit. I'd like to see him play again. I'm sure Batman has proper service vessels. I agree with you -- he was definitely eccentric, so when he lost the jury vote people usually remember him for those eccentricities, but he wasn't just this wacky character or "creep" or whatever.

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