the Mercury 20 HP EFI model 20MH is your affordable choice in the 20 HP line up with a manual start and the 15 inch short shaft. C. cordorascat Recruit. “This is an engine that is easy-to-start, intuitive-to-operate, lightweight and fuel-efficient. & App Store. We offer the most-complete line of outboard power, for fishing boats and speed boats, for pontoons and tenders, for work and for play. This isnt caused by ethanol, but by cheap OEM sourcing by Merc. Mercury 4-Stroke 50 HP EFI fuel pump problems I began to have a problem with fuel pressure last summer and now have had 4 new fuel pumps installed @ a dealer. She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites. Ex Tax: $2,588.99, $2,926.99 the Mercury 20 HP EFI model 20MH is your affordable choice in the 20 HP line up with a manual start and the 15 inch short shaft. When the outboard motor fails to start, verify all of the following: Some engines -- not the pull-start kind -- have a battery that starts it. Chicago Illinois Fishing Forum, Information & Reports,,, Older '84 Mercury 40 HP motor problem....can anyone help? Have turned it in to the dealer now, but they struggle to find the problem. Copyright 2020 Outboard Motors Sale. This website uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. Posts: 1,326 Problem with a 3 yr old Mercury 25hp EFI 4 Stroke. Normally you can tell if the engine is getting hot by steam coming out the back of the motor or using an infared thermometer on the block. The oil-to fuel ratio depends on the requirements of the specific motor. Improper fuel-to-oil mixture -- not enough oil in the fuel. Accessibility Terms of Use - UPDATED The 20 HP Mercury outboard engine intake manifold design provides you the fast acceleration you need to move across the water quickly to your next destination. Duals, triples, quads. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Mercury outboards come with a 3-year factory warranty that starts on day of purchase. Marine Station Store © 2020, 2020 Mercury 20 HP EFI 20EH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 9.9 HP 9.9MLH-CT Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 20 HP EFI 20ELH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 9.9 HP 9.9MXLH-CT Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 9.9 HP 9.9MXLH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 20 HP EFI 20ELHPT Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 25 HP EFI 25MH Outboard Motor, 2019 Mercury 25 HP EFI 25EH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 25 HP EFI 25ELH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 15 HP EFI 15MH Outboard Motor, 2020 Mercury 5 HP 5MH-LPG Propane Outboard Motor, Digital CD Ignition w/Electronic Spark Advance, 3.2 Gal. Did they figure out the problem. 9.2" Diameter X 9.1" Pitch 3-Blade Aluminum. Incorrect transom height or placement of motor on boat. If you do not mix the oil according to the correct ratio -- which could be 32:1, 40:1 or 50:1 depending on your motor -- you will have problems such as: To correct this, empty the fuel tank of all oil. Controls you can always count on. Mercury single-engine controls are engineered, built, and tested for the long run. A helpful video for maintaining your 15-20 EFI FourStroke Engine. Mercury Racing® is known worldwide for its leadership in powerboat racing and production of high performance consumer and race marine products. Our goal is to develop an intuitive product that enhances true customer boating experience.”. We build Mercury MerCruiser® Sterndrive engines and drives to power your life on the water. Mercury's new 15/20 hp EFI fourstroke outboard. Mercury Diesel engines offer a sophisticated diesel-engine experience: Advanced turbocharging and injection technologies produce a powerband that’s carefully calibrated for marine performance and outstanding economy. If you have a Mercury EFI 4 stroke, I recommend you get to know the symptoms of FSM problems and dont let the shop BS you around installing filters and replacing fuel line bulbs. The pin is designed to break instead of the propeller when it contact with debris or a stationary object. Privacy - UPDATED Mercury: Model: 20 HP EFI Fourstroke: Stock Status: New Motor: Condition: Brand New: Location: Brisbane Marine, Clontarf: Price: $3,926: Engine Type: Fourstroke: Financing Calculator. I appreciate it. Has anyone ever had this problem? Traditional to advanced digital platforms. Its clean, no-drip, no-spill oil drain system, fresh water flushing attachment, and water separating fuel filter makes a user-friendly outboard. Outboard motors pull water from the lake, river or ocean through an intake to keep the engine from overheating. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Next time, it'll be a Honda for me. Mercury 20EH model is an electric start outboard with Electronic Fuel Injection, 15 inch shaft and includes manual tilt, a heavy-duty transom bracket, vibration-absorbing wishbone mounts, and a multi-function tiller handle. $1,771.99 © 2020 Mercury Marine. Ex Tax: $1,890.99, $1,951.99 Examine fuel filter for clogs, and fuel line for kinks or leaks. Fast throttle response and fast acceleration are features designed into the 20 HP EFI Mercury Outboard. Do Not Sell My Personal Info Mercury KNOWS they have a problem with these motors they have re-designed the fuel pump several times but can't seem to correct the problem. Have to stop the engine and wait for some minutes, problem is gone the rest of the day. For further information on how we use cookies and how to change your browser settings, please read our Cookie Policy. Pricing and a complete model list will be available in early 2018 with the release for sale of this new platform. When the alarm is going off unplug the temperature and oil pressure senders and see which one causes the alarm to stop ringing is a trick i used on some older motors, not sure if it will work on the EFI. If you have a Mercury EFI 4 stroke, I recommend you get to know the symptoms of FSM problems and dont let the shop BS you around installing filters and replacing fuel line bulbs. ?/, The following errors occurred with your submission. The tiller is one of those “why did it take so long” innovations that seems like an obvious idea now, but required tossing overboard decades of traditional design inertia. With powerful low end torque and a large displacement your boat planes faster and you get to your destination across the water faster thanks to Mercury engineering. NUMBER OF PAYMENTS: 60: PAYMENT AMOUNT: $ 89.11 *Please note this is … 2.2 hp 3 hp 3.3 hp 3.5 hp 3.6 hp 3.9 hp 4 hp 4.5 hp 5 hp 6 hp 7.5 hp 8 hp 9.8 hp 9.9 hp 10 hp 15 hp 20 hp 25 hp 30 hp 40 hp 45 hp 50 hp 55 hp 60 hp 65 hp 75 hp 80 hp 90 hp 100 hp 105 hp 115 hp 125 hp 135 hp 140 hp 150 hp 175 hp 200 hp 225 hp 250 hp 275 hp 300 hp Please enter a password for your user account. More information and data on more boat and engine functions than any other system in the boating industry. Please select your insurance company (Optional). The 20MH also includes manual tilt, a heavy duty transom bracket, vibration absorbing mounts and Mercury's multi function tiller. Find out more about Mercury's distribution partners, sponsorship applications, and our global locations. Outboard boat motors are notorious for problems. Powerful. Any questions/comments, lets air them out so others will get back on the water faster.

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