Show them that you have the tenacity and ability to face such hurdles head-on. What systems have you put in place to manage your data? What was your role and how did you interact with others? How will this program help you achieve your goals? Discussing these turns a potential negative into a positive. Being selected to interview is quite a feat…but you are not yet out of the woods. So, what new, exciting ideas are you bringing with you? Family therapy faculty are going to be particularly interested in how you handled such difficult personal interactions, knowing that managing conflict professionally and respectfully is a major part of what you will be expected to do as a student and as a therapist. Here’s Exactly What to Write to Get Top Dollar, How To Follow Up After an Interview (With Templates! It's a good idea to study the different age differences and … For now, focus on putting your best self forward and getting those offers first! If you’re hoping to do a PhD, it is important to be able to articulate why doing a PhD, specifically, is the right choice for you, your priorities, and your goals. They can point you to the most influential journals in your area, and you can look through the past few issues to see what issues are being addressed by scholars right now. Knowing the classics is important, but – for graduate study – knowing what’s happening in the field RIGHT NOW is critical. Applying for graduate school can be quite a meticulous process, and you might find that participating in an interview is a part of it. If possible, get expert feedback on your responses to a variety of questions like these, so that you can refine your approach and ensure that your narratives are doing the kind of work you want them to do. I want to understand this more deeply and explore the ways in which contemporary social media similarly collapses boundaries between past and present. On top of that, being in nature really helps me keep everything in perspective. Questions about faculty-student ratio, academic assistance, library and lab facilities, mentors and advisers help you determine the amount of support you might expect from the school. As well, once you’ve completed your education, you will be an ambassador for their program, whether you realize it or not. Find out where past graduates are working. Learn how to enable cookies. cares. You will face critique. Discuss a situation in which you showed leadership ability. It’s so common, in fact, that we’ve already addressed it in multiple blogs and videos! That said, my professors were incredibly encouraging, and two of them put me into contact with colleagues at other institutions, whose ideas they thought I might appreciate. A program that accepts you only benefits if you actually enroll in classes. What contribution have you made to your department or school? MFT Trainee at Bill Wilson center was asked... Jul 8, 2019. What Do You See Yourself Doing 10 Years From Now? I can spend some time blowing off steam while creating beautiful foods I get to enjoy and share with others. Maybe there’s a current grant-funded project you’d like to be part of; maybe one school has a particular methodology or curricular plan that you find particularly attractive; maybe there are faculty members at other schools with whom you’d like to work. If you are interviewing soon, good luck!! There are a number of good guides out there that can help with general interviewing skills. The more of these kinds of traits you can highlight, the more the program may see you as a uniquely qualified candidate instead of just one among many. too. Lastly, in the past year, and at the recommendation of a counsellor, I’ve taken on a hobby that has helped me so much – cooking and baking. You’re under constant scrutiny and your work is subject to constant critique - you're much more likely to be alerted to things you're doing wrong than applauded for things you're doing right. If, for example, there are primary works in your field that you haven’t had the chance to read yet, then get thee to a library! Some common questions are: Tell me about yourself. If necessary, write them out in a small notebook or on index cards and refer to them during your interview. If you’re still a mystery after the interview, they might rightly wonder how successful you would be at building relationships with other new people (namely, clients). Hi everyone, I just got invited to interview for two of the MFT programs that I applied for. Sometimes, seemingly innocuous questions – questions that seem simple, and that you could answer “off the cuff” – have a deeper meaning behind them. Presumably you would not be applying to an MFT program if you did not want to “help people.” If you want to show your kind and generous spirit, be specific: Who in particular do you want to help, and why them? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Just as with a job interview, establishing that you know something about the program demonstrates your interest and indicates that you have conducted some research. Experts and academic admissions officers offer these hints for having a positive grad school interview. You don’t want to speak poorly of one professor, only to find out that they are close colleagues with your interviewer. In what ways have your previous experiences prepared you for graduate study in our program? The interview is your opportunity to show the admissions committee the person you are beyond test scores, grades, and portfolios. Not all graduate programs require an interview, but – increasingly – this is becoming more common. My partner and I go camping every long weekend during the warmer months, and I live 5 minutes away from a massive, beautiful park, right on the lake. Just be sure to think through the image you project, if you discuss these in an interview. I found that this makes it difficult to have a sense of certainty, a clear sense of “good” or “bad” with regard to one’s own work. Here's a video about finding inspiration when preparing for interview questions like this: Hopefully, if you’re applying to a graduate program, you’re quite passionate about the things you have studied so far (and if you’re not, then turn back now! While I need to spend some time familiarizing myself with the wider field and theoretical resources, which will happen during my coursework, I already have some ideas of independent research I could possibly do, branching off of the work he’s done already. I look forward to the day when I’m presenting at conferences, so that I can meet these scholars and thank them in person – I don’t know if they realize just how important their insights were in fostering my passion to continue my studies. Note that this is in the context of medical school interviews, but the principle is exactly the same! Graduate school interviews can take on several formats, including one-on-one, panel and group. A: Empathy, genuineness, non-judgemental, This is a difficult question because you need to be honest, but you also need to be able to demonstrate why this particular institution would be a top choice for you. What was the purpose of the project, and what was your role in the project? *, What have you been reading?/What's the last book you read? My pasta sauce isn’t going to be critiqued for its methodology. Mean salary data for Psychologists, Counselors, MFTs, and Social Workers [interactive chart], How coronavirus is affecting the California BBS [Updated 6/2/20]. However, you’re about to enter an arena where everyone is at least as accomplished as you are. Failure is inevitable at some point on the path to success, so acknowledging it and exploring it to learn what went wrong and how to fix it (or, how to alter the path to work around it) demonstrates your resilience and adaptability. What was your “aha!” moment that showed you what this work and education was all about? Be prepared with specific examples of you demonstrating those strengths, and spend a majority of your time talking about pieces that make you unique. In other words, remain your charming, professional self even in times that seem more informal, such as meal breaks or meetings with current students. Guess what – so do most people! You absolutely do not want to go on about what an illustrious or renowned school/program it is. What is your favorite part? What current projects or initiatives are underway in that department, and why would you want to be a part of these? Learn how to enable cookies. WHY do you love those specific things about the field? However, your response needs to go further than that, especially if you’re applying to a PhD program. If you can throw out some key names and some current ideas or theories in your area, you’ll impress the interviewer(s). Asking about uncomfortable things from our life history – failures, limitations, weaknesses – is very common in any interview. I can take breaks, listen to birds chirping, watch squirrels play, or just feel the breeze on my face. You’re in competition with the same people you grow close to over the course of your degree (your cohort – the other students accepted the same year as you). Even when I can’t go there, I have a nice garden in my backyard, where I grow flowers and vegetables, and a little outdoor work station where I can do some reading or writing. How do you stay on top of your school and other work, and how will you continue to do so as a graduate student? Indeed, it may be one of the most obvious. It is very important that you reflect on such questions in advance, and do some probing to gain insights into who you are, how you’ve grown, and how you overcame such drawbacks. Are you someone who is not naturally inclined toward organization? An action plan to improve your practice while helping the whole field. So, memorizing answers to these particular questions here may not be the best use of your mental resources. That there can be two fundamentally different narratives (surely among others) regarding the exact same historical event is something that quite frankly astounds me. I have been doing admissions interviews for six years now. But, a word of caution: Be Humble – especially if you choose to talk about academic achievement. That is the foundation on which I hope to begin building my own project, particularly with regard to indigenous-settler histories. Having this kind of conceptual understanding and approach will help you tell your stories in a natural and spontaneous way. 1. 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer, Try more general keywords ('engineer' rather than 'systems engineer'), Replace abbreviations with the entire word ('accountant' rather than 'CPA'). Be prepared to explain such statements in greater depth. However, enthusiasm will only get you so far. I do have a subscription to [Top Journal], but I haven’t had an opportunity to really dig into the latest issue yet. Why did you choose to apply to our program? How would your professors describe you? I would really appreciate any tips, advice, or just good vibes! Tell us about a time when you were part of a team. Tara Kuther, Ph.D., is a professor at Western Connecticut State University. The interview allows the school to learn more about you as a potential student, but it is also an opportunity for you to decide which school is best for you.

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