OTOH, There is a  Retevis RT-9000D That appears to be almost identical to the TH-9000d and is in-stock. It would be odd that Midland would be freely releasing software to violate the FCC type acceptance of this radio. NOTE: 25KHz not legal on gmrs anymore. I just thought after reading about all the pitfalls of the MXT 400, that the information would prove beneficial if anyone would want to try and correct the problems inherent from the factory on the Midland MXT-400.

Commercial, Professional Radio and Personal Radio, PulseLarsen NMO-150/450C Antenna Mobile Dual Band Other, NMO150/450C.

If so, it won't work on 462MHz. In fact, the Retevis version may represent close-out stock that they purchased from Bond Telecom. In Commspreppers review of the DPD antenna, he did say he felt the DPD was of "commercial quality"...........on the other side of that coin the Midland MXTA11 antenna may be a better "match" since they are from the same manufacturer. Custom start message such as your call sign, Programming of split CTCSS/ DPL.

If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods.dk.

I found the information on the Facebook group. AA5CT Ham Member QRZ Page.

If you receive a license, any family member, regardless of age, can operate GMRS stations and units within the licensed system.

Hello! It is temporally using a Tram 1170 UHF mag mount antenna. I want to get a mobile unit ASAP and I want something that I can easily program from my computer (ideally chirp) and is also easy to use.

Thank you for your comment. Soladaddy, of the two the DPD "seems" to be of a better quality. I would very much recommend the MXT400. From the discussion, it seems the RX bandwidth might be adjustable from the "Channel spacing" setting. I've been doing some research on the Midland - MXT400 GMRS radio, and have questions about it. 2) I know GMRS is line of sight, with that being said, used as a base unit with a 6dB Gain Antenna mounted on a 20 foot TV antenna tower what kind of range should one expect to a: I read the reviews before purchasing this radio and antenna. All content © 2020 Copyright Midland Radio.

I do find that when I talk to this unit on the base I turn the volume up, but through the repeater to a HT its normal. The MXT400 can be programmed with the MXT400 Programming software only!

I'll pm you with my info, if thats alright. Just gonna get my tech license and call it a day. Even though the audio is VERY clear and the signal is strong there is a reduced audio level on our end (base/repeater).

I can't say whether or not that 1/2 DB difference between the two antennas makes that much difference. Feb 13, 2017 #1 Looking to research your top choices. The FCC service rules for the GMRS are located in, https://midlandusa.com/product/mxt40...e-2-way-radio/, http://midlandusa.com/wp-content/upl...Spec-Sheet.pdf, http://midlandusa.com/wp-content/upl...s-Manual-1.pdf, https://www.fcc.gov/wireless/bureau-...o-service-gmrs, https://m.youtube.com/user/wcrosman/videos, http://wiki.radioreference.com/index..._chart?fref=gc. One thing I did notice though, with the Midland antenna, even with the power on low, when I keyed the mic the radios meter would always show all the way up like full power.
I'll put the MXT antenna back on for tomorrow see what I get. And guess what, they seem to be essentially the same, with some functionality removed from the MXT400 version. Licenses are issued for a five-year term and can be renewed between 90 days prior to the expiration date and up to the actual expiration date of the license. Not going to reduce stars though. The reviews sound good and buying through Amazon would give you 30 days to return. I might have to spring for the Midland antenna.
You can use different receive and transmit CTCSS/DCS on each channel. Midland offers no software for the MXT400. WB then could apply to all the GMRS channels, simplex or repeater. OK I went to the link.

Any doubt that the MXT400 is a Luiton LT-590 on Prosac have been removed. The Midland firmware on their software locks you out of anything on CHIRP. The Midland. Yes; narrowbanding didn't affect the GMRS radio service (so many ppl assume it did, apparently). The Midland MXT400 is certified and it appropriately transmits on narrow band. Once I was talking to my granddaughter about their cats, she got all fired up and the audio was GREAT!!!

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