If one sees long hair under his armpit in a dream, it means he will attain his goal, or it could denote his generous character. A mare in a dream represents a noble woman. If the tail of one’s horse is cut off at its end in a dream, it means that one may come to see the death of his children and clan before his own eyes. Uneasy on ride: If this image appears in your dreams you may feel as if you are being taken for a ride or feel that your emotions are taking over your life. If you fail to catch it, fortune will play you false. Brown concerns mental pursuits, and Tan or Palomino relates to love affairs. 1- The horseshoe is always taken as a luckv symbol and, traditionally, if it is turned upwards it represents the moon and protection from all aspects of evil. The meaning of a dream featuring a horse or horses varies greatly with the details and the action so all the elements should be looked up, but as a general guide: (1) A horse - particularly a stallion - may be a symbol of sexuality. Being kicked by a horse is a sign that the object of your affection will do something to make you realize that you have made a mistake. Long hair in a dream also means naughtiness and adversities. Drinking the milk of a deer or a gazelle in a dream represents small earnings. 6:5 ... Christian Dream Symbols, In Jungian psychology, dream images of a bride or bridegroom may embody the anima (in males) or the animus (in females). Desire to be married or find a panner. 3. See Stallion and Animal.... Strangest Dream Explanations. The powerful and strong part of yourself – your faith and beliefs, ethics in life. Pri­vate or embarrassing difficulties may be growing too public (pub­lic bathroom). Be sure that you keep an open mind about what life has to offer. Ifone sees his horse drowning in a dream, it means that he may die from an illness. To a business man, this dream portends great gain. According to Freud, horses are also symbols of the sexual drive, and the physical energy and life processes that ‘carry’ us around. To dream of riding a horse suggests scarcity of resources that hinders achievement of goals. To dream that you cannot find the bathroom signifies that you are having difficulties in releasing and expressing your emotions. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary. A situation or circumstance in your life is giving your much distress and worry, and you may feel that you are being judged in some way. The braying of a donkey in a dream means hideousness, or the ugly character of a despicable enemy. Winged horse: Shows how you can rise above your basic needs and urges to discover awareness and fulfillment beyond personal memories and experience. To see a very brightly lit room means you will solve a problem by learning to look at it in a new way. Are you too set in your ways? It may mean speed, power, potency, and drive. 2- In ordinary everyday life, symbols which have a long history become fixed in, and used by; our unconscious often to represent other happier times or times when there has been more happening. If such a horse reverts his course and leaves that town in the dream, it means that a great, though unknown person from that locality will die shortly. / To see brood mares, denotes congeniality and absence of jealousy between the married and sweethearts. To dream of a horse represents ambition and strong drives. Are you seeing your dream partner.7 Such a dream partner often depicts the ideal of your soulmate. Dream about a colorful horse. If you are horseback riding it suggests that you are self assured and feel a sense of control in your daily life. Carrying a lance with a flag raised on top of it in a dream means attaining a position that will earn fame. The blaring of a leopard in a dream means coquetry, vanity and wantonness. To lose one, means worries regarding money and property. A place of emotion.... Little Giant Encyclopedia, Cleanliness, (next to godliness); ritual cleansing. / If the creature, it’s time to reclaim your control! The Language of Dreams. Ifone is attacked by a horse in a dream, it means that a noble person, or a youngboy will stand to him and require ajust retribution from him. A dream of horses fighting is a forerunner to disturbing news concerning a friend. 'height' : 250, In most cases, the images in the room will be frightening, as they reflect insights you find hard to swallow in waking life; by bringing these insights to your attention, your dreaming mind is helping you understand the dynamics involved, helping you face and deal with that which you find frightening in real life. The image of a jury in a dream indicates struggles with peer group pressure. Milking a camel and drinking its milk in a dream also means marriage to a pious and a chaste woman. Complete Dictionary of Dreams. To see a shoe put on a horse, denotes trouble, shackles. miniature horse dream dream interpretations ... Horses’ droppings or dung in a dream mean money earned from an honorable businessman. Buying a horse and tending the money to the seller in the dream means profits in one’s business, or earning money from teaching. To see a dark, eerie or confining room suggests that that you feel trapped or repressed in a situation. The howling of a wolf in a dream means a robbery. A white horse in a dream heightens the meaning of the positive symbols, a black horse adds to the negative symbols. A starkly neat bedroom may reflect your ngid views about sexuality. Rabbit’s milk and horse’s milk in a dream means having a righteous name, or giving a righteous name to one’s newborn. If the horse is bay (characterized by a reddish-brown body color with a black mane, tail, ear edges, and lower legs) it means elevation and dignity. To dream that you are in court listening to charges against you signifies your struggle with issues of fear and guilt. A need or desire for “rest.” 3. Working horse: The energy or motivation needed to work. Usually a good omen, often to do with inheritance and legacies. See Witch or Crone.... Strangest Dream Explanations. This room is where you rest, where you retreat, and where you sleep and become unconscious. Riding, galloping, rider The squeak of a mouse in a dream means profits, reunion, love and peace. The Language of Dreams, Associated with witches, a broom appearing in a dream may point out that someone is acting like a witch or seems to have supernatural powers over you.... Ariadne's Book of Dream, Depth Psychology: The broom could be a warning about destructive attitudes or negative emotions—sweep out all spiritual and mental “garbage.”... Dreamers Dictionary. Horses symbolize strength, speed, and endurance. Mastering or not the horse is equivalent to whether or not we are able to dominate our senses and passions. / If it is a bathroom, this refers to bathing, hygiene, elimination and cleansing. Ten Thousand Dream Dictionary. You may even be dreaming in the same bedroom as the one that appears in your dream. To see oneself bridled in a dream also means refraining from sin, or observing a voluntary religious fast. Riding an elaborately dressed horse for a parade, being surrounded by servants and an entourage in the dream means receiving an inheritance, or it could mean becoming the guardian of an estate one will inherit in a short while. Gypsy Dream Dictionary. If a man sees milk flowing from his breast in a dream, it means wealth, prosperity and that new opportunities will rise from every direction.

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