While the US would oppose Taiwan's acquisition of the Mirage 2000 and instead pressure it to procure the F-16, in November 1992, the Republic of China Air Force became the first customer for the Mirage 2000-5. A storage hangar being used as a residential facility was destroyed by the attack, killing at least 53 people and wounding 130. ), F-16 Correct Nose Static electricity conductors, F-16 Correct Nose Static electricity conductors (Lengthen), A-4/TA-4/ A-7/S-3 300 gallon drop tanks, finned or finless (x2), F/A-18C NSAWC "Sukhoi Blue' scheme BuNo 163754 2009 camouflage masks, F-14A (early version, nose tip & AOA probe). Over 600 aircraft were built and it has been in service with nine nations. [34], With the delivery of the first seven aircraft on 29 June 1985 to No. After 400 hours of flight, they were sent to CEV (Centre d'Essais en Vol, Flight tests centre). Egypt originally planned to buy another squadron of Mirage-2000 fighters but financial problems prevented this, instead Egypt signed a contract with France to upgrade the existing fighters which were fitted with new ECM systems. In 1995, the Indian government's Comptroller and Auditor General reported delays in the construction of overhaul facilities and a shortage of spare parts, which had led the fleet being unable to meet its required flying hours. [3][4], The Mirage 2000 started out as a secondary project tentatively named "Delta 1000" in 1972. Dassault aviation will upgrade initial few planes Mirage 2000H, 2000TH to 2000I, 2000TI later by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.[107].

Instead, Brazil in July 2005 purchased 12 ex-French Air Force Mirage 2000 aircraft (ten "C" and two "B" versions), designated F-2000, for $72 million. The order specified an Italian-made defensive avionics suite that delayed delivery of the first of these aircraft until 1989. At the same meeting, what was now redesignated as the Mirage 2000 was offered to the AdA and three prototypes were ordered. Due to a flame out while on a landing approach, the aircraft was lost in May 1984. [42] This multi-role aircraft, the most advanced in the IAF, performed remarkably well during the whole conflict in the high Himalayas and was considered the game changer in the two-month war. At the hands of Jean Coureau, No. [71] All 30 survivors of this first batch have been extensively refurbished and upgraded, bringing them to the same standard as Mirage 2000-9. One was lost in a training accident.

The Mirage 2000 itself was powered by two versions of the M53—the M53-5, which equipped initial operational aircraft, was rated at 88 kN (20,000 lbf) of thrust with afterburner. [citation needed] A number of centerline twin gun pods with DEFA 554 cannons were also acquired and fitted on the two-seaters, as they do not have an internal gun armament. Donald, David, ed. [citation needed], On 8 October 1996, seven months after the escalation of the dispute with Turkey over the Imia/Kardak islands, a Turkish F-16D jet crashed into the Aegean Sea after interception by Greek Mirages. The Mirage 2000 is available as a single-seat or two-seat multi-role fighter. Detailed cockpit bath-tub, Martin Baker Mk.10Q Ejection seat, Total 8 resin parts and PE

The type was first delivered in 1996 and entered service in 1997. [93][94] The aircraft would be used sparingly, and by the mid-2000s, under pressure from the US to dispose of the aircraft and with most of the aircraft's operational life still intact, Qatar offered to sell the aircraft to Pakistan and later India. The origins of the Mirage 2000 could be traced back to 1965, when France and Britain agreed to develop the "Anglo-French Variable Geometry" (AFVG) swing-wing aircraft. 1 Squadron flew 274 air defence and strike escort missions, while No. The aircraft was tasked with the testing of some of the avionics systems and the carriage of weapons. [81] The Turkish pilot died, while the co-pilot ejected and was rescued by Greek forces. Dassault instead focused on its own variable-geometry aircraft, the Dassault Mirage G experimental prototype.

We use cookies to remember log-in details and provide secure log-in, collect statistics to optimize site functionality, and deliver content tailored to your interests. The reconnaissance systems are implemented in pods produced by Thales and Dassault. Some variants, especially those equipped with the RDM radar (mainly used in export models) have the capability to use the Exocet anti-ship missile. [48][49] During Operation Safed Sagar from May to July 1999, the two Mirage squadrons flew a total of 514 sorties[43] with only three drop outs. The order consisted of 22 single-seat Mirage 2000EAD, eight unique single-seat reconnaissance variants designated Mirage 2000RAD and six Mirage 2000DAD trainers, which collectively are known as SAD-8 (Standard Abu Dhabi). This version of Mirage 2000-5 had the mid-air refuel ability as well as its ground attack ability deleted. The Mirage-2000 at Kargil. [citation needed], Data from Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft,[6] International Directory of Military Aircraft[5]. Mirage 2000-9 is the export variant of Mirage 2000-5 Mk.2. The aircraft uses retractable tricycle-type landing gear by Messier-Dowty, with twin nosewheels and a single wheel on each main gear. The pilot flies the aircraft by means of a centre stick and left-hand throttles, with both incorporating hands-on-throttle-and-stick (HOTAS) controls. The follow-on order of nine aircraft was signed in 1986. A total of 124 Mirage-2000Cs were obtained by the AdA. [12] The variant entered operational service in 1988, initially operating from Luxeil Air Base with 4e Escadre de Chasse. After "Talos", the aircraft were renamed Mirage-2000EGM/BGM. In 1980, the Indian Air Force (IAF) learned of a successful approach by Pakistan to the US that year to purchase F-16A/B fighters, delivery of which was to commence in 1982. They retained the old countermeasures system with the Serval/Sabre/Spirale units and did not receive the ICMS 2 system. However, the first prototype, Mirage 2000 No. Consequently, during a meeting of the National Defence Council on 18 December 1975, the Super Mirage was cancelled.[5][6]. [citation needed], Aircraft flight control system is fly-by-wire.[18].

No. [23][verification needed], French Mirage 2000Ds later served with the International Security Assistance Force during the conflict in Afghanistan in 2001–2002, operating in close conjunction with international forces and performing precision attacks with laser-guided bombs. [16], Domestically, Dassault needed an order from the AdA to help promote foreign sales and, in 1993, the AdA decided to upgrade 37 of their existing Mirage 2000s to the 2000-5 specification as a stopgap before the arrival of the Rafale in AdA service.

The French Air Force acquired 30 Mirage 2000Bs, and all three AdA fighter wings each obtained several of them for conversion training.
[citation needed].

In particular, attention was drawn to the aircraft's inability to engage multiple target simultaneously and the small load of air-to-air missiles it could carry. The Greek pilot died in the crash, which was attributed to Saharan dust in the air; both Mirage pilots were flying low in poor visibility.[86][87]. [78], In July 1985, Greece signed a contract for 40 Mirage 2000s comprising 36 single-seat aircraft and 4 two-seat trainers. Its contract was signed in 2011 and first upgraded aircraft was delivered in 2015. Dassault was devoting considerable attention to the Mirage G8A, a fixed-geometry derivative of the Mirage G8 that served as the competitor to the Panavia Tornado. The Mirage 2000B is a two-seat operational conversion trainer variant which first flew on 11 October 1980. Worth some $43 million per aircraft, the upgrade would see the fleet be upgraded to Mirage 2000-5 Mk. The upgrade meant the addition of the RDY-2 radar and ICMS-3 DCS, and the ability to deploy SCALP cruise missiles and both versions of the MICA instead, an order for which was placed. [citation needed].

[43] The aircraft were heavily modified in a short time frame to drop laser-guided bombs as well as conventional unguided bombs. Designated Mirage 2000-5DAs, the aircraft ordered consisted of nine single-seaters and three two-seaters, and the first delivery was made in September 1997. Click Search for more items, VAT applies only to countries within the EU, M.B. [85], On 12 April 2018, a Greek Mirage 2000-5, part of a two-ship formation, crashed into the Aegean Sea north or the Skyros air base after being scrambled to intercept two Turkish F-16s that were violating Greek airspace. [100] They were primarily used in the air-defence role and were equipped with Matra Super 530D and Matra Magic 2. [50] No.

Mirage 2000C Cockpit set. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

On the other end of the speed spectrum, the Mirage 2000 proved to be a capable low-speed aircraft, as demonstrated at the Farnborough Airshow in September 1978, during which Dassault pilot Guy Mitaux-Maurourd raised the aircraft's nose to 25-degree angle of attack as the aircraft slowed to 100 knots.

[40], The morale-boosting service of the Mirage 2000 in 1999 prompted the IAF to consider the acquisition of a further 126 aircraft.
The Mirage 2000 evolved into a multirole aircraft with several variants developed, with sales to a number of nations. [51], During the 2001–02 India–Pakistan standoff, IAF Mirage 2000s were used to destroy Pakistani bunkers with precision guided bombs. The aircraft were equipped with a classified countermeasures system designated IMEWS. [101] Brazil officially retired its fleet in December 2013,[102][103] just before the maintenance contract with Dassault concluded.[104]. As such, it was not until 1990 that full unit establishment was achieved. The 38th Mirage 2000C had an upgraded SNECMA M53-5 P2 turbofan engine. The first aircraft were delivered in June 1988 and the last, by the end of 1989. Designed to be used with the Heller kit. Two years later France withdrew from the project on grounds of costs, after which Britain would collaborate with West Germany and Italy to ultimately produce the Panavia Tornado. [22] The first operational squadron was formed during the same year, the 50th anniversary of the French Air Force. An internal assessment of the Mirage 2000 was carried out and the Indian Government felt that the French plane was more advanced and a superior response to the F-16s that the US was to supply to Pakistan and approached France for 150 Mirage 2000s.

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