They are all black and dead. Euthanize by placing the chrysalis inside a paper towel and squeezing inside a lined trash can or put it inside a plastic baggie and place inside the freezer for 48 hours before discarding. This happened to me at the end of the summer.

Also I have noticed snails and ants that are small enough to get through the mesh cages....grrr. It just entered its fifth Instar. She wanted to know why.

(Ophryocystis elektroscirrha). This is fine if there aren’t other caterpillars in your cage or if you can move the ‘J’ing caterpillars container to an isolated corner of the cage. This morning I found one of them pellet things in my butterfly house and I don't know where it came from.

Yes, sometimes disease/injury concerns have happy endings! That explains it!!

Which I think that is a long time for it to not have hatched already? One had the green vomit and I cleaned them all, patted dry and cleaned their jar.

If there is any suspicion of an infection, I would remove that caterpillar or chrysalis very carefully, place it in another cage to monitor it and then clean the cage thoroughly. Something is clearly wrong with it. Weird thing is I can cut a leaf in half and give each half to a different cat and only one will vomit. It formed it's chrysalis in the week of the 14th of September. It’s been about 5 days since it attached itself.


Another question is how are you sourcing your leaves for them (from your garden, a nursery, elsewhere?) I have a Cat that was in the J position for about 2-3 days then today I noticed him on the bottom of the cage crawling around frantically...he doesn't seem to have any silk and is very lethargic...please help. I've read all the comments and answers and mine is a little different. COVID-19 UPDATE: You May Experience Shipping Delays (Delivery Times 7-10 Days) ~ WE PAY SHIPPING on US orders $50+, Moving chrysalises isn’t difficult, but it definitely takes. They also eat milkweed, but their chrysalis can be pink!

♡. The orange fluid is inside their butt when they emerge from the chrysalis.

Oh no!

Monarch Chrysalis Problems, Solutions, and Normal Development August 31 By Tony Gomez This should be the simplest part of raising monarchs, but sometimes unexpected issues can arise as the caterpillar enters the 3rd stage of monarch metamorphosis. 3rd smaller one hardly moved at all for like a day, so I thought he was molting.

He is on the top side of the plant.

We recently raised some Monarch butterflies in my science classroom. Thank-you for confirming it. Someone answered the question about the orange fluid which is totally normal.

Perhaps, this behavior is a ‘safety in numbers’ instinct…. I have have several chrysalis in an outside screen enclosure take over 20 days to emerge, some come out fine and some not so good.

How can I tell what has happened to my deformed monarch. Thanks for your comment.

It is highly contagious in the sense it can be on anything an affected butterfly touches or comes near, like milkweed leaves. In addition, clean the cage thoroughly before adding other caterpillars. Is there a way to post photos to the comments? After much research and consulting with some experts, I believe she was injured as a baby by other cats and she suffered quite a bit of damage to her abdomen but she cannot fly so I've been taking care of her.

What could it be? I gave it an orange slide and sugar water on a paper towel. I suspect I purchased pesticide free but OE infected milkweed.

February 2019

Hi my name is ricardo reporter kiro at work this morning at home The Seattle Times Saturday morning I don’t suck right now.

Thank you for your question. Thank you.

side of cage, plant pot) 4) I enjoy watching monarchs eclose from the breakfast table…a fascinating experience! My caterpillar fell from its I position and is no longer attached to its silk. And he tries. Tip 1: Problems pulling up the silk? (Heading south).

I would be happy to send one if you tell me how. That's why I decided to collect the eggs this year.

It doesn't appear to be killing them but I'm still nervous about it.

Monarchs will head south when the weather cooperates and the get enough energy by sipping lots of nectar.

They are dying while turning green, as though they’re soon to enter chrysalis... you can almost see the chrysalis under their striped skin.

General Inquiries: Two of my caterpillars look lifeless. It could be anything, but I would suspect a praying mantis. I will keep them and feed them until they pass away. If so I will remove it from the two other cats I have housed with it.

Hello Candace!

That's what the caterpillar does when it tries to form a chrysallis and you or movement are disturbing it.

Should I take it inside and surround it with goldenrod and flowers frm the garden?

Any idea what it was? If you leave it any longer, you will likely witness the maggot/birth of the fly. The chrysalis is not dry or wrinkled like Black Death not does it have any dark spots. Losing overall more than last year. In previous years i have never had more than one caterpillar infected by tachnid flies.

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