Color has a clear presence in Moonlight, the most prevalent being blue. It makes no sense, as to why Kevin would do such a thing after an intense, intimate moment the two had just previously shared. Chiron transforms from a vulnerable little boy who struggles to communicate to a character that resembles Juan. Moonlight was loosely adapted from an unpublished play from Tarell McCraney called, Black Boys Look Blue. Chiron still sticks his face in cold water, akin to the day when Kevin beat him up. In fact, even director Barry Jenkins says “the beautiful thing about Mahershala Ali playing that part is that Little and Juan are not very different. Chiron visits his mother, who lives at a treatment center for addicts. Kevin knows that the gold teeth Chiron wears are all for show, because he’s one of the few people that sees him past his exoskeleton. Yet, before I wrap this up, Barry Jenkins has been vocal in his admiration for Hong Kong filmmaker Wong Kar-wai (one of my all time favorite directors). The film was directed and written by Berry Jenkins. A few minutes later, the camera cuts to Chiron; the first glimpse of him being him running away from bullies with a bright blue backpack flailing from his shoulders. From the beginning of the film, Chiron face abuse at the hands of his mother as well as from bullies at his school, which leads him to find Juan, who acts as a type of mentor to him as he grows up. The decision has been made for Chiron: this neighborhood won’t accept you for who you are. He also takes a bath and puts the soap over his head, seemingly trying to simulate his experience in the ocean. Will he carve his own path or merely mimic those around him? I didn’t even touch on the film’s vivid use of color or it’s impressive cinematography and carefully crafted soundtrack. She asks if he still sees Teresa, and he answers that he does. Chiron becomes the drug dealer and Paula, a clean and reformed character. For instance, the beach scene marks a new beginning for Chiron as he finally acts on his sexuality (Jenkins & McCraney, 2017, pp. Chiron’s mother spirals into drug use and is anything but a reliable parental figure. The ending of Moonlight can leave people a little unfulfilled. In Moonlight we follow Shyrone in three chapters of his life, following three phases of his life that stands out for its form and execution. Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Oct. 2016, The lack of taste to me speaks that he can’t enjoy any of life’s pleasures. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Moonlight (Film) by Barry Jenkins. Jenkins dictates that this how society molds the life of a black man, whether it’s truly him or not. Pssst… You can order Unique paper and our professionals Rewrite it for you. The name “Black” serves a further purpose. Why is he so determined to look after this kid? Are you interested in getting a customized paper? When Paula tells Chiron she doesn't want his heart to grow "black" like hers, she is engaging with our ongoing questions about whether Chiron has a real chance at being himself or falling in love—a question that is magnified when Kevin calls Chiron. We will occasionally send you account related emails. The notion of a gay lifestyle is one that has been given up. Years later when black and Kev, again the sound is disjointed from the picture, it’s approved for them the moment is larger than life and surreal. The plot is structured in three stages of the life of Chiron and touches on the topics of the struggle, Moonlight is a movie that follows the life of Chiron as he grows up. An equally powerful scene is when Chiron asks Juan “am I a faggot?” Right before he responds to him he fully, Juan shakes his head and says “No… no…”. May 17, 2019 by Essay Writer. Of course, Paula's words also gesture at the film's existing motifs of black as a metaphor for hardness or performed masculinity, versus blue as softness or vulnerability. This is promptly when Chiron’s world comes crashing down around him. As such, the inciting incident starts where the scriptwriters introduce Little’s sexuality. If Moonlight’s success is anything to go off on, it certainly will be the first of many. Nicole Mattei. One night on the beach Kevin and Chiron share and intimate moment, Chiron’s first and only homosexual encounter with a man. Jan 30, 2018. A man gets in and begins talking with Chiron about girls. Though it can be argued that he is calming himself down, staying with the meaning of water in connection to Juan, this time it is different. The school Chiron attends, which is the setting of the first scene in this act, is similarly littered with blue. He looks directly at the camera, exhales smoke, and goes back to work. by Alex Hibbert and Mahershala Ali. Kevin apologizes for what he did to Chiron, and Chiron swallows his tears. Not long after Kevin is pressured by the high schools bully Terrel, to attack Chiron. In the film, silence functions to emphasize the interiority of the film’s subject, and to make the audience aware of itself. Here we see Chiron in adulthood and nearly unrecognizable. He would become the very liquid that acts as a sort of salvation for him at the beginning of the story. Chiron and Kevin have continued to stay friends through out the years, but in the middle of the scene, there friendship takes a different turn. The rejection of alcohol can be interpreted in two ways: the first is suppression and the second is isolation. People want to place him in a category before he even understands what that means. Thus the off picture and sound are used to register a different effect here and the momentousness of this meeting. This act of kindness reveals his care for his mother despite her flaws. At the start of this chapter, we see the same image of Paula yelling at Little in the pink light of her room. It clearly demonstrates meditative, somber, longing, impressionistic and wistful moods. The way Juan holds Chiron looks like a baptism, and in a way, it is. Perf. In a secondary point, it is interesting to think about what history that ocean they are swimming in might have encountered. He wears a do-rag, has the same ear piercings, and has the same profession as Juan. The plot begins from the time he is in elementary school to the time he reaches adulthood. “Moonlight Is a Stunning Deconstruction of Black. A sex scene at the end would reek of him being used for Kevin’s gain. A collection of free essay samples, college essay examples and sample research papers for your studies. 2020 Sept 01 [cited 2020 Nov 3]. Outside the diner where he works, Kevin smokes and seems to think hard on his phone call with Chiron. 3833. Even better, depending on theaters near you, look for a Oscar bundle pack that allows you to watch every Oscar nominated film in a weeklong period. Attention! The next morning, Chiron awakes and seems to feel his penis for the first time in a while. The choice explores the relationship between an external persona and persona in an internal self. There is a greater meaning to all the seemingly unimportant saturation of colors and camera angles. Juan genuinely cares for and looks after Chiron, as he and his girlfriend give him a place to sleep at night when circumstances prevent him from going to his real home. Uploaded by. Juan decided who he was going to be, and he tries to instill that idea in Chiron. This act is another reminder to Chiron that he cannot trust anyone, especially after the complete betrayal that Kevin has shown in front of countless other students. He is muscular and wears a do-rag and diamond earring—a dramatic transformation from the skinny boy we saw last. Jenkins describes Chiron’s life focusing on the physical realities of it with a subjective approach throughout the script that makes the audience feel the journey rather than just watching it. When we meet Black at the start of this new chapter, we are instantly shocked by the changes in his appearance and lifestyle. The film Moonlight (2016), directed by Barry Jenkins, depicts cultural expectations of black males in America and what consequences they have.

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