He is the one who works to keep the family well fed and educated. He is my real hero and my best friend ever. He always shares with me his all the bad an happy moments.

He is the person who teaches me about etiquettes, humanity and ethics. Answer: Today, many parents are breaking stereotypes. He teaches us about ethics of the life and importance of elders and the life time. A father takes up all kinds of responsibility, from providing for the family to making sure that their children are safe. He has his own business of online marketing but never force me to do go in the same field or attract me towards his own business instead he always promote to do what I want in my life. Fathers ensure that their children have a good and secure life. He tells me that, my son always be what you want and always believe in you. He helps her with chores and even makes sure to have food on the table when she is busy with work.

He never scolded me and takes my all mistakes very easily and makes me realize my all mistakes very politely. Fathers are known to be risk-takers in this way. He is very healthy, fit, happiest, peaceful and punctual person. Yet, what we fail to acknowledge is the strength of a father which often goes unnoticed. He tells us that old people are like God for us, we should care, love and respect them. They seek emotional and physical comfort from their fathers in tough times and look to them for enforcing rules. I still remember that when I was little, my grandparents were generally talked to me about my father naughtiness in his childhood but they told me that your father is very good person in his life, be like him. Sons see their fathers as role models, whom they should grow up to be like and imitate their behavior. Whether it is a card or a gift or even a simple wish, thank your fathers. Whenever I become fed up, he ask me the reason very peacefully and takes me to the top floor, let me sit in his side, keep his hand on my shoulder and discuss his own experiences of life, his faults an drawbacks including his success in order to make me realize that what I am doing wrong or right. Fathers are essential figures in our lives. In my winter and summer vacations, my father takes us (me, my sister, mom and grandparents) to the hill stations, seaside and hotels for some rest or recreations. My father has always respected my mother’s job and helped her around the house. Question 4.

Parents today are breaking stereotypes that only men can pursue their careers; fathers today help around the house while mothers work. He always goes to the office at right time and teaches us too to go to school at right time. Sometimes we go to the picnic or famous sightseeing for long time with all family members. Fathers are a significant figure in our lives.

We take delicious breakfast at every Sunday morning and be together whole day with lots of activities. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. I always learn from his life and his experiences. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for Indiacelebrating.com and other Popular web portals. container: 'taboola-right-rail-thumbnails', He never thinks to be back in helping needy people and always ready to help them especially old people. 250 Words on My Father Essay ‘My father’ is the most beloved father in the world.

They all have different equations and experiences. google_ad_height = 250; Essay on My Father: Fathers are pivotal in a child’s life. By profession, he is an internet marketing manager (a software Engineer) in a limited company in New Delhi. He wants to make me a good person in the life and most importantly a successful person by following all the etiquettes, humanity and ethics of the life. They have an impact on relationships that children make as they grow and help make us who we are today. Question 1.

After going through these essays you will know what is the role of a father in a family, what are his responsibilities, why is his presence much needed in a family etc. Essay on My Father: Fathers are pivotal in a child’s life. His presence gives a sense of security to all the family members and provides emotional comfort. He always respects his parents means my grandparents and cares for them all time. He loves, cares and respects my mom always and never quarrel her. My friends generally tell me so lucky of being the son of such father. My father has taught me that family is essential, and no matter what, my family will always be there for me.

Fathers influence who we make friends with and how we interact with people around us. My father and I may not always speak but understand each other well, while there might be many who talk about many things with their father. He is the person who always helps the needy people in the society or anywhere on the way.
He is very polite and peaceful person. My father guides me on the issues related to education, life and friends. He takes me to school on every PTM and discusses my performance with my teacher. Fathers always influence the kind of friendships and relationships that we form. He is very famous person in his office as well as in the society because of his gentleness and politeness. Essay on My Father: Usually, people talk about a mother’s love and affection, in which a father’s love often gets ignored. He is the one I look upon whenever I find myself in trouble. He does paintings in his spare time and promotes us also to do paintings. List of Essays on My Father Essay on My Father – My Role Model and My Friend (Essay 1 – 500 Words) Introduction: My father is my hero and guide in my life. My Father Essay: My father, Mr. Albert Walker is a government employee. Many mothers pursue their careers while fathers also help around the house and are supportive of mothers. A kid generally attaches from his/her parents from childhood. While some fathers may seem strict and disciplined, it is because they want their children to learn how to deal with the real world.
placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', Fathers provide a sense of security and safety towards their daughters.

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