This part works well, but what it isn’t as good at is quickly switching off the high-beams when a car appears in front. And that’s it. It’s easy to read and works well, plus when you’ve plugged the Zoe in to charge this screen will give you an estimate of how long is left to get to 100%, while also showing you the current charge level and estimated range.

You will receive a verification email shortly. It tells me me car is unplugged: It’s not. The cabin is relatively light and airy, and while the finish is certainly at the more affordable end of the quality scale, it all feels solid and capable of taking various bumps and scrapes. If you do want to hit the open road and pick up speed, you'll want to switch Eco mode off - which is easily done via a button on the dash. This helps with visibility, which is always nice, but you can't adjust the seat height. New York, As we’ve mentioned it, let's take a closer look at the 9.3-inch touchscreen which dominates the centre console of the Renault Zoe. Renault claims the Zoe can offer a range of up to 238 miles, but in reality you're looking at less than that.

The Renault Zoe charging port is hidden behind the brand's logo on the front of the car - centrally located in the middle of the grille. Move yourself into the driving seat and you'll find it has an elevated position (again, like the Modus), giving you a more SUV-like view of the road (although you're not as high as most SUVs). If you haven’t done so already, please contact the Renault Multimedia team on 0344 369 0000 and they will take note of the issues you’re experiencing and assist further. A nice additional feature is the Renault Zoe’s support of the My Renault app.

What does that sensor on my car windscreen do? Head to the rear and open up the boot and you'll find a small storage area big enough for a couple of weekend bags, or some shopping, but you may struggle to fit larger items - such as a buggy - in here. The Renault Zoe is a solid, affordable electric car ideal for those who are looking for a city runaround and aren’t planning on doing many long journeys. The Renault Zoe isn't going to blow you away with speed or acceleration. However, we soon realised that the Zoe was on Eco mode, which limits the power available when you put your foot down, and increases braking under lifting to increase the economy of your drive - and ensure your charge lasts for as many miles as possible. Navigation directions, track information for your music playback and more are also mirrored in the digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel.

The Renault Zoe (sometimes stylized as ZOE and pronounced as "Zoé") is a five-door supermini electric car produced by the French manufacturer Renault.

Switching off Eco mode for long journeys - giving us the ability to reach motorway speeds quicker, and perform more timely overtakes - saw the range dip to around 150 miles from a single charge.

As long as you plan your route, and ensure there are fast chargers within reach, then the Zoe can do the occasional long drive - but at high speeds road noise is loud, and the ride isn't the most comfortable - especially for rear seat passengers - if you're looking at doing several uninterrupted hours on the road. Link the car to the smartphone app and you’ll be able to check on charge level, where you left the car on a map, and also schedule the climate control to switch on at set times, to ensure the cabin is the perfect temperature when you come to get in. You get a couple of cup holders between the front seats, plus a small tray for keys and loose change, and there’s another open storage area above the glove box - a useful space for your passenger to stow their phone, purse and other small items. As long as you plan your route, and ensure there are fast chargers within reach, then the Zoe can do the occasional long drive - but at high speeds road noise is loud, and the ride isn't the most comfortable - especially for rear seat passengers - if you're looking at doing several uninterrupted hours on the road. Best Buy will have PS5 and Xbox Series X stock over Black Friday, Xbox Series X stock shortages could last 'for a few months' after launch, admits Microsoft, PS5 pre-orders: all the latest stock information and updates ahead of launch, Stop saying the Xbox Series X controller hasn't changed, TCL has developed a sideways rollable OLED TV – watch it in action here, PS5 stock could be scarce on launch day, Sony warns, amid unprecedented demand, Microsoft makes disposable emails available for all, Amazon Prime Video reminds us we don't own the TV shows and movies we buy, This ridiculous $40,000 PC with three Nvidia RTX 3090 GPUs is the ‘quietest and most powerful system’ ever made, Windows 10 may have finally killed off Flash Player for good.

And, initially, the Zoe really felt like it was lacking in the power department, with pedestrian acceleration.

Renault claims the Zoe can offer a range of up to 238 miles, but in reality you're looking at less than that. This part works well, but what it isn’t as good at is quickly switching off the high-beams when a car appears in front. It's not as slick as a traditional handle, but it has allowed Renault to create a more seamless design. Even if your handset doesn’t support wireless charging, we found this a good place to stow our phone, as its rubberised surface and raised edges kept our device safe as we drove around. It'll have more than a PS5! I can literally do nothing with it. The map which shows where the car is parked is also pretty neat.The only problems with the app are to do with the learning curve needed to use some of the more advanced features such as pre heating/cooling the car or setting timers to have the car charge for just a limited time. It’s not particularly quick to load, or slick in terms of overall usability, but it does get the job done. There’s a wireless charging pad below the drive selector too, allowing you to top up compatible handsets without the need for a wire. Dear Keir, walk to the tailor next time, £1BN worth of refunds are being 'illegally withheld' by holiday firms, Dine in a historic villa overlooking the skyline of Florence. On a super-fast, 175kW charger we were able to regain around 50 miles of range in 15 minutes - and if you're mainly using the Zoe to get around town that will likely be more than enough for a few journeys. Visit our corporate site. The floor of the boot is also considerably lower than the lip of the opening, which could cause problems when attempting to lift heavy items out of the Zoe. Door pockets are also a generous size, completing the pleasing amount of cabin storage in the Renault Zoe. The old ZE app was clunky and buggy, but at least I could usually check the battery level on my ZE40. The ability to see use the app to see how car charging is going is really useful and the ability to view the changing charge levels from the app as a passenger, while the car is moving, is also helpful. Now I just have to guess if my car has charged enough - especially unhelpful when charging at a public charge point. The Zoe comes with charging cables included, plus you'll also get free installation of home wall charger, which will provide you with faster speeds than plugging it directly into a 3-pin port in your home. Slim Patches: Do They Help You Lose Weight. There swiftly followed an update which made the app less informative than before. It makes the Zoe almost feel like a different car, as you're able to take advantage of the instant power delivery of an electric motor, providing sharper responses to the throttle, which is handy on slip roads, when pulling away from junctions, and when overtaking. Over short distances the Zoe can get you moving swiftly from a standing start, and will cruise relatively happily to 70mph. The Renault Zoe is an electric car made for the city - compact, agile and packing enough tech to make driving a breeze. Thank you for your review, Sam. MY Renault Team.

Our experts are on-hand to guide you and answer all your questions. name. The Renault Zoe isn't going to blow you away with speed or acceleration. Top Speed: 87mph

Please keep an eye on our updates so that you can enjoy our last features! Space calendar 2020: Rocket launches, sky events, missions & more!

Renault’s infotainment system; Connected to Renault R-LINK Store with access to various apps

Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, etc. iPhone 13 won't just have more storage than Samsung Galaxy S20. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

"MY Renault, your mobile customer portalDesigned for you, imagined to ease your daily driving experience, wherever and whenever you want.What are the MY Renault benefits?-Add your Renault vehicle to your virtual garage  -Keep informed of all the key moments of your Renaults maintenance schedule and find your maintenance history  -Prepare your trips by creating a route within the app -Enjoy benefits and personalised offers for your vehicle  -Get advice: contact our Customer Relations team directly from the app -Looking to book an appointment with your dealer? The application is constantly evolving and your opinion is very important to us. There’s a pleasing level of technology included as well, with a suite of driving aids and infotainment providing drivers with what they’d need day-to-day. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,

You can also schedule charging times from the app - useful if you’re plugging the Zoe in at home and only want it to draw power between certain hours overnight, to take advantage of cheaper energy rates.

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