A five-way phone conversation between Eddie, Waldo, Steve, Laura and Maxine results in the unlikeliest of couples—Waldo and Maxine. The character is the epitome of a geek or nerd of the era, due to traits such as large, thick eyeglasses, flood pants held up by suspenders, multi-colored cardigan sweaters, saddle shoes, and a high-pitched voice. Mother Winslow's words hit home to Eddie and he feels guilty when he learned the truth in why Carl wanted to spend time with him. Eddie talks back and Carl grounds him by sending him to his room. Urkel's cloning machine can make exact duplicates of anything; including himself, causing double trouble throughout the household (and putting Myra in a frenzy over her "Stevie-kins"). Urkel refuses let Carl or Geiss kill the ducks which angers Carl and disappoints Geiss. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with a writing assignment in class and turns to Urkel for help. Urkel gets a job at Tanaka Gardens (a Japanese restaurant) as a master teppanyaki chef. Eddie realizes that what Laura and Rodney are doing is wrong. Danger is paid to protect supper club owner Rachel, who is targeted by an assassin. It turns out that the advice from Steve and Maxine is best heeded, especially when Daniel attempts to coerce Laura in her room in order to have sex with her on Valentine's Day. The foursome head off to a Dave Kozconcert, where Waldo is working as an usher. Urkel, his southern belle cousin Myrtle Urkel, and the nerd's alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle, each appear on a talk show to discuss relationships. Urkel goes the extra mile to be a good husband, but an exasperated Laura sends him home at once. [2] Originally slated to have been a one-time only character on the show, he soon broke out to be its most popular character and gradually became its main protagonist. Meanwhile, Carl fills in as a Head Scoutmaster to Richie, 3J and their fellow Junior Woodsmen. Note: This episode introduced Urkel's vehicle, a BMW Isetta, ... Urkel, his southern belle cousin Myrtle Urkel, and the nerd's alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle, each appear on a talk show to discuss relationships. Even worse, Carl is the one who's assigned to bring him into custody. So Steve decides to teach him, but 3J refuses fearing he will break his promise like the other Big Brothers he had. Richie brings home a homeless man (Art Evans) for Christmas, much to the Winslows' chagrin, but he winds up teaching them a holiday lesson about the meaning of the season. When Carl demands an explanation, Urkel takes the fall, only to find that his parents are so outraged that they decide to send him off to military school. An angry Laura decides to get even by tricking Urkel into inviting Eddie's ex-girlfriends to a surprise birthday party. Later, Carl has an encounter with Fresh Squeeze and after recognizing him, sneakily escorts the thug to jail. A total of 215 episodes were produced spanning nine seasons. His motor vehicle of choice is the small three-wheeled Isetta. Soon, Steve gets his revenge on him when he beats Murtaugh with a four of a kind. It isn't long until Harriette gives him, her usual "I told you so". Rachel persuades Carl to sell his secret recipe for lemon tarts, which were a big hit at a local restaurant. Urkel fights temptation as he fantasizes about a beautiful bug collector (Amy Hunter) he met in an online chat room. However, when Steve and Eddie arrive at the base Waldo is at, Fort McGee, they run into trouble with the sergeant (David Graf). He also makes heartfelt speech to warn Laura to leave Club Buff before her family finds out. Urkel's Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) returns from Altoona for another visit, this time seeking help in losing weight. Carl is excited at the prospects of having Urkel move to Russia and greedily decides to bid him farewell. Cornelius Eugene Urkel aka Original Gangsta Dawg (O.G.D.) He and Estelle win and Eddie thanks Carl for showing up. They prove to be more effective in chasing out the other teenagers than Eddie and Laura. Rachel ends up risking her life to try to save Steve's, while Willie and his pal, Waldo, end up in juvenile hall. Since they won't, he calls his cousin American Gladiator Sabre and arrange for them to compete on. Steve quickly figures out why, he has a fear of failure and Estelle convinces him to overcome his fears by taking the test. Meanwhile, Steve receives Johnny Gill tickets, a singer that Laura adores. He also makes an inept attempt to fix the kitchen window after Steve broke it by jumping through it, against Harriette's admonition to call a professional. He later shows at the Winslows' and talks to Laura about the night's events: they both laugh about his tendency for disaster, Steve says that Myra still likes him anyway, and Laura admits she didn't accede to Jimmy's demands because she has come to like Steve as a friend. However, things end well for Urkel when he learns that Laura broke up with Todd anyway because all he ever talks about is basketball and is convinced of her interest for him. An angry Carl threatens to report the senior officer for his racial profiling, while also urging his rookie partner to re-examine his own attitude. The family only makes $24 in profits. He also calls Goodrich out for his bad way of parenting on the show and that the children must take responsibility for their own actions. Meanwhile, while Commissioner Geiss is away on a second honeymoon, Carl must watch his pet parrot, Andre. Angered by Eddie and Laura's behavior, Carl and Harriette grounds both of the two for it and tells them to apologize to both Steve and Myrtle at once. Meanwhile, Carl attempts to set Eddie straight for his mediocre grades. Eddie is able to fool the bodyguard by pretending to be a bellboy delivering flowers. Unfortunately, the vessel they boarded was owned by pirates. Maxine ponders cosmetology school and although Laura is against it, she realizes her friend's happiness is more important. With Waldo having broken off his long-standing relationship with Maxine, Laura encourages her heartbroken best friend to begin dating once again. Upset by Myra's heartbroken reaction, Laura confesses her sabotage and hoping Stefan would day this way. In Eddie's case, Steve wrote him a story for a writing contest. Eddie promises to try out for the school's basketball team next year, providing that Carl eases up on him, and Carl agrees. Savage over to their house, but Savage's date (Lois) makes Carl suspicious about where he's seen her before and realizes she used to work at a local strip club when he was out on patrol interviewing a potential informant. After quickly coming up with a way to save their lives, Urkel agrees to commit to Myra for now. Laura, concerned about her figure, begins taking diet pills. Goodrich wants to avoid bad publicity so he offers the family free tickets to the taping for an episode of his show, and tries to bribe Carl by offering him the position of "technical consultant" on the show, which would come with a $3,000 cash payment. Eventually, the two get on each other's nerves so much that Urkel is left with no choice but to soup up his Isetta (apparently, repaired from last season's accident) and challenge the big-talking Curtis to a winner-take-all race. But due to the nerd's clumsiness, Urkel accidentally drops his time travel watch overboard. Meanwhile, Urkel is seduced by Nicole, a lovely French girl, whose cousin Andre is out to steal the teleporter.

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