A good time carefree traditional country instrumental. "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin and released in 1975 includes some awesome violin solo parts. This band was one of the first “super-groups” to emerge in the genre because its members, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech were already successful solo artists or members of another group. Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano in the style of Americana, acoustic folk, and new country. Featuring acoustic guitars, bass, drums, percussion, piano and pedal steel guitar. Don't wait, play it now. Your browser needs to have Javascript enabled, Post a comment, question or special request, (to receive replies, will not be displayed or shared), Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) (High Voice). Great for scenes involving country dancing, rural adventures, moonshine, whiskey, good times, slapstick, rodeo, hillbillies, racing, wacky car chases, living large, wild west, cowboys, driving, backwoods, cajun, western bar fights. Enjoy it now. Frank Zappra, “ Gumbo Variations ” …

You will find the best use for commercials, presentations, corporate projects, slide shows, YouTube videos, TV and radio media production. Positive folk guitar, washtub bass, fiddle, banjo - the best set for good old native music. Played by banjo, flute, violin and more. After attaining a great success it also became popular in many other parts of the world including Australia. Top Quality, printable Country sheet music to download instantly. Perfect for promo videos, presentations, travel videos, web commercials, vacation videos, slideshows, and much more. Features bright strumming acoustic guitars, catchy electric guitar top-lines, swinging live drums, Filled with positivity, this track is ideal for use on corporate work, presentations, commercials, radio, or websites. Traditional bluegrass country.

Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, strings, and bells. Wow, I can't believe no one mentioned the incredible Lindsay Stirling. Your audience will be amazed! Because of its familiarity, this is a great rock song for violin students to learn. Great for scenes involving cotton fields, railroads, hillbillies, barn dancing, crossroads, swamp land, bootleggers, cowboys, old western town, and Southern U.S.A. It's slow and warm country style track. An uplifting Americana folk track. This track is authentic classic country, the real deal.
With the “grandfather of jazz violinist” Stephane Grappelli (1908-1997) playing violin (begins at the 3:05 minute mark) in this recording, this has got to be, truly one of the best versions of “Wish You Were Here” ever created. “Hitchin' A Ride” by Green Day. The violin part of this protest song is impressively haunting. “Do Ya” by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). A positive and inspiring pop-folk track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, bass, and percussion. Create an atmosphere of inspiration, success, and optimism; this elegant track will add some remarkable and exciting elements to your projects and videos! Features ukulele, pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, bass, electric slide guitar, drums, and a great fiddle solo. Feel good acoustic based track with a southern country vibe. Upbeat whistling track with ukulele, acoustic guitars, fun claps, happy bells and groovy rhythm section. Enthusiastic fans of this music are enthralled by the structure of the chords and the rhyme. This infectious Southern style country blues track takes you on a journey to the Mississippi delta, through cotton fields, then down to the crossroads. Country music can be said as an amalgamation of popular known musics. Perfect for a rustic scene, kids projects, village fest, etc. Finding inspiration for your music can come in all shapes and sizes. Ideal for corporate advertising, commercials, and travel videos as well as uses involving children, family and kids, happy countryside living, summer vacations, carefree time, simple joy and freedom. So this summer, while you’re off from school, why not listen to some of the coolest rock violin solos, riffs, and interludes that have ever been recorded? The two top artists produced by the country music are Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks. Starting with a bright crispy acoustic guitar riff and building up with a full country folk band arrangement featuring piano and accordion This track has a positive uplifting feel expressing joy and happiness of spending the day with family out in the country air. A positive and hopeful indie folk track that has an optimistic atmosphere.

Uplifting and highly motivated Americana Folk /Alternative Country track with an inspiring, sensitive, yet a bit nostalgic mood. An upbeat, modern, groovy and funky country track featuring drums, percussion, bass, and live electric guitars. Just about any song by ELO. Great for travel scenes, family-oriented media content, "we can do it together" message, traditional values, and outdoor adventures. Posted by Damit Verizon Media und unsere Partner Ihre personenbezogenen Daten verarbeiten können, wählen Sie bitte 'Ich stimme zu.' An uplifting and bright loop, with country and Americana flavors. Easy going acoustic guitar based track with a feel good southern country vibe. In fact, just about anything from Zappra with Harris does.

This track is great for various projects, country living, outdoor activities, fishing, rural travel, camping and campfire, etc. Otherwise, fill the form below to post your comment: VERY IMPORTANT! These are sung by great artists such as Bob Wills, George Strait and Willie Nelson. (Also, it's awesome) But, if you're looking for something to *play*, you don't have a hope in hell with it unless you're grade 8 violin or something Best for your YouTube vlogs, colourful slideshow, bright travel video, commercial production, countryside journey, autumn road trips, or as the soundtrack for The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac. Since most of the learning curriculum for the violin includes large doses of classical compositions, exploring different styles and techniques can fuel your determination to master your instrument. Related chart: iTunes top 100 country songs. Take a break from your usual routine and discover artists who have pioneered and defined the use of rock violin. A vast collection of videos and songs related to the music is available on the web. Don't wait to play the beautiful country composition by Luke Bryan for drums (percussions). Traditional old school country twang guitar track. They line dance, play country music, ride horses and go on a cattle drive all to the tune of the best country songs for kids, kids farm songs, and all around great kids songs! It offers PDF sheet music files. Acoustic folk positive background country track with bright and inspiring acoustic guitar, light and atmospheric piano and energetic percussion. They are creating an atmosphere of inspiration, success, and optimism. Start browsing today! “ Paper in Fire ” by John Mellencamp is another rock/pop song that has an excellent sounding violin riff. 152 BPM. Ideal for romantic movies, wide-open roads, strawberry milkshakes, first dates under the moon.
by Stephen Schwartz for voice & other instruments (real book with lyrics). A perfect combination of a song with the country music can easily transform the mood of a person. It gives you PDF sheet music files. it's pretty upbeat, the singer has a deeper sounding voice, but I can't figure out who it is Rock and roll shook up the world in the 1950s and music has never been the same. Features harmonica, dobro, slide guitar, acoustic bass, and drums. Perfect choice for Tv commercials, internet commercials, all kinds of advertisements, and many other projects that need a positive and uplifting sound. They are also very helpful in reducing the mental stress. Violin Intro to Free - YouTube.

82 BPM. Excellent for all visual media, a truly multi purpose track. Laid-back and nostalgic, it will suit great for travelogue, fond memories, family and friends gathering, small towns and by-gone days. As seen on the Disney Channel and PBS Kids, these are great videos for kids to sing and dance along with. Very soft and cheerful acoustic composition with an uplifting outlook. That way you can examine what artists have done in the past and what they’re doing today with rock violin. aus oder wählen Sie 'Einstellungen verwalten', um weitere Informationen zu erhalten und eine Auswahl zu treffen. Acoustic and electric slide guitars, different percussions from shaker to bombastic drum sounds. This is a bluesy and uplifting country blues-rock music, full of fun and joy. An inspiring, happy and positive acoustic indie track. Country Sing Along follows the Kidsongs Kids on a sing along adventure in the country. Upbeat peppy country instrumental fun. The best rise of the music was observed in the year 2006. Bright and breezy country-folk background music with a joyful and a feel-good mood. Great for happy go lucky scenes involving road trips, friendship, the south, backroads, country girls, rural activities, driving down the open road, nature, animals, slapstick, hillbillies, camping. Amanda Shires)Luke Combs, Polyester (feat. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of happiness and joy. Fun and happy country music piece featuring guitar and banjo typically heard as a soundtrack to Western movies. Energetic atmospheric world fusion track with lots of oriental influences and instrumentation mixed with Latin and pop elements. A lo fi recording that suits the organic sound and style of this particular genre. Authentic country music track with typical acoustic guitars, catchy solos and a lively beat. Violinist Michael (Mik) Kaminski has some great rock solos and riffs is this classic rock track that can be used for student inspiration. “Sea of Joy” by Blind Faith. Americana Folk, country style track made of electric, acoustic, slide guitars, bass and drums. Papa John Creach was an influential blues and rock violinist who performed with a number of bands and was one of the writers of this song. Do you have any questions or requests about the country music repertoire, the country genre in general, or just a comment about this page? An authentic country style guitar, bouncy beat. Suitable for rustic scenes, medieval folk fest, early morning in the village, countryside life, travel documentaries, nature videos, and any other kinds of multimedia projects. This Christian hard rock song features exceptional violin licks, riffs and solos. Positive, fun, feelgood and playful. Energetic, dynamic country-rock loop, with a lively banjo perfectly coupled with punchy drums and inspiring electric guitars. Have a blasting peformance with the wonderful country composition by Hank Williams for guitar (chords). Enjoy.

This will kick up your heels! Played with banjo, guitars, piano, bass, and drums.

In fact, this rendition is the remastered cut and sounds terrific. Violinist Scarlet Rivera is performing the part in this 1975 live broadcast. By listening to other music styles performed on the violin, students can find new inspiration for their music education. Miranda Lambert)Luke Dick. Chart of the best selling new country song releases was last updated: Monday, November 2 2020, 5:42 pm. by Hank Williams for piano solo (chords, lyrics, melody). In fact, one of the best ways to stay motivated while learning to play your violin is to watch and learn from other musicians and genres. Very traditional acoustic country music in the mid-tempo, including acoustic guitar, upright bass and fiddle. Tasty electric guitar licks over a steady rhythm and beat of rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. This is sunny and optimistic country folk royalty free music with truly inspiring atmosphere and beautiful acoustic sound. Calm and beautiful melody, accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano. Country music loops is very soothing for the ears. 6 years ago What's that new (2014) pop song with a cool violin intro? It includes PDF sheet music files.

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