5. Practical information on serving and ministering to others. Many scholars also debate on the vocabulary usage and the structure of the letter. In fact, St. Paul’s writing may be seen as a further development of the teachings left by Jesus. Forgiveness in the New Testament can be viewed as a healing and therapeutic agent. The Septuagint (3rd century BC) is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scripture & the primary text in 1st century, through this amazing book of law called the Old Testament, I’m asking myself if the author can top this book with another. The New Testament is primarily about the life and death of Jesus Christ. The New Testament is one of the fundamental texts of Western civilization. Hoehner claims that,” Though the book has a close affinity with Colossians, critics claim that Ephesians is uncharacteristic of Paul” (Hoehner 613). The death and resurrection of Jesus are pivotal to the story of the Old and New Testament, as the climax and fulfillment of the salvation hopes expressed from the beginning of recorded history. The Old Testament consist of books that were written before the time of Jesus Christ. 123Helpme.com. These questions surrounding the New Testament have continuously sparked controversy. 6. 66 books, written by 40 different authors over 1500 years Nevertheless, there is considerable debate among scholars, often very contentious, over the extent to which St. Paul’s letters are faithful to the meaning of Jesus’ original message. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Based in New York City, Ivan Kenneally has been writing about politics, education and American culture since 2006. Topics could include an account of Peter’s sermons to the Jewish crowds, God’s plan for the Jews to receive the Gospel, the meaning of repentance and modern-day strategies for evangelizing based on Peter’s trials. Counseling and Ethics. They deal with: 1. View New Testament Theology Research Papers on Academia.edu for free. You might consider writing a dissertation on one or more of these precursors to the New Testament, detailing how that influence is both incorporated and transformed. According to Jennifer C. Lane, assistant professor of religion at Brigham Young University, an amalgam of Eastern deities, Roman mythology and Greek philosophy shaped the ideas that form the backbone of New Testament thought. “new” = 3 letters, “testament” 9 It is difficult to argue that any other writing has exerted more influence over the progress of Western culture, either as a philosophical text or as a piece of literature. Due to its significance, there is no shortage of rich, complex dissertation topics on the New Testament. Key events include worldwide plans for evangelism that begin in Jerusalem, the dramatic appearance of the Holy Spirit 10 days after Jesus' ascension, Peter’s evangelistic message after he healed a lame man and Paul’s continued proclamation of faith while imprisoned in Rome. All rights reserved. 4. When it comes to the Bible, Christians often have their own views and interpretations on the Bible such as Christians, The integrity of the New Testament is an area of research that is often sought out and questioned then dropped and left without further studying due to its ability to arouse deep spiritual questions concerning the integrity of ones faith. ...ar that in order to receive, one must freely give. 39 O.T. © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Essays on New Testament Analysis Of The Second Timothy From The New Testament Second Timothy “The Second Epistle to Timothy. Many hypothesize that his attempt to codify Jesus’ moral perspective departs from Jesus’ actual intent. Written and translated in different periods with 39 books in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, each alone is sufficiently robust … The New Testament is one of the fundamental texts of Western civilization. Scholars often look to the Pauline letters as a source of clarity for comprehending Christian ideas since St. Paul seemed intent on shaping Christian belief into a doctrinal system. Basic Facts About The Bible See disclaimer. See disclaimer. “new” = 3 letters, “testament” 9 blessings multiplied 3x9 = 27 B. Thus, you might find a dissertation topic by investigating the dominant theories of New Testiment interpretation. The New Testament explicitly presents itself as a revelatory sequel to the Hebrew Scriptures, commonly referred to as the Old Testament. Some believe that the structure is similar, but the vocabulary seems to be different than his New Testament epistles. A. By Dr. Bob Utley, Retired Professor of Hermeneutics . As we venture into the world of Biblical Criticism to seek out the legitimacy of The Holy Bible, we first must conceive a solid background and understanding of the topic. The Epistles are letters written primarily by apostles to the new leaders of the Christian church of the first century.

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