She has found time to paint, tend to her garden and meet the rangatahi and tamariki in her neighbourhood. This required overcoming some technical and logistical issues. Whānau travelled seasonally between mahinga kai sites enjoying the bounty of seafood, eels, birds and plants, leaving traditions, knowledge and rock art to guide future generations. After leaving Burnham Primary, Denise became a resource teacher of Māori for the Ministry of Education travelling all around Selwyn and as far as the Chatham Islands. Ruminating on the path that brought her to owning and operating a restaurant, Sahni Bennett (Ngāti Mako, Wairewa) says her success probably has a lot to do with her dogged determination to build on what existed before. I had some from my father, but very little. Matua Terry Ryan featured in the documentary, sharing his wisdom around whakapapa. We overcame legal and practical barriers to continue our mahinga kai practices. The takiwā comprises 18 rūnanga (governance areas) corresponding to traditional settlements. From the early 1800s Ngai Tahu frequently traded with and worked for Pakeha, especially whalers, who bought a new kind of wealth -advanced technology. These kaumātua saw Tenure Review as an opportunity to reestablish the kaupapa they always envisaged during the Waitangi Tribunal hearings into the Ngāi Tahu Claim during the 1980s. When Major Thomas Bunbury approached leading chiefs to sign the Treaty in 1840, he was surprised to find that many spoke English. “I loved the fact that it wasn’t like the other little country schools around, where they were all mainly European faces. As Ngāi Tahu moved down the island they fought several battles with two tribes already living there: Ngāti Māmoe and Waitaha. Hence Te Kerēme – the Ngāi Tahu Claim was born. We wrote petitions to the Queen, supported our tribal leadership to become Members of Parliament and lobbied for Commissions of Inquiry so that we would one day reclaim the land and resources we needed to ensure our people would once again flourish. She got a chance to sing when she joined the Dunsandel players with John and together they produced and performed many musicals. This was a huge moment both for the tribe and for the greater identity of New Zealand. That was very kind of all those people that wrote the letters,” she says. New Members (1 p) 2/1-p 17 List of new members since March 1975. Motoitoi's daughter Maria Mouat was Gilbert's mother and Mr Broad's great-grandmother. They studied and adopted the traditions and history of Waitaha, whose ancestor Rākaihautū is said to have carved out the South Island’s lakes and mountains with his digging stick. Click on your age group you’re interested in: Te Puananī - Under 13 … Swim lessons at the Selwyn Aquatic Centre. We also looked after whalers and settlers in need, shared our food and knowledge, and began to integrate with the new arrivals. “I learnt how to carry a baby and make a flat white at the same time; they’d just come along to work and were very much part of it,” she laughs. Trade with European whalers and sealers from the early 1800s brought diseases from which the tribe had no immunity, intermarriage and knowledge of European ways. The Faces of Selwyn exhibition is back, celebrating the district's diversity, our many stories and the things that bring us together.

Ngāi Tahu formed permanent and semi-permanent hapū settlements in coastal and inland regions supported by an intricate network of mahinga kai (customary food gathering sites). In 2015, Denise was nominated by friends and colleagues to become an officer of New Zealand’s Order of Merit for her work in education and for Māori. The sons journeyed from the heavens and when they sought to return, the karakia (incantation) failed, over- turning their waka which became the South Island. This was all recorded directly into the new ‘Wāhi Ingoa Database’. Possessing an entrepreneurial character, we seized upon the economies of whaling, sealing and the export of flax and provisions such as potatoes and grains. We will pay respect to each other, to iwi members and to all others in accordance with our tikanga (customs).

360GSM high quality canvas stretched across a 3cm frame ready to hang. Not long after our ancestors signed the Treaty of Waitangi, Ngāi Tahu entered into contracts with the Crown to sell some of our land, with the promise of the creation of reserves sufficient for our people to thrive; as well as the provision of key social infrastructure including schools and hospitals. We have a great programme, based around Hauora and Whare Tapere, featuring key artists Louise Potiki Bryant, Charles Royal, James Webster and Hinemoa Jones with additional wanaka from Juanita Hepi, Mere Boynton, Metiria Turei, Amber Bridgman and others. The ancestors who gave their names to the groups were cousins. This year Hui-ā-Tau is virtual only – no physical event is taking place. At just 22, she opened her first cafe with no experience and three tamariki in tow. Ngāi Tahu share this ancestor with the Ngāti Porou people. In Māoridom, Kaumātua are treasured and well looked after. After having two children, Jeremy and Tracy, she casually taught tamariki at Dunsandel Primary School and then took up a permanent position at Burnham Primary School for the next ten years. They intermarried with local tribes, and adopted their beliefs. Peter Ramsden (Rangitāne, Ngāi Tahu – Koukourarata) is a man well known for his boundless passion – for his people, the environment and for the regeneration of the place he calls home – Koukourarata. We will strive to maintain a high degree of personal integrity and ethical behaviour in all actions and decisions we make.
If we are going to remain a people we can’t have just a few carrying the information.”, “When you look at the work that has been done on the cultural mapping and you have to put that onto an A4 sheet of paper, I would say you would probably run into 100,000 pages. The return of the Spirits Bay honey brand was a dream come true for the Murray whānau – a decade after it passed out of their hands. I do also have a limited amount of info on great grandchildren (and offspring) where there is a number after the grandchildrens' names - … She first moved to Selwyn in 1962 to live with her husband John Sheat on his Dunsandel family farm. By the 1830’s, Ngāi Tahu had built a thriving industry supplying whaling vessels and had become the backbone of the South Island economy. Our ancestors were the first long distance seafarers, riding the ocean currents and navigating by stars on voyaging waka (canoes) from Hawaiki Nui. We will pursue knowledge and ideas that will strengthen and grow Ngāi Tahu and our community. An “Ingoa Wāhi” database was built in Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Information gathered at cultural mapping hui held on marae was recorded directly into the new database, allowing whānau to see changes made in real time. The technological advances made the mapping process more accurate and time efficient, and allowed it to occur at a pace never imagined when the project was first established. Your login username is the same as your Employee Number. The Crown had promised to leave some of the land and the food-gathering places in the hands of the tribe, and to provide schools and hospitals. A cultural mapping hui held with Kāti Huirapa ki Puketeraki at Puketeraki Marae in 2015. The Ngāi Tahu Cultural Mapping Project arose out of the need to facilitate better outcomes for Ngāi Tahu in Tenure Review, but it was always intended that it become a valuable resource for Ngāi Tahu whānui. Addington, Ngāi Tahu learnt to adapt quickly living in this formidable southern environment.

However, Ngāi Tahu did not lose their territory. “I like that there’s lots of nice little kids to talk to in this area, there’s something for every age group here.”. Considerable progress has been made on Henry Hirst's Tree. From left to right: Khyla Russell, Hinerangi Ferrall-Heath, Helen Brown, Kyle Davis, David Higgins, Takerei Norton, Matapura Ellison and Stan McFerrier. We will strive to ensure that the tikanga of Ngāi Tahu is actioned and acknowledged in all of our outcomes. At Burnham it was like an international school and it had soldier’s children from Singapore and Malaysia,” Denise explains. Once the necessary infrastructure was developed to build the Ngāi Tahu Atlas, the focus shifted to completing the required research. Over seven generations, Ngāi Tahu carried its quest for justice, led and inspired by the tribal philosophy of Mō tātou, ā, mō kā uri, ā muri ake nei – for us and our children after us.

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