With the help of the elastics, they jumped off the Aerial Bridge and fired the arrows at the targets in front of them.

7:35. Jennings. Only arrows that actually hit the bulls-eye counted and they only counted after the player hit the ground first before bouncing back up. After one player had their turn, he or she then went on defense against the next player.

The players used the paddle to walk themselves across the pool before touching the end of the pool with their paddle; this was made more difficult by means of several water cannons creating rapids in the pool. Players started at the top of a starting ramp that they would pedal down to gain some speed (earlier playings had no starting ramp). Last appearance: Filipe vs. Alba vs. Matt 3.

With the Wave Ball active, the object was for the players to pull themselves from one end of the pool to the other and back while on the ski, high-fiving the spotters at each end. Also, players went feet first down the Tube Slide in this event because unlike Basic Training, the Tube Slide led to a crash pad instead of the GUTS pool.

Most baskets in event history: 6 by Chris "The Speedster" Brown of Lorraine vs. Chris vs. Gabrielle, Adam "Fireball" Shefer of Adam vs. Baruc vs. Yelena and Matt "In the Hat" Evans of Filipe vs. Alba vs. Matt.

Players could not leave the center circle or touch the ball with their hands.

Many events made use of elastic harnesses for aerial purposes. Objective: In this event, the track had many different obstacles that the players had to navigate around, including running on top of a "river" (a simulated pond with stepping stones), then over a "rocking earthquake" (pieces of faux pavement that tilted up and down), after that scampering through and then climbing jungle vines (one set in the first three episodes it was featured in, and later two sets) and racing through a "swamp fog" on the final ramp.

As always, fastest time would win. Nickelodeon GUTS Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Fastest time was the winner. The winner was the player with the furthest footprints from the aerial bridge, but attempts that did not result in both feet being planted in the sand (including not reaching the sand due to lack of momentum) were disqualified; this was referred to as a "foul jump". Fastest time in event history: 19.4 by Brian "Crazy Legs" Smalling of Erin vs. Brian vs. Valerie, Longest time in event history: 46.3 by Birt "Radar" Reynolds of Birt vs. B.B. Objective: Three inflated tubes were attached to each other (with bungee cords) in a triangular fashion, with one player on each tube. Objective: This event was based on hurdling competitions. 9:50.


The player with the most goals scored in 60 seconds (45 seconds in the Matt/Scott/Carly episode) was the winner. 1:11.

The player who scored the most goals in 60 seconds won. One at a time, each player had two attempts (three in its first appearance) to jump onto an elevated platform, then over a set of barrels and finally over a high hurdle before landing in a sand pit. Objective: While on a bodyboard surfboard, players had 30 seconds to collect as many of ten buoys scattered around the pool as possible, while at the same time trying to battle against large waves created by a Wave Ball.

Fastest time won.
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NOTES: The 1-hour Nickelodeon GUTS All Stars Special (1993) included an extended version of this event, combining most of the obstacles into the same course. The player with the most goals scored was the winner.

Watch Nickelodeon GUTS - Nick/Tiff/Brandon - Jennings on Dailymotion Jennings. Objective: The field was divided into three separate lanes for this event. The player with the most baseballs knocked off in 45 seconds won the event; this was usually determined by how many baseballs were left on the wall. All three players competed at the same time and the player with the most baskets scored in 60 seconds won. 10:04.

Jennings. Former Host Of "Guts" Mike O'Malley Joined Barstool TGIF To Talk About The Classic Nickelodeon Gameshow And Even Offered To Do Play-By-Play For A Barstool Guts Episode Onl… Most spiked targets in event history: 4 by Tiff "Blazing" Baolo of Tiff vs. Christa vs. Brent & "Rad" Ryan Clifton of Birt vs. B.B. A wind also blew leaves onto the players during the race to make it more challenging. Trending. Objective: Players were hooked to a harness and given a paddle.

The player with the most hoops scored won. The 2-second off-the-track penalty applied to this event as well, in addition to a 5-second missed obstacle penalty in later playings. Nickelodeon GUTS - Julina/Sarah/Brad Part 1. Fastest time won the event. The player with the fastest time won the event. 2:26.

Most goals in event history: 13 by Pedro "The Panther" Silva of Pedro vs. Carmen vs. Paul. The player who cleared this event in the fastest time won the event. Jordan Genesis 45,019 views 4 years ago 1:37 Nickelodeon Guts Intro - …

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's New Bundle of Joy, BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez's Collab 'Ice Cream' & More | Billboard News. Browse more videos. Vanity Fair. For, Most recoveries in event history: 13 by Vasily "The Viper" Makartchuh of Brooke vs. Vasily vs. Julio & Mario "The Quick" Bedolla of Julia vs. Bruno vs. Mario. Here, players who were in three different corners jumped off their Aerial Bridges and to the center of the floor, and as they jumped up, they tried to grab the basketball and take it back to their bridge, which counted as a "rebound." In the event of a false start, players would be allowed to start the course over once, but then a second false start meant a disqualification. Nickelodeon GUTS - Kathy/Mike/Ryan Part 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

As they pedaled around the track, contestants passed "The Junkyard" a part of the track with scrap lying on it), then navigated over a series of speed bumps (renamed the "Bump n' Dump" in Season 3 and the "Jumps" on Global GUTS), then raced through "Pothole Pass", a faux street with makeshift potholes carved into it and finally crashed through a "Dead End" wall on their way to the finish line.

In Season 3, the heights were raised to 8'8", 9'4" and 10'0".

There were three separate goals set in a triangular fashion outside the circle (each one representing the player's color) and the object was to score as many soccer goals as they could in 60 seconds. In the fourth and final season, the heights were 2.5 meters, 2.75 meters and 3 meters. Players jumped off the bridge, over two high hurdles and onto the bridge on the opposite side, before jumping over the hurdles again and back onto the original bridge. Objective: This event was modeled after the game of dodgeball. Fastest time in event history: 8.7 by Craig "Little Man" Rankin of David/Rob/Craig, Longest time in event history: 12.6 by Jeremiah "Jez" St. Germain of Jason/Sara/Jeremiah. Players were also disqualified if either they stepped over the foul line during their jump or if they failed to clear all of the obstacles.

Objective: Players stood in a center circle as soccer balls poured out of an elevated tube. Zendaya planned to wear Emmy Awards dress to the Golden Globes.

As dodgeballs poured out of an elevated tube, players attempted to catch a ball and hit one of their opponents with it. Players on defense could not grab onto the basket while they tried to defend against a player on offense; if they did grab onto the basket, they would lose a point that they scored on offense. Johnson of B.J. Jennings. The players used a hockey stick, a pair of roller skates and a ball for the puck; the object was to navigate around the barricades, keeping the ball in front of their stick and try to score a goal by hitting the ball into the revolving goal. Objective: In this event, players, going one at a time, rode a BMX bicycle around the track, while having to deal with obstacles such as the "Bump n' Dump" ramp, a sand trap, the "Tippin' Tubular Tunnel" (replaced by the "Tippin' Teeter Totter" in Season 2), the "Sack Attack" (a series of swinging punching bags) and a final ramp jump (a regular ramp in earlier playings) before crossing the finish line. 17:53.

Objective: Played like the other two Ski Slope events, this event had the players use a luge sled to make it down the ski slope and to the finish line. vs. Ryan, Longest time in event history (pool slide): 1:41.4 by Rachel "Poodle" Kaczowka of Rachel vs. Eddie vs. Christina. Objective: In this event, players were equipped with lacrosse sticks and a ball to go with it.
Each player had a fielder's glove on one hand and had to catch the baseballs with their gloved hand before using their free hand to throw them into the elevated net directly across from them which was referred to as turning the "double play". When measuring each valid jump, the portion that was closest to the aerial bridge was counted at the players distance. Former Host Of "Guts" Mike O'Malley Joined Barstool TGIF To Talk About The Classic Nickelodeon Gameshow And Even Offered To Do Play-By-Play For A Barstool Guts Episode Follow. Here, they tried to hit as many balls as they could with their bats in 30 seconds (60 seconds in later Season 1 playings and 45 seconds in the second season) with the winner being the person who hit the most balls. The player who made it back to the starting point first was the winner.


Report. vs. Ryan, Objective: With rapids active, players had to paddle an inflated raft around two buoys and to the end of the pool, where they gave a high five to a spotter to end the race.

Tenet (film) 6:46.

Fastest time in event history (Tube Slide): 38.8 by "Fantastic" B.J.

NOTE: This is the only event where an injury occurred to a player that actually kept them out of the remainder of the competition. Fastest time in event history: 17.6 by Ty "Mouth of the South" Mathen of Mike vs. Ty vs. Jennifer, Longest time in event history: 34.3 by Amber "Plaid" Robinson of Kristin vs. Amber vs. Sammy.

With the help of the elastics, players jumped from the Aerial Bridge and went from one peak to another before reaching the opposite bridge and returning in the same manner. This event was timed at 45 seconds and if all three players stayed on top of their tubes, they all received first place points. Trending. Zendaya. Watch Nickelodeon GUTS - Mike/Ty/Jennifer - Jennings on Dailymotion.

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