Take back Vinyl City – with rock!

The title shared some exciting news during the Tokyo Game Show. You can pre-purchase it right now for the PC through the Epic Games Store, and physically for the PlayStation 4 through major retailers including Amazon and GameStop. Fight an evil empire & lead the musical revolution to take back control of Vinyl City. Female Crowd She's known to be dramatic and emotional. (voice), Computa SDCC – Comic-Con International: San Diego, C2E2 – Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, pre-purchase it right now for the PC through the Epic Games Store, Marvel Debuts All-New Black Panther Video Series, Passport to Japan: The 8 Shows You Need to Watch for a Chance to Win, With “Elite” Season 4 Confirmed I Hope #Omander Is Treated Better, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×172 Review – “A Signature of Fear”. In Crazy Mode, this laser attack will also turn your screen upside-down. In the Comic Fiesta 2019 convention, Eve's voice actress for the Japanese dub, Mariko Honda, states about her description for the character she plays: Eve's later phases feature a motif of Hindu mythology.

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Gold orange (illustrations)Gold yellow (in game)

Since neither Mayday nor Zuke had personally met Kul Fyra before, when their audit failed Mayday asked Tatiana if she had "Held a guitar before", but that noticeably pissed her off even more and she gives a final vote to disqualify Bunk Bed Junction as well. Eve dances and teleports around the arena while sending walking hands of white/velvet red color to chase after and attack the player(s), alternating between beats. Company Credits

Experience 8 extraordinary levels inspired by different genres of music.

Owner and Publisher at Niche Gamer and Nicchiban. After the last rap, he and Zuke make peace, and he decides to leave to meditate. Eve and DK West met in college. No Straight Roads (2010) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Yinu is a talented child whose giant, violent, 1010 satirizes over-produced boy bands as identical, synchronized, autotuned androids only superficially distinguished by color and hairstyle. She's also terrified of things she cannot understand, like how Mayday and Zuke are compatible but she is not. (voice) (as Amanda 'Hamlet' Yow), DJ Sub Audience #1 / | Bunk Bed Junction is reunited somewhat. Aliases Note this laser is only parry-able by Mayday. DJ Subatomic Supernova represents a star's ego getting too big and thinking they're superior, as shown that he's only ranked 5th out of the Megastars, calls May and Zuke irrelevant and. Periodically, hands will sprout from the floor of the far end of the arena, shooting bullets, the last bullet of which can be parried. - Review (Nintendo Switch) - Update!

All rights reserved. If you haven’t heard of No Straight Roads before, it’s a music-based action-adventure set in the world of Vinyl City, where our two heroes Mayday & Zuke must lead a musical revolution to take back the city from a corrupt EDM empire. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Dash Occupation Newscaster 1.8k members in the NoStraightRoads community. A mural of Eve that appears in Tatiana's office. In the final stretch, she tries this again, but her program glitches out, causing her to degenerate into a reverse mermaid of sorts, with a fish head and torso but human legs.

Neon J. can also, Finally, Eve represents "tortured genius" artists who are ultimately taken advantage of for their genuine talent, while little to no attention is given to any underlying issues the artist might be dealing with, Now averted.

Additionally, she places Zuke (saint) in the white hall and Mayday (devil) in the pink. ultimately alienating Yinu in the final phase of the fight, Has this look on her face after hearing Yinu play a song on her now-wrecked piano, seemingly realizing how much damage she caused in her anger, The ending of the fight has her calmly and lovingly joining her daughter in playing a duet on what remains of her piano, suggesting that she does indeed love her daughter but was just too consumed by her rage, However, the ending of the fight suggests that she simply just became too involved in protecting Yinu's performance and began projecting her own wrath, Bunk Bed Junction returns the districts to NSR, Neon J who is given back control of the Metro Division district, not 1010, secretly fraught with strife and indecision, causing the group to implode and leave Vinyl City to fend for itself. Hates loud music. Voiced by A lot of her abilities in her boss battle involve warping time to the past, up to and including undoing the damage the player did to her if the player doesn't stop her in time by attacking the clock arena's power source which is revealed to be her old guitar, while the arena's background is that of a Goolings concert. Greenville, SC 29602. A collectible video recording suggests she had a bit of this when she was younger. DISCLAIMER: Metronome names are not official; just placeholders. She doesn't object to this, as she's realized. Her concert is located at the Evenfall Gallery. It also represents how fame can strain the relationship between mother and child. It will all boil down to the gameplay, but you already got my attention. Joanna Bessey (EN)[1]Françoise Cadol (FR)[2]Rosa Ruiz (ES)Mariko Honda (JP)[3] The core of her issues is this. At the end of the fight, Zuke encourages her to overcome her fear and reveal her true self to the world, Deconstructed as it left her feeling like an outsider, especially after Zuke, the one person she believed understood her, left.

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