Pete Studwell34. pat garrett. But killing 100 deer with a bow on public land WAS. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750, N. America Big Game Super Slam Silver Coin CollectionYou are viewing a North America Big Game Super Slam Silver Proof Collection by North American Hunting Club.This is a Complete 27 Piece Silver Proof Collection in the Original Case. So, if I have one sheep, or one moose, one of the caribou, ect., that is OK by me. However financially it is not possible. Frank Hibben (D)6. I'm only an hourly working guy, but many of you can get most of these animals if you REALLY put your mind to it. Same with the muskox,bison,cougar or goat they were all unique so they made my short list. Gary Ingersoll15. I believe that Walt Palmer has all 29 in the books, like Tom Hoffman. Will try and share some pictures soon. Lee Anderson, Sr.156. I have been at it for twenty years and am at 18. Yeah, but this is bowhunting- so you could have the best tags, outfitters, and piles of money and you still need to get into bow range and successfully harvest the game. Tough to figure out, Tom M info is good, but what if you need 2 trips (or more) for stones/desert sheep/brown bear? ;). More Hunting. There is one fellow who has done more than six griz hunts and another who has tried four times for desert. By the way, the Super Slam isn't on my radar..but another goal is...I'll let you know when I get there :). Cheaper if you are just trying to collect the species. My question is how much expense in Crown have you tallied up since working for it??? Best to do by species group: Start with the easiest and one that every bowhunter can DIY if one wants to. Am I right. Lion hunt at an RMEF auction....for $1,800.00. Joe Thomas146. Pat Garrett is the youngest person in the world to complete it. thanks guys. Edward D. Yates75. With that being said I have started to find trips out of the country where I can hunt and we can still have a nice vacation. On many sheep hunts i would have a caribou and bear and moose tag with me. Chuck relives those incredible hunts - all in one book - one that no serious bowhunter will want to be without it. ", If you want to call yourself a moron, then go ahead but don't give me the credit for that :). I tried Gibson's Finest in Canada, and I like that better than Crown....but I can't seem to find it in the states. And have been lucky drawing some.I started this thread after talking to my buddy Dyrk. … We've been dreaming about these hunts our whole lives. That is just me and my opinion. Also noted that Tanner Sinclair was my key to me killing that sheep . I missed a ram on the 6th day and never had another chance. Articles, Rinker on Collectibles Q/A: An Italian Military Print, Nigerian Banknotes, Voices from the Moon, and a Postcard, Treasure Chest Hidden In Rocky Mountains Finally Found, Great Discoveries: Man Finds $126,500 Penny in Fifty-Cent Roll of Coins, By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained in our. 00069. It is for the memories and adventure and travel and challenges that it blesses the hunter with. his was not the first, but it was by all accounts the toughest. This personal goal of mine has taught me much about hunting, and hunters. Ken Vorisek(Archery #18)89. Gunslinger whats your outlook on female species for the slam ..species like deer elk moose etc. I asked my wife a long time ago to get another job so that I could persue a super slam. Kevin Dettler120. I don't get any vibe that some of these hunters are any different than you or I. I've got a warthog, maybe I should go for a "ham slam"!! Dennis Campbell (D)78. Thanks for the break down Tom---and congrats on your accomplishments and good fortune---. There were some downsides to my hunting...I had to share a camp with Jake and Ned and a few others! But also in a whitetails "huntability". Dan: I priced it out in 2001 using the BSC catolog and it came to around 350k. Art Dubs (D)67. High fence is not hunting and by no means fair chase . Get a second job if need be. Wouldn't that be great. Talk about off track. Not to say the opportunity comes up often but using combo hunts to cut costs can be a big advantage. What a great way to see North America. Gary Bogner(Archery #5)41. Renee Snider84. How many have accomplished Super Slam with bow? Bill Keller (D)14. Walt Palmer(Archery #15)77. Float planes are an incredible way to experience a hunt.... just be sure to take your earplugs....especially if you are in a Beaver or an Otter. moose . Add it all up and it is one impressive accomplishment. Tom Hoffman(Archery #3)32. Everett B. Pannkuk, Jr.48. Of all 29 species, I'd love to hunt all but those two. Tom M. congrats again on your accomplishments. Unless you have inherited money, the fact that this endeavor is pricey to say the least makes it even more impressive. I may or my not complete the N/A 29 but am sure having a BLAST attempting it and I have ALOT of respect for those that have done it! To bad none of us thought of this when we were young and carefree. HOW MUCH for Big Five ( 0r Dangerosu 6)? Darryl Hastings36. We got hit with bad weather and to make a long story short I got a ram on day 20. Why do people comment on this site when clearly Big Dan was referring to bowhunting not gun hunting. It gave me a chance to upgrade and I now have over 20 animals toward a second slam. Our team is looking forward to helping you find your next adventure! Heck I'm having trouble finding time and money to complete my SUPER TEN SLAM even with a VERY supportive wife! By the way, I finally finished my trophy room. Don Corley21. No tax and lower prices, you would be shocked at how much tax goes onto things like alchohol and tobacco products. John Gulius94. For me though I'd probably never fulfill it on the sole reason that I have no desire to hunt polar bears or musk ox. George Harms(Archery #16)80. All I was doing is pointing out that a super slam with a bow will cost more than a super slam with a rifle or a super slam for someone who just wants the species. So I have come to the fact some animals I might, such as hogs, deer, gator and some exotics. I paid FULL PRICE for all my hunts. Pat ive done more then 29 hunts in my life each and every one i have burnt into my memory. Barbara Sackman102. C. Charlie, did that take into account any travel costs, incidentals, tips, etc? Can you PM me any info u may have. By keeping my opportunities open, I was lucky enough to take many animals I may have already killed. Chuck Adams(Archery #1)25. Dall sheep is a draw here and a tough go in BC, but you could get lucky. One thing to remember though is prices have dropped significantly. OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL. You should be proud, I'd share camp with you any day no matter what weopon you were using! caribou . HAWKEY For the record yes diy hunts are cheaper but I think a lot of Hardcore bowhunters do DIY hunts because they like the challenge , doing the research planning these hunts takes a lot more effort then guided hunters . Met you at that great caribou migration hunt at Blackstone when you also took your griz. I personally have 28 of SCI NA29 and 25 of GSC Super Slam, all by rifle, and it was still tough to get it done. I think that is why some of my desire for NA animals has diminished somewhat. I AM the "AVERAGE JOE" hunter. I have also learned the more I travel and hunt the around the world the more I would like to see and hunt outside of the US. This hunting is filled with a punch of egos that need to be stroked ,, Im the first with a stic bow , im the first women to kill this , ans so on and so on .. What purpose does the mag serve except maybe some good toliet read ,, and correct me if im wrong u have to pay to have yr name in it once u complete yr slam .... louis, For all u hardcore bowhunters , the super ten can be killed with a crossbow and entered ,,, LOL like i said its good toliet read at best . You're a great guy and NEVER misrepresented how you took your animals! My goal was to enjoy the journey as much as possible and time away from the office was critical for me, therefore it was many times the best outfitter and best guides and best locations and best times. Few try it. Mathews Man, You are right about the polar bear. THere have been many 1.5 year old deer (bucks and does) that were as difficult to kill as some of the 4.5 and 5.5 year olds. Also adding a Griz tag to your Moose hunt will help cut some costs. If it exposes people to the variety of big game we are fortunate enough to be able to pursue and allows them to set a goal for themselves what is wrong with that. North American Hunting Club Big Game Super Slam Alaska Yukon Moose Proof Silver North American - $69.95 North American Hunting Club Bison 1 Ounce .999 Silver Round Sr155 Allan Bergland119. Milton Schultz154. Prolly up some since then. However I will have to be happy with hunting them once and hopefully being successful. To qualify for the Super Slam, a hunter must have taken all 29 of the traditionally recognized species of big game animals native to North America. pat - no reason to step back in the least! In his 4 sheep he has about $14,000 in them .And he only did one hunt on each sheep. In the early 1970s, Grand Slam Club founder Bob Housholder began keeping track of those who had taken all of the trophy types recognized at the time by the Boone and Crockett Club. Who cares what someone's reasoning is as to why they pursue what. Just maintaining a profession that affords you with the ability to do this is impressive Then add in family obligations, etc. California bighorn sheep are a separate subspecies located in parts of British Columbia. The super slam came up as we discussed some hunting goals many have.He by the way is a former all american linebacker, orthopedic surgeon and almost qualified for the Boston Marathon-so he understands success and goals. For some species, I think it is a heck of a lot tougher to harvest a female than a male of the species. What I am trying to get at is I would love to hunt certain species numerous times. Can go both ways. Rich and Rare whiskey is from Canada. I probably could have taken a Brown bear last year for what my trip cost to Africa with my dad, but that experience was beyond my wildest dreams. Those DeHavilland engines are LOUD!! Mike Goodart88. It's true that I could expense the hunts in my TV business, but I still had to pay for them-, On another note- Best wishes to you all for a successful bowhunt this year.. Tom Miranda. Bill Nye137. Watson Yoshimoto (D)13. H.I.H. Jake, you know the best way to puchase alchohol is through a friend on your local military base. I have to agree with Jim in PA's post. I'm still under 40, and I've had a lifetime of bowhunting in just the last 10 years, I couldn't ask for more than we have experienced. Keep in mind that this is almost always a goal that takes years to achieve. We drew our 3rd and 4th Bighorn Ram tags here at home in Colorado, and we have pretty good knowlege of the unit. But having experienced Africa with my dad last year, we just got a hunt handed to us that would probably be atop my wish list if I could have any hunt of my choice. To accomplish the Super Ten, one must do a lot of big game hunting in many different parts of North America. I have no clue on certain aspects and the safety factor alon eon some hunts is not worth the risk. way too many! For most people, that doesn't happen just sitting behind a computer. I don't know, I want to go hunt grizzlies but Polars just don't peak my interest. ), but also from County to County within that State. Need to hunt the mountain goat and cougar groups though! So many of our members have begun to aspire to this milestone.

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