Material on this site is provided for education, criticism, commentary, cultural reporting, entertainment, historical reference, and news reporting/analysis. If altering his behaviour is the goal then you need to paint his butt in the boldest of colours with the strongest of strokes. Some women may balk at giving their husbands this much power over them. such as wanting his meals at certain hours promptly, or wanting you to be ready on time when you are going out, make every effort to gratify him. Give it to him and pay no attention to his cries for mercy. bottom with her hand, and I enjoy the same on her beautiful botttom. I remember my dad spanking my mom from time to time, and both of my parents spanked me and my twin sister quite often on the bare bottom. I know that he won’t abuse or mistreat me, because if he was the kind of man who would, I wouldn’t have said “yes” to begin with. He had corner time while I went back inside. Change ). This is a solid old-fashioned hairbrush. All the more serious writers of the day make it the theme of discussion and philosophy. “She told the girl we’ll be back in a 15 minutes” She then walked briskly to the “Family bathroom and beckoned me to follow her.

Over HERE! (Click on photo for action). She fairly new to discipline.what could i tell Her to encourage Her to become merciless bold and really mean business? This will take considerable training, but if he knows you won’t stop until he stays in position for a given amount of strokes, he will soon learn how to do it. I do spank my husband. 71 old wedding superstitions, traditions & marriage myths that range from sweet to silly to sad, So this happened… 12 too-cute vintage engagement stories from the ’20s, 19 important marriage tips for the ladies – most of which would just not fly today (1838), 129 ways to get a husband: Truly terrible tips from the 1950s, 51 beautiful prize-winning vintage quilts from the ’70s for some creative inspiration, The history of Labor Day & when it became a holiday, Chocolate cherry brownies recipe & chewy cherry brownies: Two vintage recipes, Large Print Adult Coloring Book #1: Big, Beautiful & Simple Designs, Large Print Adult Coloring Book #2: Big, Beautiful & Simple Flowers, Vintage Women Coloring Book #10: Groovy Fashion of the ’70s, Vintage Women Coloring Book #6: Fashion from 1916, Vintage Women Coloring Book #1: Art by Nell Brinkley, Vintage Fashion from the Mid-1920s: Vintage Women Adult Coloring Book #14, Vintage Women Coloring Book #3: Fashion from the Early 1920s, Why the Navy wanted to borrow binoculars for WWI & WWII, Vintage Pontiac Firebirds & Trans Am cars, Bad vintage Christmas ads: 20 retro holiday sales pitches that you’d never see today, Make a basic beef pot roast with this vintage James Beard recipe (1964), How to flirt and chase men ’til they catch you: Seventeen magazine’s top tips for teen girls in the 1950s, How to make frog lemonade: The old-fashioned fruity drink from New Orleans, Vintage lava lamps: They were ‘like wild – way out!’ (1960s & 1970s), 7 old-fashioned gas ranges for ’50s kitchens, Women: Do you have the ideal figure?

Before the husband can start implementing discipline, both he and his wife must agree to a set of rules she must follow, as well as the punishments that will result from breaking those rules. But many persons are a long way from believing this. The worst was when my MIL used to take over to show my wife how to do it. An important part of his training is that he knows how to assume different punishment positions when you give the command. Like the old recipe for cooking the hare, which begins, “First catch your hare,” a happy marriage for a woman begins with “First select a MAN.” Not an ideal made seraph — not an ossified brain, not a mere animal, but a MAN, capable of loving and appreciating a woman’s love. If your husband has asked you to try a woman-in-charge relationship and you have agreed, you have more going for you than many so-called “perfect” marriages. Upon leaving she said to my wife ” you’ll do fine honey, you have things well under control and will probably be happily married for a long time. Of course, he will be more or less selfish. Next week, I’ll talk about laying the foundations for a Christian Domestic Discipline marriage, including the different types of spankings. That is the old ideology of ownership. Maybe Rev Mr McKay is right — maybe the force of mother’s noble example will be sufficient to overcome certain traits of personal indulgence and shiftlessness which daughter must have inherited from father. Your email address will not be published. Great start to a marriage, right? Thanks for visiting! While my bottom is throbbing and seemingly ready to explode,I don’t want to ever , ever. A real mother asks for no other!”. So I have to obey her and serve her hand and foot. For the working mother means children improperly fed or carelessly reared. A handy substitute is a 24-inch wood ruler. It is what she believes is best, not you. If you were to keep on, he would struggle so much out of reflex action it would be difficult, if not impossible, to hold him in place. He dislikes being over my knees because he knows while he’s being spanked I will put a dildo in him. Furthermore, as her servant we read that “discipline is needed”! If my Wife feels I have been a misbehaving husband or displeased Her in any way She won’t hesitate to whip me and straighten me out. We got him over the couch and I had a hairbrush. Begin by giving a couple of hard smacks, then stop. Thankfully, we are past any argument over these sanctions. she then lowers my underwear to expose my butt..She then straddles me. We own a construction company and she had been working on the job that day with us.

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The house is picked up and he does the dishes. Here are some ideas for you girls who have really big boys to spank. She smiles for days afterwards watching me jump through hoops to avoid getting another spanking so soon..She leaves implements such as a paddle or cane in different rooms as a reminder that a blistering can be gotten in seconds if she so desires to administer one. How sad. Last week, he was a jerk when two of my long time friends were over. Half an hour of corner times daily for a solid week after a punishment spanking, remind me, to watch my behavior, or else! What these happen to be depend on your kind of relationship, but here’s a good guideline; your rules should be oriented around keeping her from engaging in behavior that’s harmful to her or you . There is no question that welts will be raised and bottoms bruised, but chastisement should never leave permanent marks. But because of shyness I dont know how I should ask her to spank me when ever she want to.. any suggestions will be more than welcome. Knowing this I bring her flowers, run errands for her, and open the car door for her. I have been trying to get my wife to understand that I need to be disciplined hard and regular. If you wish, make him stand there with his bottom bared. Sometimes he’s bent over a table and other times over my knees. Also keep in mind that when you are administering a whipping, your subject is usually doing quite a bit of twisting and squirming.

For those of you that this is not a game, you know how bad it is to go without being punished. In many instances your discipline will involve tasks and ordeals that he will find highly objectionable.

However, if this is new for you, it will take some practice. she pulled me over her lap and literally scorched my bottom to the tune of 100 swats. Here’s what ‘they’ thought in 1950, Apple & spice roast: A retro recipe for lamb, beef or pork, A dozen adorable vintage Father’s Day cards, The Sting, starring Robert Redford & Paul Newman: About the classic movie, plus vintage interviews, Vintage slow cooker recipes: Pot roast stroganoff (1974), Old-fashioned ways to decorate your home with traditional stencil patterns, Washington state hotspots & travel tips from the ’60s, 6 ways to make old-fashioned marshmallow sweet potatoes for a Thanksgiving side dish, Helen Reddy’s house: Look inside her beautiful California home back in the ’70s, Taking off with Zoom, a TV show for kids (1972-1978), See vintage calendar girls & pin-ups from the ’40s & ’50s – plus meet artist Gil Elvgren, See thousands of clever & inspiring quotes, Shop: Coloring books for grown-ups & more. His own knees will support most of his weight and elbows but his bare bottom will be right there waiting for your paddle. It’s cruel because I’m not a foot fetishist but my girl friend is very strong and she beats me up merciless when I refuse to clean her toes in between. A weak wimpy spanking probably won’t be effective and at worst will serve to undermine your authority.

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