This new music release is a collaborative effort from AdvoKit Productions and Soca music's premiere music release site Julianspromos. A Complete Guide to Notting Hill Carnival, Grenada Carnival Planning Guide The Spicemas Experience.

We encourage you to use the comment feature of this posting to share your thoughts about the list and to add songs that you think deserve to be listed below. Jah Vinci - Oh Jah Jah (Gangster City Riddim) Gaza - Aug 2010 "U.T.G" [Adidjahiem/Notnice Rec] by GazaEmpire.

Login to using Spotify, Facebook or Twitter. This song is on the same riddim as ‘Play hrder’ by machel the Pop’s Guitar Riddim.

Soca music is steadily growing in popularity globally. I love this one and as usual kes does not disappoint. Nonetheless it is one of the best soca songs for Trinidad carnival 2020. Numusiczone, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Soca is a descendant of calypso. It is the best power soca I have heard for the season and captures the energy of the masqueraders on the road. The song is about his struggle coming up in life and the music industry but also takes me back to a time when everyone wasn’t so sensitive. Find similar music that you'll enjoy, only at It has since won the road march and is the first road march wins for Kes. Revolution Two Church theme This is why every year we look forward to songs produced by new and established artists.

Merchant - Rock It by Rory Collins. His performances, style and delivery in his music are different and that’s why he stands out. Need help? Mighty Sparrow Big Bamboo by Caribbean … When I first heard the song I took a while to recognize Kes voice in the song as it is not his usual melodic sweet vibe. Music sets the tone, vibe and atmosphere of all the events. Tender Touch Riddim | Various Artists | Trinidad &... Candy Shack Riddim | Trinidad & Tobago 2021, We Ha Ting | Kerwin Du Bois | Trinidad & Tobago 2021, Jump (On the Count of Four) - Second Imij 1992, Black Man Come to Party - Black Stalin 1991.

Two titans and two of the best voices in soca have come together to bring us this song. The downloads are lightening fast and you can download multiple songs at once. Enjoy our high definition MP3 files up to 320kb bitrate. We have a wide variety of plants and fruits. This song needs no introduction as it is one of the biggest tracks to emerge from Trinidad this year. The "How 2 Beh Beh Man" Guide: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach - be wary of what you eat my friends! aid: '2726958.907af9' Sign in to YouTube. Let us be honest we usually pick our favorite songs and cannot wait to hear them at events to whine and get on bad.

The song gives me an old school vibe with a touch of modern flavor.

However, let me put it like this if I am out and the Dj’s cues Rukshun this has to come after or vice versa. | It’s just amazing that the most popular DJ’s use to get the latest Soca music downloads. Lyrics like ‘Boss lady I come for this wuk’ stand out and give you the perfect idea of what this song is about. This is definitely one of the best soca songs for Trinidad carnival 2020. Her voice fits the riddim perfectly and I love how she harmonizes at certain parts during the song. Atom It is also one of the few songs in years I have heard from Iwer that is not about water (no disrespect to the legend). One such track this year is Play harder and it is one of the best soca songs for Trinidad carnival 2020. Old School Soca fyah070; 50 videos; 197,222 views; Last updated on Jun 20, 2014; Play all Share. The rhythm is not entirely standardized, but its character is captured by a steady bass drumbeat against which a highly syncopated cymbal and snare drum pattern are juxtaposed. | Beh Beh Man! I must admit over the last two years Nadia Batson has really grown on me. The song uses live instruments and you can hear the difference in quality. I have to point out how incredible Nadia looks in this video to be honest I did not know she was built like that. Energize Your Crowd With These Soca Tunes. However, consider this a starting point for an unfinished musical journey. Forgot your password? Well I hope you enjoyed my list and remember every one’s taste is subjective so if you believe there are some tracks that should be on this list feel free to comment below.

It wasn’t until 1999 that the Jab Jab sound crossed over into soca’s mainstream with “Old Woman Alone” by Tallpree, still the most recognizable song of this variety.

2019-06-15T18:59:05Z Comment by User 76474584. Copyright © 2018. The baseline is crazy and whoever the drummer is deserves an award. tune bro!! For West Indian music lovers and Dj’s living overseas, our Soca collection allows you to keep up to date with what your favorite Soca artists are producing. This track is definitely different and I am not entirely sure if she released this for the soca market alone. The suitability of the music for dancing, rather than listening, also became an important factor. The Baila Riddim has Motto from St Lucia and Skinny Fabulous out of St Vincent as well but this song stands out. First on my list is this monster track. converted & enhanced by eBlog Templates. Login or Register. I am glad to see Nailah trying something different and experimenting with her music. Users who like OLD SCHOOL SOCA Vol.2 (80s & 90s), Users who reposted OLD SCHOOL SOCA Vol.2 (80s & 90s), Playlists containing OLD SCHOOL SOCA Vol.2 (80s & 90s), More tracks like OLD SCHOOL SOCA Vol.2 (80s & 90s). Photo © Trinidad and Tobago escaped cancellation of their carnival in 2020 because it came early before the virus... Sign up to receive breaking news The whole sound and cadence of this track to me represent Vincentian culture. The downloads are lightening fast and you can download multiple songs at once. This masterpiece was written by ‘Problem Child’ and I think it is time he gets his due for being one of the best soca song writers of this generation. Stream OLD SCHOOL SOCA Vol.2 (80s & 90s) by Shane Talon from desktop or your mobile device. Lyrics like ‘Boss lady I come for this wuk’ stand out and give you the perfect idea of what this song is about. Get the people dancing, relieving stress and worry as they party till morning alongside your favorite Soca music. While he has backed away from competitions Machel is still releasing incredible tracks. I can definitely see this track crossing over to different markets. Let me just say that I love the concept for the video and the ladies look incredible. Soca Mix by Reggalatorznet. The song was written by Andre Jeffers and performed by Kees Dieffenthaller ‘Kes’ and Neil ‘Iwer George’. 6:07. Our Soca music is updated DAILY with the latest tunes from the islands. The song was produced by Captain John and mixed mastered by well-known Trinidadian producers ‘Precision Productions’. However, I must admit this song is incredible and is one of my favorites for the season. Soca music is by far the most popular music in Trinidad & Tobago, and has been for quite some time. Download the hottest Soca Singles, Riddims & Albums. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. The song ‘Dear Promoter’ speaks to Trinidadian culture and the fact they need no fancy setup to party. I I am out of my fucking chair boy, from start to end, my best years was with these kind of music.

Designed by Damian Arthur @IslandZest All Rights Reserved. Create artist account Create download account. Blogger template Whether you need to entertain a large club or street block, these are the best of Soca music to blast through your sound system. Rukshun, is definitely one of the best soca songs for Trinidad carnival 2020. Some soca artists also include social commentary in their lyrics, but generally, soca lyrics are silly, light and playful. by I think this song is the perfect track to close out this list and is definitely one of the best soca songs for Trinidad carnival 2020. Posts She definitely lives up to the lyrics of the song ‘fatt’ all the meat in the back. These lyrical tunes frequently revolve around saucy lyrics and thinly-veiled double meaning themes. 3:55. The track is on the Darkseid Riddim, was written by Lyrikal and produced by Wetty Beatz.

In my opinion when the song first hit it made a huge impact and sort of simmered off as time passed. However, the song gives me the same vibes as ‘issa snack’ that Nessa released last year. Bunji garlin has brought up this tune and the songs has lyrics from beginning to end. 1 – 50 of 2,057 . Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Soca is a descendant of calypso. by damian arthur | Apr 4, 2020 | carnival, Entertainment, Music | 0 comments. The increasing sophistication of recording technology and the continued competition between groups directed the music toward a more complicated and thought-out musical style that focused increasingly on the musical sound rather than the texts. This song was written by Nadia Batson, Erikkson George & Devon Martin and produced by Vibez Productionz & Intl Stephen. Which shows the Kes range and versatility. This is on of those tracks to unwind to relax and enjoy. Ching Chong Macka Hi Lo | Yuh is ah Trini, Tender Touch Riddim | Various Artists | Trinidad & Tobago 2021. Please download one of our supported browsers. It is no surprise that Lyrikal placed second in the International Power Soca Monarch with this one.

2019-12-07T05:36:46Z Comment by Mesha B. yessss love it already lol . The riddim produced by the Vincentian Wetty Beatz definitely has that Vincy energy and mash up vibe. The song is simply a tale of love between two people and Patrice telling her partner he can have his way with her. The song gives me an old school vibe with a touch of modern flavor. This song is on this list not only because of its ability to mash up the fete but its realness. ‘Once Trinis reach in your fete it is niceness’, this line in the chorus says it all. Your email address will not be published. Exploring Soca from the 1990s . Let’s be honest there are not many artists you can place in the same category as Mr. Killa. What song is this. Without good music from artists during the festival, fetes, cruises, Carnival Monday and Tuesday would not be the same. I have been following her career for a while and I hope she gets the international acclaim at the level of Machel at some point. This song is definitely a female empowerment track but is so well put together even men can jam to this one. Soca storm is guaranteed to get any party going. Soca Man - Baron 1990; Get Something and Wave - Superblue 1991; Na Na Na - Second Imij; Dollar Wine - Colin Lucas 1991; Teaser - Becket 1990/1; Moving - Nigel Lewis 1996; Soca Baptist - Blueboy 1980; Judit - Scrunter 1985; Shaking it - Shandileer 1989; Gimme the Ting - Lord Kitchener 1984; Dingolay - Shadow 1994; I Don't Mind - Winston So So 1986; Paul - Crazy 1993 To be honest it is a toss up to me which I prefer between this and Rukshun. Find similar music that you'll enjoy, only at

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