(1977) District competitiveness and legislative roll-call behavior: A reassessment of the marginality hypothesis. - The Whigs of Brooklyn have held a meeting, and appointed a committee of lobbyists to proceed forthwith to Washington to persuade Congress to give up the Land Distribution, in order to secure protection. Ulysses Grant coined the term “lobbyist” in the hotel lobby. Google Books Edinburgh: Maclachlan, Stewart & Company Interest Groups & Advocacy Corman and the group said they did not coordinate the events, which would be illegal. Chin, M.L., Bond, J.R. and Geva, N. (2000) A foot in the door: An experimental study of PAC and constituency effects on access.

Your election questions answered: Where’s my polling place and what else do I need to know on Election Day? For the Last five years, however, Callahan has worked for Zaborney, who together with his wife runs a trio of companies known as The Mavericks.

(2009) Population estimates. (1990) Buying time: Moneyed interests and the mobilization of bias in congressional committees. HANSEN: I’m well, thanks. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. 2: Aside from Zaborney, dominating that market is Long, Nyquist & Associates.

1841 New York: W.W. Norton. Legislater in the day time and talk to ‘em there, because I was only a lobby member.

(1978) The External Control of Organizations: A Resource Dependence Perspective. The Speaker of the House of Delegates said Thursday an investigation is underway regarding a lobbyist spotted using an access card to enter the Capitol building.

25 March 1817, Albany (NY) Register, pg. and Summary, B. 29 July 1846, New York (NY) Spectator, pg. Zaborney did not respond to questions.

The life and writings of Major Jack Downing [pseud.] Volume II The campaign ultimately failed but could be revived this fall, as the Legislature grapples with ways to raise new revenue to offset the economic harm brought on by the pandemic. Journal of Politics 48 (4): 1052–1062. When this was finished, the independent members were distributed according to the best estimate which the agents could form of their probable course of action; the balance was then struck, and the announcement regularly made, the “yeas” or the “nays” have it. (2005) Getting to know you and getting your vote: Lobbyists’ uncertainty and the contacting of legislators. Pfeffer, J. and Salancik, G.R. In an email to Republican senators announcing Callahan’s hiring obtained by The Caucus and Spotlight PA, Corman wrote: “I believe Krystjan’s years of experience in state government will be an asset to me and my staff as we continue to work toward our Caucus goals going into the fall and beyond.”. This number can be confidentially verified on request. [online] http://www.census.gov/popest/data/historical/2000s/vintage_2009/state.html, accessed 2 August 2013. 33:

January 22, 2006 1: Pg. A Lobbyist by Any Other Name?

Perhaps the assumption that a lobbyist, whether in- or out-of-state, is a potential source of campaign funds is strong enough to override the constituency effect, but we found no compelling evidence that membership on relevant committees or a past reliance on health sector or lobbyist contributions drove access. American Politics Research 8 (2): 139–164. Stewart, III C. and Woon, J (2011) Congressional Committee Assignments, 103rd to 112th Congresses, 1993–2011: Senate, 23 June.

United States Census Bureau. And you can find examples of this—the OED cites examples back to 1640, talking about this specifically as the place where the public could go to speak to their members of the House of Commons. To be sure, Zaborney, Long, Nyquist, and Thomas' firms represent an array of clients, including big energy, casinos, unions and the Catholic Church. The fact is notorious that the most active, determined and effective of our lobbyists are those sent here in this emergency to look after the interests of various local Democracies. BILL O’REILLY: U.S. Grant.

Jennifer Kocher, Corman’s spokesperson, said Corman hired Callahan because of his qualifications, which she called “second to none.” She said Corman should not be precluded from hiring the best-qualified person simply because of an association with Zaborney. https://doi.org/10.1057/iga.2013.11, Over 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, Not logged in And the verb to lobby appears before that still, and not even in relation to Washington. A gentleman who has been a member of the senate of Pennsylvania informed me, that the same mischievous machinery is at work in their legislature. (...) Given these assumptions, who is granted access to Congress, and which members are more likely to grant it? little education, and humble fortune, but of unquestionable integrity, who would reject with indignation a money bribe, but who unconsciously fall before personal flatteries and champagne. and Lotwis, M.A. Taxes to be calculated in checkout.

Like Zaborney’s companies, Long, Nyquist operates both a campaign and a lobbying arm, helping to elect candidates or reelect sitting officials and then lobbying them once they are in office. The first bill, for instance, was named; (probably one for a charter to a bank); the roll of the representatives was then called, and the different agents answered “yea” or “nay” for the members respectively whose votes they could command. While previous studies have found strong PAC contribution and constituency effects on access, one important fact stands out from our experience: only 8 of the 100 Senate offices asked whether the lobbyist had an interest in the senator’s state, and only 4 of the 27 who granted meetings did so. SHEIDLOWER: Yes, it appeared in print well before that. Langbein, L. (1986) Money and access: Some empirical evidence. But it more often than not has worked the opposite way, with … (1981) U.S.

GLENN BECK: Maybe he thinks “lobbyist” means people who were just standing in the lobby.

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