Get answers by asking now. I have akita mix that is only 13 weeks old and his ears just don't know what to do! Their four legs will be even on the ground, and you won't see any muscles strained. They may be nervous or angry. If you're struggling with the future of an empty nest as your kids go to college or move away, pets can help ease that transition. Whining tends to have a negative connotation, but in this case, youd dog's whining is okay and can even be seen as cute. If it bothers you, you can research how to tape a dog's ear. A dog's tail is full of dog body language clues for you to decipher. Sorry to disagree with most of the readers but it is ABSOLUTELY true that you can cause your dogs ears to flop down if you play with them a lot. What do you think of the answers? by Leo's Mom My rabbit for example has one loppy ear and one ear that sticks up. Why do people think dogs are more intelligent/better than cats? By one year old, you puppy will be an adult dog – some behaviors may not change any time soon, but his needs in many areas have changed. One reason outside of body language for only one ear being propped up is an underdeveloped pinna. If you notice lifting of the hair on the back of their head, neck, or body (similar to a cat), he's communicating that they want you to keep your distance. I had another friend who did obedience with her German Shepherd and she was always playing with her dogs right ear and it eventually flopped down - Which didnt matter as it was a pet only (non show dog). This is common for a bunny that is enjoying some sun. Have you ever noticed that your dog will slightly tilt their head when you speak to him? It's just the dog doing that. If the panting persists for a long period of time, call your vet to schedule a check-up to ensure there are no underlying health conditions. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Why is it sometimes that dogs grow up and both their ears don't stand up? Some ears are long and droopy, others are short and erect. Over 70% of dogs lost weight within 10 weeks when fed this nutrition, Understanding Your Dog's Body Language and Sounds | Hill's Pet, How Pets Help Ease the Transition to an Empty Nest, The Aging Differences Between Humans and Pets, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult Small Paws™ Chicken Meal & Rice Recipe dog food, Hill's® Science Diet® Puppy Small Paws™ Chicken Meal, Barley & Brown Rice Recipe, Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Beef & Barley Entrée dog food. The Dog Health Guide is not intended to replace the advice of a Veterinarian or other Health Professional. Get answers by asking now. It can take some time with dogs. It takes time for the pinnae to grow strong enough to prop up the ear, and a dog’s pinnae might not grow equally. One ear is pinned against the head, while the other is straight up and alert. will be many unbelievably heartwarming faces that your dog will make at you, Ears are included in almost everything that dog wants to communicate about itself, including happiness, fear, anxiety, aggression, and submission. Because dog's sense of smell and hearing are much greater than human's your dog might be alerted to something you might not notice, and he's trying to let you know to be cautious and keep a lookout. When Lv 7. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. As you spend more time with your dog, you'll slowly start to pick up on different types of whining. one can deny that the one-eared look is adorable. Dogs will pant when they are overheating or if they are suffering from a trauma or chronic illness. It not a problem, just a muscular thing. Verulam 1. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Never worried him or us. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that dogs slightly tip their ears in the direction of the object or person that piqued their curiosity. Most probably something in her background (ancesters) had similar. It's easy to do. If you're concerned that a dog may become aggressive toward you, and you're being cautious, watch their hair for movement. He's almost 10 months old. Why? It is a higher-pitched held out note to announce their presence as well as communicate with other dogs in the area. While your dog may seem to understand your words, especially if you've put in the effort to train them on simple commands such as sit, heel, and stay, you also need to work to understand and translate canine body language. It'll just have happened because of it's genes. your dog stared up at you. When your dog is fully confident, his ears will be in a relaxed position. Until then, expect subtle verbal cues for decoding canine body language. In combination, these two actions generally represent a cautious curiosity, although there are often other reasons for this iconic look. Trademarks owned by Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. As used herein, denotes registered trademark status in the U.S. only; registration status in other geographies may be different. Relevance. Still have questions? Dogs are great at mirroring their pet parents, and their head tilt may be a signal that they empathize with you, are trying to better understand what you are saying, or just realize that it could lead to something good for them like a treat or a nice petting. Depending on the breed, expect variances with the shapes and sizes of heads. How do I stop my 5 month old chihuahua puppy from eating her own poo? unknown - her ear has been down all her life, it's not a reaction to anything. Your dog may have noticed someone in his territory — like a postal worker — and they want to make their  housemates (and the other dogs in the neighborhood) aware, too. What do you think of the answers? Eyes that appear larger than expected are a sign that the dog feels frightened or threatened. No Reach out to her on Twitter @ReinventingErin or learn more about her at However, this problem could also just be genetically how your dog was born to look. If you see your bunny shake its ears and start hopping around, know that it's excited and eager to play. If your dog is awake with erect ears and suddenly looks concentrated, but not on anything in particular, they're also listening. my chihuahua had floppy ears when she was young, too. If your dog is feeling calm, they'll also have a very relaxed body stance. Lv 5. Like many of the other dog body language cues, it's important to look for other indicators to identify why your dog may be whining. © 2020 Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. In almost all cases, the intention behind ear-cropping is purely fashion, and many veterinarian associations beyond the AVMA denounce the practice as an unnecessarily painful procedure. I made an appointment with vet but I’m They could have experienced an injury or be suffering from an illness, and you want them treated as soon as possible. No, there are plenty of dogs like that. He was the runt of his litter, so whether there's a connection to that I don't know, but in all respects has been a big, solid, healthy dog all his life. one-ear phase, you probably have hundreds of photos saved from every day that Most probably something in her background (ancesters) had similar. Are they  trying to make themself appear larger than they are? That doesn't mean you can't rely on some dog body language clues to decipher what a dog's eyes are telling you. Tucking is a sign of fear and may mean they are nervous. Beef recipe with precisely balanced nutrition to sustain mobility and muscle mass for older dogs. In general, smaller dogs with smaller heads and smaller ears will develop their pinnae much faster than large dogs. 4 years ago. This is just another casual ear position that he is listening, but not so intently that they are searching for something. Often the "head tilt" is just a signal that they are trying to understand you. How? There is no evidence to support that a dog’s natural ears are in any way inferior to any modification or altercation that could be performed, leading most to conclude that natural ears are best. Ears down and back means your dog is being submissive, or that they are ready to be petted. Watch for a semi-alert rabbit to keep one ear up and one down. You might cup your ear towards a sound to hear it better, too! Dogs who aren't feeling well may squint or their eyes may appear droopy. you first lay eyes on your new puppy, you might feel like you could die from Either way - dont worry about it - the dog wont care and neither should you - i think they look cute with one ear up and one down... my friend would kill me for saying that!! It all depends on the way the cartilage in her ear is growing. by Leo's Mom (Des Plaines, IL) Reader Question: My 12 pound, 13 yr old floppy-ear Yorkie was taken to the vet because one dog ear is now erect and never flops down … Most people like to clean their dog’s ears during bathtime when their dog already has to deal with you getting up close and personal with their intimate areas, but it’s all up … It's unusual in the Dachsie though so perhaps she's not purebred. It's easy to do. It's not true. Answer Save. If your dog’s ears are very dirty, it may help to use one cotton ball to clean the ear, and a second to dry it out. His ears go both ways. It is possible that one of your dog’s pinna has not yet fully developed. My vet said they are growing and just look goofy for the moment but will eventually go up or a slight chance of always being floppy! It's painless and isn't like cropping. If Scruffy is pinning only one ear back and his body language seems alert, it could be he is simply paying attention. Join in and write your own page! You can probably tell a lot about a dog’s attitude by its body language as a whole since dogs rarely speak with only one bodily faculty, but there are some behaviors that remain elusive. As time passes, monitor your dog’s ears and general behavior to get a good sense of your dog’s health. Why? Erin Ollila is a pet enthusiast who believes in the power of words and how a message can inform, and even transform its intended audience. However, if its ears are lying down but not crossing, it could mean your bunny is frightened. Such compensation does not influence the information or recommendations made. In fact my friend who breeds German Shepherds is totally paranoid about anyone touching her puppies ears for the first few months (they are born with floppy ears, but straighten as the dogs mature). If you are getting the one-eyed, cockeyed stare often from your young pup, there is most likely nothing to worry about yet. ? I have a Jack Russell who has always had one ear up and one ear permanently down. 28 Posts . Do they seem to shrink closer to the ground when you approach? Finally, a yelping bark often comes from a dog that is injured. 6 years ago. After all, this is not surprising. If your dog prefers one person over others, do you know why? Someone once told me it was because I played with her ears too much as a pup. You will feel proud, because the puppy will be All dogs have a fault or two, and this is one of her faults. A dog's stance, and other body clues, are ways of alerting you of their emotional state. If you notice a significant change in your dog's body language indicators, such as heavy panting or droopy eyes, contact your veterinarian immediately. Why do people think dogs are more intelligent/better than cats?

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