North American osprey populations became endangered in the 1950s due to chemical pollutants such as DDT, which thinned their eggshells and hampered reproduction.

Artificial nesting platforms are common in areas where preservationists are working to reestablish the birds. Ospreys are sometimes confused with bald eagles, but can be identified by their white underparts.

General description: An osprey is a large bird with a length of 22-25 inches, a wingspan of 4.5-6 feet, and a weight of approximately 4 pounds.

Osprey Nest. Ospreys can live to be 15-20 years old. Cool Facts About Ospreys. The Osprey is a bird of prey or raptor meaning it hunts for food. These include nostrils that can be closed during dives, and an outer toe that can be angled backwards to better grasp fish. Did you know that? �P���� ����0i{^�#�n��jQ�ű�1����w���u.aC`έ,�GnI�e����`J�2�Y1���b:��{��ȧu�}��U!��>�Hy�}��̩��#�+"�ԍ�"o�+�������$V��(��$pc&��M���`'Fb�I?��7�}%��+r��n�M�PB#x&sQ���������1�����d:�! They are cool, too! The size of this nest and the beautiful Osprey that live in it are just amazing. ",#(7),01444'9=82. What is even more interesting is that all of the ospreys around the world are part of a single species, with the exception of the eastern osprey which is native to Australia. Adults are dark brown above with brownish-black marks on the wings and brown speckling on the breast. %���� Osprey Facts U.S. The osprey is the second most widely distributed raptor species, after the peregrine falcon, and can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Because of this appetite, these birds can be found near ponds, rivers, lakes, and coastal waterways around the world. $.' "AI"��.�PUƇ���lV��c�p.I�Ħ��32X� ���(�����{L�R@��N�r0�m;UO8��5�8ď���Ϯ��$�� ������\��ux��%��Ũ��JZֵ��T5�A5���]�~��}ݥ0��+(��4��������}��j����`���X}�;-���/( �D AY��At;9�zE��e>��9�Scs�=���Z��� tCk�%i���r��ա���r�����9�R��i����/��;b��M��g�'�=װ�2�B��;���%O�T�/��[p?bQ� ���Ɏ�K����N���ex��;����Tb �������ؼ0��J!T�a|��"{q䵰���`;��5^����ܙ��Q�6�ț2%�kDnʖ�7)��f�ha��c5Qk�x��f(�T�]���J|��)G�Nپ�Z�c^J���K5���ۨ�6U�j ����h�:ы�^�2�d�"�Pr3x,v��-W.���o�xXxc��t�ҵ�IbC3�kKmX������pf���r:�h��%�yP�8T_=X��d�g*݅N#���7�؅r>e[t�F�o�8*�Pv�W�DԫA4�&�%{!Ern��$Ç��U��gD�tؠ^��BKS7d6���:�g�T���ں�T���=�J[t��H�RG�Q��*� Q��]��N]�f��l"�j�>;���V�������Z?�%X�fk�B{�sZC�ٔ��Jβ�&NO]հ�M:�j�B�����`�cYe�� �(����:��VV��,+M/�V���{��L���)���K����Eok Fzs�I�xc��9\�4VN襙Ø"����ޥh�r]#lw�j�fJZ3���D]'��u�7�]�B[U��1����T#�e��.s�qo��;���aH�^��F����h��c&E2�_����q�Ҩ�Yu��jD?hg��A6-RCp��+�X⤡�g�7������F�C9hƚ�.��.��0L��e���Fv#� l��0��z��u�%�mÄF�I��gɬ�B�Ɔ�Hu����*[���J�Q�z��6��:�Ǿ*���k�ܹ�5�8�{���`�%*��R���T?J�o�#�' Osprey. 4. endobj endobj The osprey is the only hawk species in North America that eats almost exclusively live fish, with around 80 fish species making up about 99 percent of its diet. Soars on thermals, deep slow wing beats alternating with glides. Human habitat is sometimes an aid to the osprey. White undersides and a crook in its narrow wings identify this bird as it soars above the water. <> 2. <> When I began doing my research to decide which species of bird I wanted to write about this month I thought of the Osprey and it’s astonishing nest and I immediately discovered what an amazing bird they are. Ospreys are superb fishers and indeed eat little else—fish make up some 99 percent of their diet. &���BK�0�m�-�*"䎍+曶���ّ�F�� Photo: Osprey Displays Its Remarkable Wings, 10 Top Birding Destinations in the United States, 14 Unique Animals of the Galapagos Islands, With These Maps, You Can Track Migratory Birds in Near Real Time, Fun Facts About 21 of N. America's Coolest Critters, Former New Jersey Landfill Is a Haven for Migratory Birds (With One Fatal Feature), The Incredible Science Behind Starling Murmurations, Who Said That?

© 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- Osprey Facts. x��YY��6~`��P3�Rp���` g�Y����D����zu�럴�2U�$u����:H�W�WE������Ӌ��޽&��?�_^�"�����z��'���H���w�~$���Ov��E�G�����yG~}���� &@M |�"�J}zMTr�_�� =�d����� yݒk�-�'��'a�y*;.Obd�ey:""D�J:P��ۏ 9�������|�O���{���l�w�&O���� I’m just trying to have a little fun. Alfredo De Simone . In fact, in 2008 an osprey being tracked by researchers flew an amazing 2,700 miles in just 13 days, traveling from Massachusetts to French Guiana, South America! endobj 3. Ospreys have rebounded significantly in recent decades, though they remain scarce in some locales. Second, the team actually uses an augur hawk as its mascot, a species native to Africa. The osprey has a dark brown back and a white belly, as well as a white head, which features a dark stripe running from its yellow eyes to the back of its head. 4 0 obj Ospreys are one of the most common and well-known birds of prey in the world. Their white heads also have a distinctive black eyestripe that goes down the side of their faces. The birds happily build large stick-and-sod nests on telephone poles, channel markers, and other such locations. The species is so unique, it is listed in its own genus (Pandion) and family (Pandionidae). They have gripping pads on their feet to help them pluck fish from the water with their curved claws and carry them for great distances. <>/Font<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Here are five things you probably didn’t know about this spectacular bird.

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