The ink tube will pull out of the tip assembly, but the ball point part on the front of the tip assembly is well fused (I tried removing one with steel punch to no avail). I am searching for a refill to put in my cross slim gel rolling ball. When my Blaze Orange VFM ball point arrived, it had a blue refill in it and I prefer a black ink version. Hi! Hello are their 3rd party refills I can use instead of Yard O Led 107mm refill for Diplomat? I have a Staples brand version of Dr.Grip and could not find the right refill. It is for pen made for Lanvin and it was gift from person not anymore with us.

I use 6 of them almost daily, I have 1 on each Journal and Folio that I use for everything from grocery list, to do list, maintenance and upgrades on my vehicles, maintenance and upgrades on my house, my tracking form for all the items I have ordered and are inbound and so on. I think that Monteverde is making a fine point gel refill that will work in a Waterman ballpoint pen.

The Standard International Ballpoint Refill (also known as 'Parker style' or 'G2') has a length of 98mm. now i already own a 0.5mm pen and i want to be able to exchange the refills. Can someone tell me HOW to “liberate” the refill from a Uniball Signo, please? Happy writing! Thanks for guide.

Most Lamy rollerballs with a cap take the M63 refill. Is it safe to presume a Pilot G2 fits too? In some pens with enough clearance, they can be interchanged but of your pen has tight interior clearance, some Japanese refills (highlighted in orange) will not be interchangeable with the European counterparts.

Anyone know if there are any gel refills that would fit a pen that came with a Pilot RFJSGP cartridge?

Thanks so much for jumping in here. While I was unable to locate any green refills, it looks like Monteverde has been making refills for Parker Rollerballs. Then your can order any brand of bottled ink. I can find all kinds of references to it on the internet, however have not found an actual place where I can order these. My favorite! They will be able to tell you if this pen is the new or old model based on this. Can you suggest a refill please. The issue is the length of the neck of the required refill, which seems a bit longer than your average Schmidt, Caran D’ache or Pilot. In fact the Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 is the best ball pen refill I have yet used by a country mile. Another pen spring cut a little up would work or even just some rolled up paper cut to the size would work. Compatible only with Ohto Tasche Petit Ballpoint Pen. Without knowing what specific pen you have, that’s the best I can do. This is such a helpful resource!!! I’m a convert to really bold point gel pens I have a few nice Waterman ballpoint pens and would like to convert them to gel bold pens. They will also be able to help you find a suitable pen if you can not get finer refills for your pen. In some cases, Parker-style refills are a bit too long to fit in the 849 because of the fins on the end. Do you know which refill may work for this pen? My favorite hack is a Uniball Signo .38mm refill in a Retro 51 Tornado. Thanks so much for all of the hard work, coordination, and insights. I am VERY VERY IMPRESSED! I chop down refills all the time. Also I saw your comments about 3D printing & Tofty but I don’t really honestly even know what to ask. Would you believe, I think Vanness Pens may have a stash of refills still? This list is, at best, a guide and not a definitive directory. Is this a standard issue with the cross rollerball refill and is it possible to get a ballpoint to replace it? I have come up empty handed. Brand specific refill for the Cross Click.

The Parker fine (o.5mm) is not fine enough. We offer all the color choices and point sizes that are available from Parker. I’m open to adding a spring to the butt of the refill, if that’s what it takes.

They look like this: (Not my image.) The Pilot G2 fits, with slight modifications; you have to trim plastic off the section just below the metal tip, and lower where the larger plastic part of the tip holder fits into the main ink barrel.

Oh, that’s clever! More than one person complaining that they are dry when they arrive. I note that you tried many refills from The Pen Place – a shop I love. The OHTO Needlepoint is listed as a 0.5 but writes very fine as does the Uni Jetstream and the Zebra Emulsion which are also listed as 0.5 as well.

I also bought 2 Schmidt Fineliner refills (hadn’t been able to find fineliners since Monteverde stopped making them) and put them in a Faber-Castell pen and a Parker Frontier. Ballpoint RefillsParker ballpoint pens fit their popular Parker-style ballpoint refill.

By using a spring, you can then put even G-2 refills etc into a Lamy Safari or Al-Star. It’s called the “Goliath”. Is this the size and shape you use? We don't stock the Waterman Plaque pen so it's hard for us to be certain. I don’t know how the Fisher pen retained the original refill, as the refill doesn’t have any shoulders or flanges for a spring or narrowed section within the pen to hold it in place. I’d love your opinion on which refills might fit my Lamy Safari and Rotring rollerball pens. Compatible with Caran d'Ache, Coles, Conklin, Diplomat, Faber-Castell, Graf von Faber-Castell, Hugo Boss, Kaweco, Laban, Montegrappa, Ohto, Online, Otto Hutt, Pelikan, Sheaffer (VFM only), USUS, Visconti, Waterman, Worther and Yard-o-Led. Anyone got a link for a cheap D-1 gel refill that is what least comparable to Zebra JSB .5 or .7, or a link for the actual Zebra JSB .5-.7 refills. visualising Wayne & Garth bowing “Not Worthy”

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