Herbalist Nicolas Culpepper recommends using thyme as a treatment for whooping cough. When it comes to folklore, mandrake gets pretty interesting. Kynes, Sandra. Author Scott Cunningham recommended wrapping one in a dollar bill and then carrying it in a sachet, in his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. It can also be used to exorcise negative energies from a place or person. You can also place them in bowls and baskets around the house - this will not only act as a spider and insect repellent, but you can assign your hedge apples the task of repelling anyone who might cause you harm or nuisance. Use the essential oil in blends that bring about love, protection, or other associated properties. 5. Helping You Live a Magical Life Since 1997. If you want your primary scent to be of cinnamon, simply use cinnamon as your primary essential oil source while using the rest for herbal ingredients. The violet is also associated with dedication and loyalty. She is the author of Daily Spellbook for the Good Witch, Wicca Practical Magic and The Daily Spell Journal. Gender: MasculineElement: FirePlanetary Connection: Mars. In addition to its uses in soft-tissue injuries, yarrow is well known as a combatant against fever. Herbs have been used for thousands of years, both medicinally and ritually. Hang bundles on your front door to keep harmful people, like burglars, from entering. Taking a ritual bath with yarrow can help increase your psychic abilities. Clover is edible, as well. Tobacco was introduced into England in the late 1500s by Sir Walter Raleigh, with the outrageous suggestion that people smoke it in pipes. Certainly, this idea may be due in part to the notion that a few hundred years ago, illness was sometimes seen as evidence of demonic influence – use the mandrake, get rid of the demon, the illness goes away. Plant Purslane around your home -- particularly near your front door -- to instill protective properties to those who live within. Rub it for luck right before you roll the dice. This woody plant was also known to provide delicious flavoring for game and poultry. Sandalwood has a number of magical applications, and they tend to vary depending on which religious group you’re looking at. A fresh hedge apple will keep for about two to three months, but once it’s lost its greenish color, throw it away. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to magical workings. Pregnant women should never ingest mandrake, as it can lead to potential birth defects in their unborn child. The Bible tells of the three wise men, who arrived at the manger, and “opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.” (Matthew 2:11). Find ways to incorporate bamboo into magical tools, such as cups, wands, even planters for your herbs. Some hoodoo traditions recommend wrapping a whole mandrake root in a dollar bill and carrying it in your pocket for financial fortune. Because it's associated with teas that are used to provide relief from painful menstrual periods. Stewart, David. Why not collect hedge apples from a local tree, and place them strategically around your property? In A Modern Herbal, Maud Grieve recommends a wet tobacco leaf be applied to piles (hemorrhoids), or rolled into a suppository for a strangulated hernia. In some traditions of hoodoo and folk magic, a dollar sign is inscribed on a piece of paper using patchouli oil. Wiccan Oils can be applied to the door for protection as well and abundance. Quarrels can be resolved in a home by placing valerian leaves around the perimeter of the house. Despite its legends connecting it to rather violet and jealous gods, today the violet is associated with tranquility and peace. Open your spirit and your mind to a different realm of thought; a different medium to assist in achieving all you desire. Other Names: Ground apple, Whig plant, Maythen, Roman CamomileGender: MasculineElement: WaterDeity Connection: Cernunnos, Ra, Helios. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Practical Magic: a Visual Guide to the History and Practice of Magic through the Ages - Its Origins, Ancient Traditions, Language, Learning, Rituals and Great Practitioners. It can also be used to appease river gods when going on a trip by boat or canoe. Sir James George Frazer wrote in The Golden Bough that in Morocco, Pennyroyal and other aromatic herbs were burned in large quantities at midsummer. Traditionally, valerian was used more often for medicine than magic, but there are still some uses for it in spellwork. There are several different types of hyssop, but most of the have their origins in the Middle East and Europe, and so will grow in many different types of soil. Medicinally, lavender has many uses. Patchouli Oil Uses. Country gardeners and wildcrafters alike knew the value of chamomile. Because of the dangerous properties of this plant, it is generally recommended that modern practitioners avoid its use. It's also known as a way to protect against nightmares and psychic attack during sleep. Try and enter a very calm state, thinking only about the child you wish to conceive. Dry the flowers in the sun, and use them in an incense blend to bring about sweet dreams and restful sleep. The two most commonly seen types of chamomile, or camomile, are the Roman and German varieties. Burn leaves to increase wisdom or gain guidance from your spirit guide (be warned - burning sage does smell similar to marijuana, so keep that in mind if you think the neighbors might be inquisitive).

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