Yet in one of the large, well-kept houses that line the roads is an artist filled with the excitement and verve that comes from growing up in New York City. It seems Paul Stanley is keenly aware that he does not want the sins of his father and mother to be visited on his own children.

Link to full article,70690? In the course of a few short years, Stanley went from chubby loser nobody wanted to focal point in one of most successful rock bands ever—a dashing, desirable songsmith with more wealth and fame than he could’ve fathomed as an awkward pre-teen in PS-98 school. It’s because of his songwriting, because of his producing skills, and because of his dedication to quality, did the KISS brand thrive — according to Stanley. Aucoin understood what Stanley and Simmons were trying to do, but was able to build on it by telling them upfront that he wasn’t interested in managing them unless they wanted to be superstars. Stanley takes readers backstage and behind-the-scenes on tour buses and hotel rooms, where the debauchery and drug use (by Criss and Frehley, anyway) reached epic proportions.

Warm February Night, 36” x 72”, Oil on Canvas, 2017.

The book may not divulge much of anything diehard KISS fans don’t already know. Stanley established The Starchild character for his Kiss persona and is known for his distinctive, wide-ranging voice. What emerges is the portrait of a talented sexagenarian who remains remarkably well-grounded and humble despite a lifetime of unfathomable commercial and artistic success. The only “gift” his parents gave him was music. Unlike recent autobiographies by fellow KISS alum Ace Frehley (No Regrets) and Peter Criss (Makeup to Breakup: My Life in and Out of KISS), Stanley’s tome is devoid all those now-cliché celebrity struggles with substance abuse and revolving-door rehab stints. His vice, he freely admits (and it’s no secret) in Face the Music: A Life Exposed, was sex with women. Stanley displayed an aptitude for visual arts—a skill that would serve him well later—and excelled at New York’s High School of Music and Art at the onset of the 1970’s. Even Stanley’s “brother,” Gene Simmons, doesn’t escape criticism. He dabbled in various bands during this time, finding early success in Rainbow (not to be confused with the Ronnie James Dio band). However, you don’t fire original bandmates twice, keep new members (i.e., Eric Carr) in a state of insecurity, another one at your beck and call (i.e. The high-heeled hero insists other people from all walks of life can make their dreams become reality, too—if they’re as willing to work for it. “Yeah, but it’s also tough on me. Aucoin was the one who told the band to appear with their makeup at gigs and other public events. If it wasn’t for a meeting with Bill Aucoin, who became their manager and “fifth member of the band,” KISS’ chances of superstardom would have been minuscule.

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