I’m not sure what to do. Moreover, there is something you can learn in every specialty of nursing that you can apply to another field of nursing. I’ve been told that it’s best to do med-surg even from a friend who hated it. And I agree, nursing has been wonderful… and there is so much you can do with our experiences! On a med-surg floor, you may have IV pumps, sequential compression devices, telemetry boxes, continuous motion machines and other more or less standard equipment of the nursing profession. It usually isn’t a case of calling a doctor so much as walking up to one and asking for an order. What I don’t understand is what I needed to do differently so that patients didn’t complain? And since this was a different unit than my internship, I had to get my manager (floor nurse manager) to sign off on a transfer request. I just (in the last two weeks) did my NICU and mother/baby clinicals at this hospital and I hated it. I would like to try working in the emergency room which is where I’m most familiar since most of my CT patients came from the emergency room. With the exception of proficiency with invasive technologies, the Task Force ultimately requires the PCU staff to have the same level of education as the ICU staff.

Quiet frankly, I hate working in this unit. The problem is catching up with those q2h assessments, giving all IV push medications, adjusting feeding tubes, watching the vent and drawing blood from a central line.

Most seasoned nurses will often suggest that new graduate nurses begin their nursing career on a Medical-Surgical (Med-Surg) unit to lay the groundwork for their nursing career.

Teaching hospitals, especially the higher level trauma centers, are great for this as they often have critical care internships.

The Medical Surgical Unit is an 8 bed unit with the purpose of allowing transfers or admissions of medical surgical acute care patients who would benefit from a single room placement due to isolation or other identified needs. Medical-Surgical Nursing is where all nurses should start their career. About your job search– It’s disheartening when we’re told we shouldn’t or can’t do something by others when we’ve made up our on minds that we can. If they are not present, extenders usually are, such as CRNPs and PAs.

New grads should start somewhere with more stable patients. While it is true that much of the information is now electronically charted automatically, it still can’t measure the reflexes, the pupil dilation, and other data that only a registered nurse can assess.

It is complex, temperamental and absolutely necessary to know how to work correctly. Patients in the ICU, on the other hand, require constant monitoring. ICU teams are multidisciplinary with highly-skilled intensive care nurses, doctors, and specialists — including patient care technicians, physical therapists, pharmacists, dieticians, respiratory therapists, and critical care coordinators — trained to provide critical care for patients with multiple medical, surgical, and trauma conditions. I currently was a pct on a cardiac med-surg floor. Awesome Elizabeth! I’ve had bad experiences working in medsurg units back in nursing school, and I know I will never be happy or passionate about medsurg.

, This was so helpful! © 2020 Marsha Battee | TheBossyNurse.com | All Rights Reserved | Podcast | Terms, Privacy and Disclaimer, Most seasoned nurses will often suggest that new graduate nurses. Extremely excited about critical care nursing, I had the opportunity to work in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) during my senior practicum with another classmate. If you’re a fast learner and have the motivation after a long day at work to go back and review and study the material that you learned that day, going into a your desired specialty is a no-brainer.

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