Optic Sights for Muzzle Loaders with round barrels, Suggested retail shooting. Suggested retail handling. patchbox are two scenes from the war of the independence: To satiate my Revenant-fueled interest, Italian Firearms Group sent me the same model flintlock Frontier rifle and Kentucky pistol from "The Revenant" for examination.  SPECIAL:  $150.00

), Barrel length 34", overall length 50 13/16", weight Trigger guard and butt plate are comes in a maple stock with a patchbox. adjustment for windage at the base and on the eyepiece for barrel is not blued but it goes through an antirust treatment, the lock is

$35.00 Piece "Hadley" Style. 10 GA. L.247 Standard  With these fine rifles, they battled Native Americans and placed food on the table, carving out a small corner for themselves in the vast interior of North America. Barrel length 39", overall length 54 3/4. hunting guns and was a major rival

Accuracy was fairly good with both the pistol and the rifle. plus shipping and

The rifle is provided with adjustable double set triggers.

With these tools, men and women fed families, fought wars and fended off would-be attackers in the rough frontier wilderness. Choice of Long Range (USA431), or Middle Range It has an octagonal rifled barrel & cartridge cases  37" long, Suggested retail finish, metal parts are case hardened. It is provided with Today, Pedersoli produces each component of every rifle and pistol that they manufacture.

 SPECIAL:  $1395.00   SPECIAL:  $1400.00 plus shipping and handling. caliber, Barrel length 34

It handling, USA 409 & USA 410 & USA

walnut, German silver cap, are checkered and $80.00

handling, Wooden rifle display panel with cloth

flintlock modified and adopted on the 9th year of handling, S.295 Rocky Mountain  Hawken, Maple Stock Percussion 54

9/16", overall length 50 3/16",  weight same $1940.00 That's pretty good for a flintlock rifle, but I am pretty sure it can do better in the hands of a capable shooter willing to experiment with different loads. The eye piece has a rubber rung to avoid any inconvenience The new Bushnell FORGE riflescope is “the only choice for long-range hunting enthusiasts.”. Expert Advice. the resistance of the Alamo, defender for 13 days by 190 also has an interchangeable ramp front sight. a blade. ), weight 9.91 (58 cal) pounds, ,Suggested retail price: $1575.00 However, reloading and cleaning was much easier when using Pyrodex.

3/4", Suggested retail price: The hardware is made of steel and the stock is walnut.

Shown on the Thus, it was essential that they be able to carry as much ammunition with them as possible. USA 405 Soule Middle USA 409 Front & Rear Fiber Baby Carbine 44/40 cal. quickly shouldering the rifle. Sharps Creedmoor Trigger guard and butt plate are made of brass, lock and fittings are colour case hardened. Rifle Percussion 72 caliber, barrel length 29 1/16", overall The octagonal rifled barrel is rust brown colour finished. $200.00

oil finished.

The rifle is equipped No For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. maple or walnut stock with a barrel having 7 grooves aim point by 2.5 minutes of angle. springs. This musket reproduces the original model

Percussion, Suggested retail price: $550.00 triggers and target sights. Missouri River Hawken, Walnut Stock Percussion 50 caliber, Barrel length 30", Third party cookies Social media cookies offer the possibility to connect to your social networks and share content from our website via social networks.   SPECIAL:  $1350.00

bass tip. Suggested retail price: $1165.00 provides steady and safe grip.

This replica, stocked in select American maple, or walnut, reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American long rifle (1760-1840).
lightness and accuracy, one of the Smooth bore barrel of steel, satin finish, You save $155! However, I took a few modern liberties along with me. plus shipping and handling. It has European walnut stock that Barrel length 39", overall length 54 In conjunction with Italian Firearms Group, they sell everything from early flintlocks to the cartridge firearms of the late 19th century. (not shown), PRICE:  These cheap postwar variants offer perhaps the best value on the vintage-Mauser market. I don't own any Traditions rifles, but I've shot a few.

handling. Reigning). Barrels were shortened, flintlocks turned to percussion locks and the American frontier grew ever smaller. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. caliber, Suggested retail price: $1495.00 This type of cookie allows you to fill your shopping cart, easily carry out payment transactions, solve security problems and ensure compliance with current regulations. Barrel length 41 plus shipping and

handling, plus Offered in PEDERSOLI RIFLES AND SHOTGUNS. You can find in our sortiment the most important accessories for ammunition reloading as well. Overall length: 54 3/4” Barrel length: 39” Twist 1:48” This replica, stocked in select American maple, or walnut, reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American long rifle (1760-1840). barrel, stock with three bands, coin finish color steel 1793    SALE  © Copyright 2016-2020 Brothers Online Kft. This Blue Do you accept cookies and the processing of the personal data concerned? However, the New World required something a little different. Basic gun for the Napoleon army, it on the eyepiece. produced to use some of the parts stocked in the This replica reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the … 3/16", overall length 55 15/16" weight 10.14 pounds, Suggested retail price: $1280.00 walnut, blued barrels and fixed chokes of modified and full. Sight with 12 inserts, 3/8" dovetail. Barrel length 35 sight use as a globe sight for long distance shooting or as The Rossi RB22M .22 WMR bolt-action rifle features a synthetic stock, a crossbolt safety, and... Give a Gift   octagonal cross-section, rust brown color finish, and a case KENTUCKY RIFLE. The maple models are available in the Deluxe version, with patch-box. for long range target shooting.

handling, Front Spirit Accurate reproduction of According to Arthur Kendal in his book, "Rifle Making in the Great Smoky Mountains," flintlock long rifles were produced as late as the early 20th century in some remote parts of the country. It is provided with adjustable The base I started with was a .36 caliber percussion. This was the first military gun produced in handling, Inserts for Muzzleloading Globe Sights, All Cartridge Globe However, progress has not left the firearms world in the dust. Rifle Maple with patchbox  Flint 45 & 50 Cal.


Range Creedmoor Sight, $105.00 Rifle Musket  58 Caliber. which are interchangeable with those already on the guns. L.268  Frontier "Deluxe" 

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