She is bald in that one spot. Providing too much protein in a duck’s diet can be detrimental to their longterm health, causing them to lay too long or even leading to organ damage. Funny to hear this. Very good writing about Pekin Ducks. During the days, they floated about on the opposite side of the pond, and in the evening, they still waddled up the hill and waited to be let into the chicken coop. It’s not clear when females re-grow these feathers or how long that regrowth process takes. The addition of animal protein (5-10 percent by volume cat kibbles is a good source) and 10 to 20 percent oats (by volume) during the molt can produce wonderful feather quality.”. However, their ability to fly is related to predator protection rather than migration. Wild mallards have a yearly molting cycle between eclipse and nuptial plumage. Each morning the ducks came out and went straight into the pond. If one of our ducks starts to look too run down — as evidenced by low body weight and poor feather health — we’ll make her go broody, and a molt is soon to follow. Then the ducks tried being bossy for a bit, using their size to chase the chickens away from the food and water, but within a few days, everyone seemed to have made their peace.

XxJ3ssxX. Finally, we feel like we have a home in place for the ducks where their needs are met and they seem happy. Among my female Muscovy, some molt profusely while nesting. During hard molts, egg production may even stop entirely for a while. There’s not a lot of scientific research on wing molts and egg production. Well, I’ve got one more interesting fact about ducks that can help you answer that question.

This makes it hard for us homesteaders to know exactly what to do when our ducks molt. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. A duck without any contour feathers wouldn’t be able to swim well, which would be a deadly scenario in the wild. Free in the yard.

We came in one afternoon and found them shivering and wet from swimming in their drinking water. Feather loss, too, can range from being imperceptible to almost total. Along with an expanded home, the ducklings soon required more water for swimming so we upgraded from the paint tray to the bathtub. I’d like to share with you some of the information about raising Pekin ducks we have learned from our experiences at Phillips Farm.

From a friend of the family, we inherited a small henhouse and a run made of a wooden frame covered with welded wire. If you usually feed your ducks chicken layer feed, consider upgrading to game bird feed with 20-22 % protein before and after your Muscovy females nest. This is the time of year when most people notice their duck molting because there are often lots of downy feathers flying around the homestead. Then, adjust protein content to match the extent of the molt.

The others all generally fall in line behind those two, and Jackson even has a guard duck, Marigold, that follows her everywhere and loudly warns of any potential danger. We brought our ducklings home the day they were born: adorable, yellow, fuzz balls. Check out the latest article on to learn all about duck molting. During the flightless multi-week transition to eclipse plumage, wild mallards will spend their time hiding and hunting for food close to shore in reedy areas. Was this article helpful?

So, high performers may benefit from a special boost during actual molting. During hard wing molts, Mallard-related ducks that can usually fly, are grounded and more vulnerable. So far quiet and peaceful. She is otherwise acting as she was, but she isn’t nearly as bossy. We examined where the ducks had put their nest and determined there was no way to safely fence it in with the huge downed trees on either side. With ducks, again this is not so clear. However, Wild Muscovies, as best we can tell from reliable sources, only molt once per year. There is some evidence to suggest that higher protein during complete wing molts might help.

They stayed off to the side with their backs turned to the chickens, but the smaller birds way outnumbered the ducks and their curiosity soon drew them in close. Yes all birds molt once a year ... in a normal situation .

For the most part, the only time when feather loss and production isn’t likely to be going on in drakes is during the winter migration.

Two of my older males broke wing feathers almost three years ago, while fighting, and have not replaced the damaged feathers. We’re approaching a decade as duck slaves and this molting pattern (or lack thereof) is pretty typical. They acted like something was bothering them at night. Other Survival Solutions(This are the most reliable survival books that you can find), Your email address will not be published. Or maybe snakes are stealing your eggs. They then use that stored protein, combined with abundant forage, to meet their needs in re-growing feathers. They seemed scared to make the jump from the baby pool into the much larger pond. They can also be affected by environmental conditions including care practices and natural factors like climate and weather. I didn’t know if it was temporary because of the molt or the youngest one was coming into her own, so to speak.

The good news is that there is a basic overriding pattern to the Mallard-descendant molt. Everyone was locked up for the evening, safe from predators. Hopefully, in reading this, you too can learn from some of our mistakes and have a smoother process in getting started with raising Pekin ducks of your own. This homemade container held a lot more water, allowed them to submerse their heads and minimized splashing. I mean, how do we know when to get them extra protein if this process could be going on, at different rates, for up to 10-11 months out of the year? In most of my Pekin drakes, this occurs well-after the wing molt is noticeably underway. The simple trick to keeping your ducks health during their multi-staged molts is proper year-round nutrition. Insects such as mealworms, grubs, and crickets are excellent protein sources.

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