(And honestly Fuyuhiko looks GREAT in reddish purple in my opinion, and Mikan looks pretty good as Odd) I probably will do a sequel to this with the all but Chiaki in the groups’ real-world outfits, and maybe do their season one-three Lyoko outfits and real-world outfits. (Read left to right, going from top to bottom), i like the fuyuhiko edit better but kimonos are hard cdjihcriuh, these have just been sitting in my folder for so long. i hope u like it, and if u want me to make any changes just let me know! Happy Valentines day!!! Hopefully these are good enough;; Can I get a detective peko sprite edit? your own Pins on Pinterest I did this for a challenge, but I feltt these were too good to keep off of here tbh? “everything I do, I do for you, Young Master”. Her swordsmanship is rather impressive, and like her mother tends to wow many people.

Some Kuzupeko Gambler/Yakuza AU Sprite Edits! Natsuko tries to be as tame as she can be, but if frustrated she will break down and the serious build she keeps up will fall, causing her to become no other then the child she is. PC / Computer - Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - Peko Pekoyama - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! High quality Peko Pekoyama gifts and merchandise. I’ve gotten a lot of sprite edit requests so here’s all the sdr2 ones! decided to draw Peko and Fuyuhiko because OTP. Natsuko is a quiet girl who prefers to keep to herself, and put on a serious face. Full view of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair - Peko Pekoyama. Peko and Fuyuhiko as their Remnant of Despair Selves for Anon!

Unfollow. Have I mentioned that I adore these two? peko pekoyama sprite edit < > Most recent.

and, yes of course!!! Some alt versions of sprite edits I’ve done in the past that I never released. your own Pins on Pinterest Some Kuzupeko Gambler/Yakuza AU Sprite Edits! Anyway,.this will be 2nd to the last of my Dangan Ronpa paintings so yep. In the instances she is more likely to cry and get over emotional. I adore @thewildwilds ‘s art and au so I wanted to try editing some more sprites! Peko deserves all the happiness in the world tbh.On another note, I’ll be closing requests for a little bit while I finish the ones currently in the inbox. Ultimate Lucky Student Peko for @anya5544. Her name is Natsuko! Natsumi tends to put on a callus front in hopes of intimidating others, but her height says otherwise. I just want them to be happy, it’s what they deserve!!

Discover (and save!) Nov 17, 2017 - Explore Taehyung's Eyebrow's board "Peko Pekoyama Sprites", followed by 224 people on Pinterest. Fuyuhiko and her have a lovely bond together also. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Most popular Most recent Obviously, his Pearl is Peko and under the eye patch he have his gem, which was corrupted while the execution See more ideas about Danganronpa, Sprite, Anime. heres ur sprite edit peko! Hope you will like them!.

It just came to my mind by accident but I REALLY LIKE THIS CROSSOVER (this is literally my FAVORITE scene in the cartoon) maybe I will even draw something else with this
Smiling Peko sprites for anon! I adore @thewildwilds ‘s art and au so I wanted to try editing some more sprites! ^^. However her definition of strong is tough and that prevents her from being an appealing person to some. Unique Peko Pekoyama Posters designed and sold by artists.

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