I'm nearing the final battle and I was trying to create Narcissus for her special item. (1 enemy). He benefits from learning Force, Ice, Ailments and support skills. Narukissosu Medium chance of inflicting Dizzy to all foes. Light Psy attack. Narcissus You're getting Tam Lin because the average level of all the Persona's is not high enough to skip over Tam Lin onto Narcissus. How much memory does it take? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In Persona 3, you play as a 17 year-old boy who's just transferred schools. Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2 Demons, Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner, https://megamitensei.fandom.com/wiki/Narcissus?oldid=377854, Boosts magical power by 25% for few turns and. Nasada19 11 years ago #2. lulz Narcissus is a dude. The third in Atlus' unusually thought-provoking RPG series. Thanks. Recovers HP gradually while moving. From: DarkRPGMaster | #003Uhh, can't you get Narcissus from a card shuffle in the 2nd half of the 2nd block of Tartarus? User Info: Nasada19. Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers 1 to 4 hits of weak force damage to multiple foes. Arcana(s) I just leveled up Narcissus up to level 24. He is useless. Is he the one who fell in love with his reflection? Just replace one of the Persona's in the Tam Lin recipe with a higher level one. Japanese Name Narcissus is also one of two Personas to learn the Dizzy Boost skill. Uhh, can't you get Narcissus from a card shuffle in the 2nd half of the 2nd block of Tartarus? Further allied attacks gain link damage. He fell in love with his own reflection in the water, which inadvertently led to his death. Inactive while in stock. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. First Appearance He is one of four Personas to learn Nocturnal Flash and the first to learn the Growth 3 skill. Blood, Sexual Themes, Violence, Partial Nudity, Language, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Yes, Narcissus is good. What is the best way to max out courage, charm and academics. I keep thinking Koromaru is key (spoilers). Hobbun1 11 years ago #1. Narcissus can be used in Mystic Change to create a Narcissus Flower, an item that makes it easier to negotiate with female demons. Narcissus can teach Nanashi the Wind Breath and Sexy Dance skills through his Demon Whisper. Medium Wind damage to all foes. 1 to 3 hits of medium physical damage to multiple foes. Just replace one of the Persona's in the Tam Lin recipe with a higher level one. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES; Why didn't I get the Narcissus Flower?

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